Successes - Parasites, Fungus

Parasites, Fungus

I went away for a week on a wonderful European vacation. I took some fruit with me on the plane and was pleasantly surprised that there were no “fruit beagles” sniffing around when I went through customs. Took the fruit to the apartment, munched on it occasionally and noticed that by day 6 I was having difficulty digesting food. I returned here to Dr. Pepi’s office, mentioned my problem – she diagnosed me as having parasites!! She prescribed her Tricycline supplement and I took 2. I urinated 4 hours later and noticed what looked like pepper in the toilet. Oh, Gross! I couldn’t believe it! Who knew that you could pass bugs through your bladder!? I could not wait to take more! Within 3 days, the parasites were gone! Within 2 days I was able to digest food normally again.        N.N.


For decades, since my teens, I have had a low-level condition of athlete's foot.  It wasn't a big deal, but it was always present.  A month or two ago, after making several improvements (raw juice,  eating more seaweed), a couple of recommended oils, and 2 Liver Programs, I noticed it was GONE!  Amazing!        S.L.


I came to Dr. Pepi to get rid of a fungus that was spreading on my body for the past five years. The fungus started on my back and spread to deltoids, chest, neck and stomach. At its worst it would itch and burn. After two months of treatment it is completely gone—hooray! My skin looks great! I also feel great because in the process of cleaning up the fungus I changed how I eat based on my blood type. To my amazement, I lost 14 pounds just by eating healthy. I get so many complements about how great I look. I also feel great too!        A.H.


I took off on my first vacation in three years and after three days I was back in Dr. Pepi’s office with a case of raging diarrhea. She gave me an easy fast treatment for parasites (from LA water) and sent me fearlessly on my way across the country.

Another miracle. This woman is amazing. Nothing is a problem for her. She’s the only person I’ve met that I actually enjoy giving money to. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        N.T.A.


With the new technology Dr. Pepi researched and is now utilizing on cancer and parasites, I have made some profound changes in my body.

1. I have eliminated a pre-cancerous condition in my ovaries due to the parasite program.

2. My skin tone is now pink, as opposed to yellowish, after only one liver handling.

3. I now have two regular bowel movements – morning and night – per day. As long as I can remember I had either one bowel movement or diarrhea. This win occurred after just two liver programs!

4. After one session with her new technology, I am absorbing calcium and, even with stress and cigarettes, I am sleeping seven hours a night.

I feel better than ever – even better than before – as I am getting better absorption of Dr. Pepi’s vitamins. Thank you, Doctor, and keep up the research!        J.R.


When I came to Dr. Pepi she was perceptive enough to suspect that I had intestinal parasites. She knew of a great diagnostic lab. I am much better today for having gotten rid of the little beasties.        T.L.


I complained to Dr. Pepi that I couldn’t remember anything, including the next word I’d been about to say. She asked if I had cats, and indeed I do – 2 o f my most intimate friends. She gave me some herbal drops designed to knock out cat parasites in the brain (charming thought). It worked! I put myself, both cats and my husband on the drops and I can now finish sentences, etc.        G.D.


Well, I had pinworms. Fortunately, Dr. Pepi is my chiropractor, so my Dad got me to her and she gave me a STRICT diet. But as “they” say, no pain no gain. But it still leaves me with one question. Who are “they”? And remember, I HAD them.        J.D.E.


In December I visited Dr. Pepi after missing four days of work and after being told during a medical exam and tests that all was normal. I was in pain and was convinced that I was going fast.

Dr. Pepi told me in the first ten minutes of the visit that I had a bacterial infection, parasites and candida. I started treatment and after a period I had to do diagnostic lab tests to completely handle the parasites. The lab test proved Dr. Pepi’s initial diagnosis of candida, parasites and bacteria. I was quite impressed and relieved that it is being handled now.        M.C.


I had jock itch for a long time. It is finally going away which is a big relief.        J.S.


I had some weird stuff happening to my stomach, parasites and queasiness, etc. This seems to be handled and my energy level is increased.        D.Z.


        The first time I saw Dr. Pepi, it was for weird symptoms with my digestion and dehydration following a trip to Europe. She diagnosed me in minutes with parasites and found the exact remedy.  I followed the directions and  was healed in just a few days!

         I had had parasites in the past that I was given harsh medical treatment for and they still took more than one treatment to be gone. With Dr. Pepi's simple treatment and supplements, they vanished in days and never returned!  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        T.J.


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