Successes - Scars, Stretch Marks

Scars, Stretch Marks

I had completely gorgeous, perfect, super-envied skin all my life through my childhood & teen years, up until I was about 22. I got very sick at that point & my skin broke out, scarred, etc. What a huge embarrassment.

That was 6 years ago & I never fully handled my skin for one reason or another.

I’ve been under Dr. Pepi’s care for about one month & there is life consistently returning to my skin for the first time in years. My skin has gotten worse and better over the last 6 years & sometimes it approached looking good, but it didn’t last. I know Dr. Pepi found the cause for my skin condition. It’s of little surprise to me the condition has little to do with my face itself! I’m confident that as long as I stay on Dr. Pepi’s treatment and supplement program I will again have beautiful skin.        P.C.


After taking a particular supplement Dr. Pepi recommended, I noticed a tingling sensation on an area of scars I had from a surgery I'd had 20 years ago.  I could tell they were healing on the inside.  I also noticed I was able to think faster.  I scored much higher on an IQ test that months earlier I had trouble getting through and couldn't even finish in the allotted time.        S.M.


I had an appendectomy in Oct. 2007 and after 3 months returned to work per doctor’s orders.  But soon I had severe abdominal pain in the area where I had the surgery.  Visits to the ER, CT scans, MD’s, nothing showed up!  My pain was extreme and I was taking Tylenol every 4 hours to get through the day and there was no way I could exercise!  Well, Dr. Pepi found scar tissue in the area, and in the muscle, and soon I was completely pain free, and I am pain free to this day!  I have never given Dr. Pepi a body problem that she has failed to resolve!        B.M.


I used to have a scar that I just thought “I will probably have for the rest of my life”. Well, after taking the oils Dr. Pepi recommended me to take, this scar is going down more & more. I am certain it will be gone shortly. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        S.L.


When I was 18, I had a severe painful infection in the right Eustachian tube (it connects the back of the nose and middle ear).  I was given antibiotics, a special inhaler and Codeine for the severe pain.  I had to do these for several weeks.  A lot of scar tissue was formed and this area has caused me problems on and off for the past 30 years.  It gets clogged with mucus easily, especially if allergies or an infection flares up.   It will become very uncomfortable and I feel like I have to constantly “pop my ear”, like when you’re on an airplane.  It’s generally irritating and can be painful.

Recently it became very inflamed and painful.  The entire right side of my temple, neck & ear area was in pain.  Dr. Pepi did one treatment on this and the pain was dramatically better!  Within a day or two it felt like normal.  She also got my body to start healing the scar tissue, to replace it with healthy tissue.   It was a big relief, it was all done without drugs, and I didn’t miss any work due to being ill.  Thanks!!        N.K.


I have been using the product that Dr. Pepi recommended on my face for about a year now. I have had plastic surgery on a scar on my right side – it was very pronounced. The oil is helping the scar to fade – get this… I am 49 and I got asked for a date by 2 (33 & 32 year old) guys! Thank you Dr. Pepi.        S.Q.


After just 2 weeks of taking large doses of a specific oil the scar tissue in my face and from my surgeries is breaking up! I have had facial scars since I was 17 – over 27 years ago – that have finally started to diminish! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        S.N.


I started taking the oils that Dr. Pepi recommended in July. In late July I fell on a boat and injured my chin requiring 3 stitches. Exactly one month later, I fell again and a plastic surgeon stitched the wound. I also had been noticing severe hair loss to the point of bald patches.

After a couple of week of taking the oils, I noticed changes in my skin. It was softer, less dull and my wrinkles began to disappear! When I had the stitches from both falls removed each doctor commented on how well I had healed. In fact, the plastic surgeon couldn’t believe how quickly I had healed. He said that my healing time was that of someone in their late teens or early 20’s rather than their early 50’s.        S.M.


I was three months pregnant and my skin was stretching and itching so bad that I was very uncomfortable. I had seen Dr. Pepi for this once before and she put me on a specific supplement. I couldn’t take them because I kept throwing them up. I saw Dr. Pepi and she treated me for this. The itching stopped. After 2 days I tried taking one tablet. It didn’t bother me so I took another. I worked up to six a day with no problem. The itching has been 90% better. What a relief!        J.E.


I never have had a satisfactory result from chiropractic services. My husband insisted on my seeing Dr. Pepi. He just knew that she was the right person to cure my poor stomach. I was almost to the point of deciding to die or to live with that really poor condition. Dr. Pepi did the right things for me. My stomach feels a LOT better and I have much more energy so that I can practice my violin for five hours a day! My forehead, which had pimples and scars for years, is very clear and nice. I thank you, Dr. Pepi.        M.J.P.

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