Successes - Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations

After one phone consultation I lost 10 pounds and I sleep like a baby.  Also, I don’t have any more cravings like before.  Thank you.        A.H.


"It hasn't even been 24 hours since my initial phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and I already have:

- 25 -30% more energy

- cravings to eat bread diminished by 30%

- my vision is 30% better

Just amazing!  Unbelievable!  It is working! . . . Whatever it is, it's working!"        T.S.


I was having trouble with anxiety.  I'm in the mortgage industry and this is a VERY stressful occupation with the current real estate market.  I was having trouble sleeping, feeling more and more anxious, which led to trouble working, which led to more stress -- you get the idea. 

I went to Kaiser doctors for a year.  They put me on Xanax and tried other anti-depressants and weird medications which only made me feel worse.  I didn't know where I was going or what was going to happen.  I was very desperate.  I knew I had to do something else, that this wasn't the answer.  I got on the internet and started doing research.  That's when I found Dr. Pepi.

I did one phone consultation with her.  She gave me a list of recommendations to follow, including supplements to take.  That was the turning point - with her supplements, I started to actually sleep.  The cycle was finally broken!  I started to feel great and was able to work more effectively.  I was able to bring in more business because I now had a positive outlook.  And I can happily say that the anxiety is completely gone!        L.R. 


After one phone consultation with Dr. Pepi my blood pressure went from 165/80 to normal.  My blood sugar, which was diabetic two weeks earlier, is now normal.  I no longer have any gas or bloating -- before I was so swollen but now my stomach is flat!  I'm not dizzy, I don't crave sweets and I've lost 5 pounds.  Since following Dr. Pepi's recommendations, my skin has gotten so rosy that I don't need to wear makeup and my nails, which used to be all one pale color, are pinkish with a white moon.  I feel fantastic - it's like a miracle!"        E.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi with auto immune problems, chemical and food sensitivities, and a low energy level.

I’ve been sick for almost 20 years.  In the last 3 years I’ve spent about $10,000.00 with no results (this is above what insurance covered).  I saw 2 naturopaths, a holistic chiropractor, a couple of medical doctors and an energy medical nurse.  I’ve also tried using a sauna, essential oils, many brands of supplements (that I wasn’t absorbing!), and a special cushion for circulation.  Nothing was really giving me results.

I did a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and by following some of her recommendations I already started feeling a little bit better.  She recommended that I see her in person, so I flew out to L.A. from Illinois.

Since getting treatment in person, I feel very cheerful, I’m younger looking and happier!  My sensitivities are 20% better so far, and so is my energy.  My absorption is also improved.

I wish I’d known about Dr. Pepi before!  She educated me so much on things that were going on with my body that make sense about why what I was trying hadn’t been effective.  I could have saved so much money if I’d known about her in the first place!        H.D.


I had my first phone consultation with Dr. Pepi only 2 weeks ago.  I am a single mother with 3 children. In just two weeks my energy is 400% better! I am sleeping better for the first time in years.  My depression is 95% better and I have gotten off all my anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications!  I have also lost 2 dress sizes!!

My kids are much better as well.  My 19 month old was not sleeping through the night and now he is.  Two of my children have asthma problems and have been able to decrease their breathing treatments by 60% and 75%!        R.K.


One phone consultation with Dr. Pepi has changed my life.  I was having trouble with anxiety and depression, weight and menopausal symptoms.  She motivated me and told me what to do and what to take and eat.  After 11 days, my anxiety and depression were 95% better, I’d lost 7 lbs and my menopausal symptoms were nearly gone.  I could focus more and I had more personal motivation.

It’s now 4 months later and I’ve done 2 more phone consultations and I’m still doing great – even better!  

As a professional, I highly recommend Dr. Pepi.  I enthusiastically refer patients, co-workers and family members to her.        Dr. M.M., DDS


I started getting unexplainable migraine-like headaches. Over the 6 weeks, I went to see 6 different doctors, desperately seeking some relief, but nothing helped. I saw an internist, an MD, an allergist, an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, and another MD at an emergency room. At the emergency room, they did a CAT scan and I was diagnosed with a neurological problem and referred to a neurologist. Each doctor prescribed me different types of drugs to take, but nothing helped.

