Successes - Seen Other Doctors, Done Other Handlings

Seen Other Doctors, Done Other Handlings

Dear Dr. Pepi,
        Just wanted to let you know that my 21 yr. old stepson is doing GREAT!  He said your 1 hr. treatment and the supplements did more than all his years of treatment, medicine and surgeries at Kaiser.  He asked me to thank you!        K.M.


Dr. Pepi is the last doctor I saw after seeing countless doctors for my headaches and migraines.  Only two months following her instructions, my headaches went from twice a week to once a month.  I have never thought any doctor could help me, after seeing so many specialists and trying acupuncture.  Nothing ever worked until I saw Dr. Pepi.  The best part is, she will not prescribe any drugs, therefore no side effects and completely safe.  Dr. Pepi changed my life and I will never waste another penny to see any doctor other than her.        P.T.


Thank you Dr. Pepi!  All the medical doctors said my osteoarthritis was “incurable” and I should get my hip replaced with a titanium hip.  I didn’t agree but my hip continued to worsen until I was in such pain on occasion that I’d be crying and dragging my leg because I refused to stop being active.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi my hip never hurts and I can run a bit and take the stairs normally…She literally gave me a lift on life!        J.M. 


I have been (thank goodness) feeling much better since doing what Dr. Pepi recommended.  I can walk almost without any aches & the hot flashes have diminished to practically nothing. The swellings also are only a slight trace once in a while. This is in a few short weeks. I had been to 5 other local doctors/chiropractors and spent over $1,000 on no results – and no answers – so you can imagine my utter relief!”        B.R.


About three years ago I went to a clinic that specialized in nutrition. My blood-work came back and it was alarming how out of balance my body was. My progesterone level was so out of range that it almost didn’t register. For a year and a half I went on very stringent diet and showed up at the clinic one to two times per week for vitamin/mineral IVs. I also was prescribed natural progesterone.

Despite all of my efforts, and theirs, my blood levels did not change. The normal range for progesterone is 2.5 to 28. I could never get above 1.1. After working with Dr. Pepi for a few months it went up to 18.7 – and that wasn’t even the main area that I was working on.        H.L.


About 6 weeks ago I began having chest pains.  I went to the E.R. and was then hospitalized.  I had many tests and drugs and they revealed nothing, so in essence I received no diagnosis—all I learned was that it was “not my heart.”  I was still having symptoms so I came to see Dr. Pepi.  We discovered what was truly wrong with the body and what I had been doing to prompt the symptoms.  Well…not only did I feel better immediately after the appointment, but as I put in the steps of my program my symptoms disappeared altogether!  Let’s just say that I may not always do well by my body, but when I am in real trouble—I come see Dr. Pepi…when I need to get at the root cause of a problem—I come see Dr. Pepi…when I want to feel better—I come see Dr. Pepi!        D.B.


I had an appendectomy in Oct. 2007 and after 3 months returned to work per doctor’s orders.  But soon I had severe abdominal pain in the area where I had the surgery.  Visits to the ER, CT scans, MD’s, nothing showed up!  My pain was extreme and I was taking Tylenol every 4 hours to get through the day and there was no way I could exercise!  Well, Dr. Pepi found scar tissue in the area, and in the muscle, and soon I was completely pain free, and I am pain free to this day!  I have never given Dr. Pepi a body problem that she has failed to resolve!        B.M.


Twelve years ago I was kicked on the side of my head which left me with a migraine headache that would not leave.  Over the years I had visited with many doctors with no relief.  After my first one hour visit with Dr. Pepi my migraine headache is no longer present.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Pepi’s care, compassion and expertise.

P.S. I sent my girlfriend to see Dr. Pepi and when I asked her how it went she said ‘When I grow up I want to be just like Dr. Pepi.’ (she desires to be a chiropractor w/ super skills too?)        C.D.


Dr. Pepi helped with my son’s ear infection.  He has seen MDs and they always gave him antibiotics.  She had him use a specific solution which was great…[it] did something with his ph/acid balance and he was all better.  Thank you.        B.T.


I had a nagging cold and cough that hung on for over a month. I was so sick that I went to a hospital twice. They put me on antibiotics and even an asthma inhaler as the coughing was so bad, but it still wouldn’t go away.

I came to see Dr Pepi who treated me and gave me supplements. Within three days everything was better and the coughing went away!        J.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi in excruciating back pain.  I felt like a dying old woman at age 30.  I’d been told by chiropractors the only thing left to do was steroid injections or back surgery and I was freaked out.  After 2 weeks on Dr. Pepi’s supplements I’m feeling so much improved.  I only have a dull ache now in comparison to before.  It’s really like a miracle.        N.T.


