Successes - Ringing In Ears

Ringing In Ears

Eighteen months ago I developed a case of severe vertigo, Tinnitus (ear ringing) and cold sweats so extreme that I had to be wrapped up in blankets with the heat all the up for months. I went to MD’s, specialists, chiropractors, etc. with no results. I was told on several occasions that the condition was permanent due to nerve damage. Others shrugged their shoulders or offered opinions out of left field.

Within days after seeing Dr. Pepi my symptoms started to abate. Within a few weeks the chills went from chronic (happening all the time), to intermittent and eventually to occasional to rare.

The vertigo had gone away completely almost immediately and never recurred.

The tinnitus, which was often unbearable, gradually improved over the months. It has not fully gone away but unless I put my attention on it and look for it, it is only noticeable about 30% of the time and at a volume significantly less than it was. This usually occurs when I get carried away and violate one of Dr. Pepi’s instructions – like eat chocolate or something. I also observed that my little flare-ups disappear about 24 hours after I get a treatment, so I have no anxiety about things because I know she can handle it.

For those who have it, severe tinnitus can be maddening. There were many times I did not think I could go another day. There is no relief. There is no escape. I couldn’t function. A normal level of noise was painful. I couldn’t go to movies or even watch TV with my family at a volume level they could hear at.

Now I work, go to movies and enjoy music, parties – everything a normal person does. I feel I have my life back. And if I over do it, I know I can go in and get it fixed up, so I don’t have to be “careful". Her technology is amazing! She is amazing!        A.M.


I came in having had migraines about one per month, continual heartburn, ringing in my ears and other problems. I haven’t had a migraine in over a month – not even a blind spot (the precursor to migraines). The heartburn was gone within one week and the ringing in my ears is down by half and almost unnoticeable now. I also dropped a layer of fat off my belly and I’m sleeping like a baby. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. At last!        H.Q.


I have had great wins on Dr. Pepi’s program. So far I need less sleep – this coming from someone who needed at least ten hours. I’m well rested now on seven hours. I also had a problem with ringing in my ear and an echo (I could hear my own voice) which was very annoying. This is gone. I am looking forward to getting my body into great shape so I won’t have to have any attention on it. Thanks.        M.B.


I am twenty years old and love music. I attend a lot of musical shows and listen to music very loud. Well, after a while my ears started to ring a very annoying high pitched sound. One time on my way to the doctor’s office I was listening to my new music as “normal” and when I got out of the car my ears were buzzing! Dr. Pepi treated them and told me to turn down the music. Well, I did just that and the ringing has completely vanished! I am so happy because it will keep my hearing stable into old age! Thank you all at Dr. Pepi’s office!        A.A.


I came to Dr. Pepi and told her that I could hear my heartbeat resounding through my ear. This bothered me. So while I was talking to her about it she was giving me specific tablets to chew. After taking them she asked me, how was it now? Actually it had stopped. Amazing! Thanks, Dr. Pepi from your Aussie friend.        P.S.

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