The neurologist said that I needed to go to the Stanford Pain Management Clinic where I’d get an operation to insert something in my neck that would affect my nerves to alleviate the pain. I really didn’t want to do this.

A friend referred me to Dr. Pepi. I live far away from her, so I did a phone consultation. After giving her the data, she cut right to the chase, was able to diagnose over the phone that what I had was a sinus infection, and told me exactly what to do and what to take. 

It was a little hard for me to believe, but I did what she said. The headaches disappeared IMMEDIATELY. This is what people call a miracle these days.        H.B.


I began to experience worsening problems with my ability to sleep.  I tried various remedies, like Melatonin and Cal-Mag, and they would work for a little while, but it finally got to where I couldn't sleep at all.  I realized that I was also having hot flashes at night. 

I couldn't get in for an appointment that very day, but I called Dr. Pepi and was able to arrange a phone consultation.  We discussed the situation and she advised me on how to adjust the progesterone cream and the other nutrients.  That night, with the adjusted quantities, I slept really well for the first time in about a week.  I was really impressed with her ability to solve the immediate problem over the phone.        D.L.


I had a situation with my skin where I had a rash all over my back, on my chest, on my face and it was spreading like wild fire by the day.  So I had a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi to help me with this situation.  I did what she advised me to do over the phone and by the next day one third of my rash was gone!  By the third day, the rash was 100% gone!  The instructions were simple.  I got a result better than I had expected.  I am so glad I called Dr. Pepi.  She saved my life!        L.N.


Since doing phone consultations with Dr. Pepi, I have lost 20 lbs. and my liver spots are 55% improved after only 2 1/2 weeks.  My teeth are 90% whiter after using the tooth powder that she recommended and I look more youthful!  My ovary/uterus pain is 80% better and my spider veins are improving. Last, but not least, my gums have improved by 60%.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        L.N.


After one phone consultation, the results from Dr Pepi’s Health Program are absolutely incredible.  My conditions have improved by:
Low Energy       50%
Insomnia            90%
Headaches        70%
Concentration    60%
Menopause        90%

I live in England and came across Dr. Pepi’s website while searching the internet.  I read with great interest of her successes . . . and made my appointment. Dr Pepi talked through my health problems and what my day to day lifestyle consisted of.  Over the years I had tried so many different supplements from the health stores but none of them worked. 

I received Dr. Pepi’s tailor-made program and when the supplements arrived I started taking them that evening – Guess what – I slept all through the night, no hot sweats and woke up feeling absolutely great, I could not believe it and thought it must be a fluke – But no it was not – I have not had a disturbed night's sleep since taking the supplements and feel so energized.

I am so thankful that I made that call to your office, even though I am thousands of miles away in the UK. Forever so grateful,  J. C.


Dr. Pepi is the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with.  Her solutions are miraculous and her knowledge base is incredible.  Her link between modern and alternative forms of medicine has saved me and my family numerous times.  I can’t thank her enough!

She’s helped my baby son with severe constipation and with fevers.  She’s helped me with pancreatitis through the years.  And every time she’s helped us resolve it with natural, painless solutions.        G.S.


The following is from a 75-year old woman from Oregon who had never been in to see Dr. Pepi:  

"HOORAY!!!  I am starting to get more sleep.  How nice it is!  My memory is starting to get better.  I am starting to finish my projects and that is good.  Now these may not seem like very big wins, but to me they are.  This is something I haven’t had for a long time.  You guys are the best!”  M.A.


I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last couple of years. I have been on low fat diets, no carbos, no sugar, etc… but the harder I tried…I was unsuccessful.  I suspected candida – I called Dr. Pepi from Chicago because I developed canker sores in mouth and was bloated.  She recommended specific supplements.  After I started taking this, the canker sores went away and my bloating started to go away.  After two weeks I lost 8 pounds and I’m still losing it. Thank you Dr. Pepi!!  M.P.


I was suffering with eczema and Dr. Pepi recommended a very healthy diet change.  It has helped me alot.  This is after one phone consultation.

I look forward to never experiencing eczema again.        L.P.


Just one phone consultation with Dr. Pepi helped my son with his ear infection.  He had seen M.D.'s and they always gave him antibiotics.  She had him use Hydrogen Peroxide, which was great, and also did something with his pH balance and he was all better.  Thank you.        B.T.

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