Since January I had been suffering from Condyloma: a gynecological virus. In July of that same year, I began treatment under supervision of my gynecologist using creams, etc… nothing worked.

About a year from my first date of treatment from my doctor, I began to see Dr. Pepi for this problem. Approximately three months later, after visits to see her and high does of supplements, I went back for another check up at my gynecologist. He took several biopsies and a pap smear to see what the status was with the Condyloma. The lab tests came back with the results “Remarkable!” – “negative” and no signs of Condyloma whatsoever!!        E.F.


I’ve been involved in various naturopathic programs for over 25 years during that time I’ve been unsuccessful in handling the cause of my constipation problem. Several months ago Dr. Pepi started me on a program. Within 5 days my constipation was handled. Needless to say this has been a major success for me.        L.G.


I was having severe problems with low or even no energy. After one treatment with Dr. Pepi my energy level shot up. I also lost a few pounds without altering my diet.

Earlier I had seen Dr. Pepi for chronic kidney stones. Once every year or year and a half I would end up in the emergency room with a kidney stone attack. This happened at least four or five times.

Sometimes I would need morphine because the pain was so severe.

Since being treated by Dr. Pepi I no longer have kidney stone attacks. Several MDs and specialists had been unable to help me with this.         S.W.


Great, Great wins on Dr. Pepi’s program! She was the first & only health care practitioner of any sort that correctly identified and treated my body problem of 20 year duration! (In my case the bug was with the adrenals). During the program I experienced drastic highs & lows.
When doing Dr. Pepi’s program I noticed right off that my body was changing. Sticking to her program actually resulted in all the data coming together so that my situation could be resolved. Dr. Pepi is amazing!        J.K.


I came to Dr. Pepi with many unresolved health problems. I had been pursuing remedies for my ills for the past 3 years. I went to many naturopathic doctors, MDs, specialists, etc…

I did Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy reluctantly & when I left this office I felt a resurgence of energy.  People who knew me said I looked like I was glowing. My eyes were off alignment by 1/4” & now are aligned. My cheekbones are higher. I look younger. In the morning I feel like bouncing through my house & do so without pain. My ability to memorize lines has gone up considerably. My thinking capacity & memory have increased at least 40%.        A.M.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with a digestive disorder which had lingered for more than a year with no real relief after seeing medical doctors. I had no energy and found it difficult to drag out of bed by noon. I saw Dr. Pepi at 1:30 P.M. during the day and she diagnosed a liver problem as well. I had an extremely busy afternoon/evening and at 10:00 P.M. I realized that I felt better than I had felt during the past year. I felt lighter and cleaner, as if I had already lost five pounds of waste. This seemed miraculous: only one treatment and I’m feeling like a new person already. I continue to feel great; my abdomen is no longer sore and bloated. It is really wonderful to feel healthy and whole again!! However, an added bonus is that I not only feel great, but have lost 21 pounds over the last four months. Losing weight has always been difficult for me and November and December are the holiday season, a time when I normally gain.        M.W.


For about eight years I have been having forehead pain and eyeball pain and pressure. I had seen doctors all over and they could never give me anything for my problem. But all this ended when I made my first visit to Dr. Pepi. In only about five visits I felt 85% better. And I’m going on 100% with only a few more visits. What can I say? She is the greatest.        J.G.


Before I came to Dr. Pepi I was stressed and mildly depressed, along with dealing with various medical issues.  After my first visit my overall attitude was 80% more positive.  I was no longer anxious or depressed and my medical symptoms were the best they had been in years!  Other medical doctors made me feel hopeless but Dr. Pepi gave that hope back and now I am thriving!        W.W.


My platelet count has been low for four years now and it wouldn’t improve much until I started taking the supplement Dr. Pepi recommended. I noticed an in increase of about twenty points. Doctors have told me that my platelet count would never increase. I think I’m proving them wrong. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        B.M.


Last May I dislocated my wrist and I went to a chiropractor near my home. He reset my wrist and gave me my first Chiropractic adjustment ever. Within hours I was in horrendous pain in my entire back and my wrist popped back out. The doctor had no explanation for that. He continued to adjust me over then next few weeks and I continued to be in terrible pain. My wrist popped out of the joint several more times. None of the adjustments held either. I would hear the vertebrae shifting shortly after leaving his office. I was in so much pain. I had to sleep on the floor because with my husband in bed the mattress would tilt and my back couldn’t tolerate it. Sitting was so excruciating, we stopped going to movies or doing anything like that. The pain I had in my neck at times was unreal.

