Successes - Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

I was having a really intense feeling of being unable to breathe with an alarming sensation from my heart, like it was back-flowing or something. Anita saw me as an emergency and within 5 minutes she had handled it. I felt calm and for a few minutes almost sleepy. The condition hasn’t recurred – God knows what was happening, but she made it go away. It was impressive.        V.K.


I use to get very dramatic panic attacks that were extremely alarming.  They'd come on suddenly out of nowhere when I was out shopping, at a movie, etc.  They were ruining my life and occurring with alarming frequency.  They'd even occur while I was driving, which was really scary!! 

Dr. Pepi found out what was occurring in my body, and she was able to treat me for it.  She also insisted I see someone who helps someone handle the mental and emotional side of things, including stress in one's life, etc.  Her guidance in this aspect has been a HUGE help to me.

Due to Dr. Pepi's amazing technology, her own personal ability with healing,  my quality of life has SKYROCKETED!  I haven't had a single panic attack for many months, and my overall health and energy are much better.  I don't walk around in constant fear that I might have another attack.  Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!!!        N.K.


Dr. Pepi, you are heaven sent to me and my family.  After my first visit with you my anxiety attacks are completely gone and I have been experiencing at least 50% relief of my back muscle spasms.  I had been trying for a long time different things but nothing worked.  You are a miracle worker.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!        E.Q.


In one month’s time, my headaches and vertigo have disappeared.  So have my panic attacks, that were happening daily and which were quite debilitating.  Dr. Pepi and her supplements are amazing!  Than you for helping me get through life!!        M.M.


Last December I came to check out Dr. Pepi’s clinic.  I was diagnosed with stress, anxiety and panic attacks in May 2008 and the days after that were a living hell.  A friend of mine recommended Dr. Pepi so I flew here from Toronto and basically told her what I had.  She was my last resort to getting better.  The first treatment and 24 hours later, I was basically a new person.  I was able to sleep at least 6-7 hours, which never happened since May, and I woke up feeling great!  I certainly saw the light at the end of the tunnel, whereas before, I thought the demise of this body is coming to an end and I’m not prepared to go.  The program that Dr. Pepi gave me is incredible.  I basically feel better and better and I knew that this body is doing its part to heal.  Thank you Doc for this.  You basically gave me back my life.        F.H.  

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