So I went to see another Chiropractor who put me on some supplements and said I needed to come three times a week. I went for months. The supplements helped a bit but I was still in pain almost all of the time and I couldn’t go for more than a couple days without any adjustment because my vertebrae would shift out of place and my arms and would go numb. I was even getting adjustments from a Chiropractor who worked in the building where my office is just to manage the pain. I was hurting all the time and often had to take Tylenol (which I hate) just to get through the day! When I told this doctor I didn’t feel I was getting better, he didn’t review my treatment or ask me any questions. He said I hadn’t been coming enough and I should sign up for physical therapy. (I was already paying for all this out of my own pocket.)

I gave up and went to another Chiropractor that a friend recommended. This was around October. She was very nice but she didn’t have a solid explanation for why my adjustments wouldn’t hold. I decided not to drag it out with her and waste even more money so I went to see Dr. Pepi because I had heard from a couple of people that she was really different and got fast results.

Dr. Pepi suggested I make and hour appointment just for my back. She told me that no healing was going on in my back and that my back was screaming. This was not news to me! After the hour with her, my upper back and neck (this was the most painful part of my spine) sweated for about twenty-four hours. It really felt like something was going on in the area. My back felt relieved as if someone had finally done what it wanted. After that I did not have to run to anyone to get adjusted just to manage my pain.

I saw Dr. Pepi quite a few times for my back after that. It was really easy for me to overdo it (just about anything could stress my weak back). But I knew that when she was working on me it was helping me heal – it wasn’t just some arbitrary thing like other doctors had done. I took supplements to fix the manganese deficiency in my ligaments and supplements to heal the discs. It’s now June (13 months after that first chiropractor) and I started a belly dancing class. While I was there one day I realized I was doing repeated motions with my back that doing even once a few months ago would have left me in tears and taking Tylenol for days.

I wasted tons of money with other chiropractors and got nothing for it. Dr Pepi has really different techniques that make traditional chiropractic seem primitive.        M.P.


I have spent one solid year in and out of the hospital six times plus two trips to the emergency room. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure, pneumonia, dehydration, over medication, and depletion of potassium. My team of doctors was prepping me for a possible heart transplant. Obviously my condition was not improving. My doctors were treating the problems after the fact with no hope of improvement.

Dr. Pepi is now treating me to move me off eight medications and fully restore all functions in my body. I am simply elated beyond words and my energy is returning big time.        A.M.


  I went to the emergency room with extreme abdominal pain.  Spent all day there and had lots of tests—Cat scan, ultrasound, blood and urine tests—with zero results.  They sent me home and the pain was worse.  Came back 2 days later and spent 2+days in the hospital.  After tons of tests again, they still couldn’t figure out what the exact trouble was.  [They] had 2 theories and ruled out various things.  My pain was reduced with anti-inflammatory drugs.  One of the drugs they gave me resulted in a bad allergic reaction [of] facial swelling and numbness.  25 thousand dollars and still they didn’t know what happened, plus they stressed my body with invasive tests.

Then I went to Dr. Pepi who found and handled my problem straight away.  Far, far, far, far less money and much better understanding of my condition.  Hooray for Dr. Pepi!  Thank you so, so much!        T.V.


Since I was younger (maybe 10), I had been going to different chiropractors for chronic headaches and neck soreness. While temporary relief occurred, I would still wind up with headaches and neck aches once a week or more.

When I first came to Dr. Anita Pepi’s I was on the 3rd day of a terrible headache. After my first treatment of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, my headache was already better. After my first series, my headaches were practically completely gone and my neck aches were also almost non-existent! Amazing!!        K.M.


I must admit I was skeptical. I’d already been to 4 other doctors for this psoriasis. They told me that it can’t be cured. Dr. Pepi said with total certainty that she can fix it absolutely! I was so amazed after the first visit – I mean right after – my skin tone changed, my eyes were brighter, and I felt more alive in one visit! I also now know that this “incurable” skin condition is actually healing after 4 days. I can feel it getting better for the first time in years. I can’t thank Dr. Pepi and her staff enough. I’ve never been this confident with any doctor.        M.P.


Eighteen months ago I developed a case of severe vertigo, Tinnitus (ear ringing) and cold sweats so extreme that I had to be wrapped up in blankets with the heat all the up for months. I went to MD’s, specialists, chiropractors, etc. with no results. I was told on several occasions that the condition was permanent due to nerve damage. Others shrugged their shoulders or offered opinions out of left field.

Within days after seeing Dr. Pepi my symptoms started to abate. Within a few weeks the chills went from chronic (happening all the time), to intermittent and eventually to occasional to rare.

The vertigo had gone away completely almost immediately and never recurred.

The tinnitus, which was often unbearable, gradually improved over the months. It has not fully gone away but unless I put my attention on it and look for it, it is only noticeable about 30% of the time and at a volume significantly less than it was.

Now I work, go to movies and enjoy music, parties – everything a normal person does. I feel I have my life back. And if I over do it I know I can go in and get it fixed up, so I don’t have t be “careful". Her technology is amazing! She is amazing!        A.M.


For about 2 years I took my daughter to various M.D.s to try to get her extreme fatigue, frequent sore throats, recurring flu and colds handled. At first she was given antibiotics which made her feel better for a short time, and then worse. Then a blood test revealed “mono” more antibiotics, then worse again. No one ever mentioned Epstein Barr until Dr. Pepi. And after taking Dr. Pepi’s immune boosters, she [my daughter] has energy and color again, feels good and isn’t getting sore throats, etc! It’s been 6 months now and she’s still continuing to feel better.        J.C.


Over the past several months my husband has been closely attended by several doctors because of a debilitating undiagnosed disease. Several weeks ago he started seeing Dr. Pepi regularly and is definitely getting well.

I had a realization that the medical profession treats the human body as a form or parts of a form. Dr. Pepi treats the body as if it is a LIFE FORM. Many thanks to Dr. Pepi for using the truth in her practice.        L.W.


I have been through the gamut of various health care professionals with varying results – but I must say that I have not seen as dramatic changes as I have in the last week with Dr. Pepi. My sinus and skin problems are disappearing rapidly. My endurance and general health are improving remarkably and I look forward to a complete resolution to my physical complaints.        L.W.


Before I came to see Dr. Pepi I had problems with digestion for at least five years (10 years is more like it). About six months ago I was in the hospital for one week because of excruciating pain across the abdomen. A surgeon insisted on removing the gall bladder, although he admitted that there was no reason for it. He just wanted to do it because they couldn’t find why I was in so much pain. He thought the surgery might handle the pain. I refused.

After I left the hospital, a bit better but nothing handled, I wasn’t able to eat the normal food any more (healthy food most of it) that I usually eat. And as the months went by I could eat less and less types of food. I was slowly dying of starvation. When I came to Dr. Pepi I wasn’t able to eat any food at all anymore. My stomach was rejecting all of it. Only a few treatments with her and things were on their way back to normal.

I’ve been seeing her for six weeks now and the difference is “out-of-this-world”. I need to mention that for more than the last 10 years I went to see every doctor, every specialist, every nutrition expert I could put my hands on. Every allergy specialist, chiropractors and alternative medicine experts I heard of. I tried almost every nutrient, every “miracle” natural supplement advertised to handle the stomach, the digestive tract and the absorption. I’ve tried many western and eastern medicinal practices. Nothing every handled it!

Dr. Pepi, where have you been all these years? I’m so happy I survived to find Dr. Pepi and her amazing technology. It’s been a long time. I’m back on my feet properly to enjoy the rest of my life.        S.L.


Before coming to Dr. Pepi a month ago I thought I was dying (literally)! Extreme back pain nearly 24/7, no energy and after I ate anything I was unconscious for 1 ½-2 hours. After a fairly busy day, I had to sleep and rest the next day or two to recoup. I had constant stomach pain, elimination problems and crying at the drop of a hat. I hated myself and my body even more.

After seeing Dr. Pepi (St. Pepi to me), the tears stopped markedly in one day. After a couple of weeks, no more crying!! For me this was miraculous! Back pain reduced 80% (also miraculous since I spent over twenty years with chiropractic treatment to handle an injury that started this condition). The pain would bring me to tears. It’s hard to believe how much better I can stand up, get up from bed, get out of my car, walk and in general be mobile in the past few weeks since being on this program. I actually feel more energetic, even after eating. I lost ten pounds and we haven’t even addressed that area yet. I sleep longer at night and wake up more rested. My memory is improving! WOW! Amazing! My production has gone from only what I have to do, to getting things done that I’ve put off for months or years. I’m so happy I broke through all of my considerations on why I shouldn’t see Dr. Pepi. She works miracles.        P.B.


My son is a high school varsity basketball player who began having problems with his throat swelling up during games, making it difficult to breathe. This became a real issue and was occurring with greater frequency. We saw an ear-nose-throat specialist who examined him and said nothing was wrong structurally. Neither he nor the pediatrician could imagine what could be wrong. So…we came to see Dr. Pepi. She said he had an infection in his throat and that he was deficient in several nutrients. After one month on his program his throat problem was handled! I was amazed and he is so happy. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        L.D.G. for Ryan


I couldn’t sleep and was miserable because I had pains in my sides and in my stomach area. I had these for two years in the stomach area and two months on the sides. My husband believes in medical doctors so I got a physical exam, EKG, blood tests, full body scan, and multiple other tests, probes and doctor visits. – “Nothing wrong”.

I got a treatment from Dr. Pepi, to the two supplements she gave me to take, went home and slept pain free! I have been pain free since! She IS worth it!!        J.S.


Maestro is a seven year old golden retriever who has been plagued with chronic ear infections. Every six months or so, he goes to the vet for anti-inflammatory medication antibiotics. They have not handled the problem. With one visit to Dr. Pepi we found out that he was allergic to all his medicine and food (with the exception of his anti-flea medication). After one week of the oil Dr. Pepi recommended and a change of food, the infection was totally gone and his energy skyrocketed. To say the least we are both grateful for her.        M.S. for Maestro.


I’ve been in pain 5-8 years and have seen different kinds of doctors (including homeopathic) and had to pay a lot of money.  Nothing seemed to help me.  Since my first visit w/ Dr. Pepi I had my first relief from pain in the first hour I was here.  All my body was in so much pain—from 0-10 it was 15.  I wasn’t able to work out or do anything.  Now after a few visits, my pain has decreased about 80% and I’m starting to work out again.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        J.N.


In August I dragged my sad excuse for a body in to se Dr. Pepi after being treated unsuccessfully for many months by a medical doctor for a non-functioning thyroid. By the time I sought “alternative” treatment I was a basket case: no energy, pains in legs and (in spite of difficulty swallowing) a forty pound weight gain. When my body finally decided to seriously go on strike, I was visiting LA on vacation but not having much fun. The highlights of my days were the long naps.
Dr. Pepi worked her magic on me. Not only did she find the solution to my thyroid, she found the underlying cause and fixed that, too.

A mere few months later my body is healing well. I feel wonderful. The tonnage is melting off. No more naps (Is that good news or bad news?) Thank you Dr. Pepi!        C.H.


After my first visit with Dr. Pepi my son started doing better right away. He started being able to move his body a lot better and talking much more. No doctor been able to do anything for my son (2 years old). They just said his brain was not doing well but my son has never walked or even crawled, he just drags himself around. I think Dr. Pepi can really help my son because he looks a lot better already.        J.D.T.


In December I went to a bargain doctor complaining of persistent chest pain and pressure with numbness down my left arm and in the area of my heart. My heart skipped beats, I felt lightheaded, very, very tired, was short of breath, and at times felt like I would fall over dead. Being as I was only 27 years old and in otherwise apparent good health, that doctor told me that what I was suffering from was Anxiety Disorder, not a heart attack or anything related, and he offered me anti-anxiety psychotropic drugs which I vehemently refused. At my insistence, he did an EKG, which came out normal and showed no signs of heart stress.

I left that office and went straight to an M.D. After listening to my heartbeat, the M.D. told me I have a mitral-valve prolapse (the valve between the two chambers of my heart doesn’t close correctly) which was aggravated by not having slept one week before, after months of poor sleep, mediocre diet and emotional stress. He told me the condition is common in women of my age and slim build; and that to avoid such symptoms in the future, I should eat, sleep and exercise sufficiently. I changed my lifestyle and didn’t have much thought about my heart for many months.

In July the chest pains, pressure and numbness returned. Over the course of the next few months. Some days it didn’t bother me; other days it was so bad I could barely work: I had trouble controlling my left arm, I could barely breathe, I could barely think, I had constant pain and pressure in my chest are. I almost fell over several times. There were nights where I didn’t want to close my eyes because I felt there was a better chance of dying than of waking up in the morning; yet I was usually too exhausted to keep my eyes open. (Exhaustion usually hit me around 7:30 or 8PM.)

Dr. Pepi detected an auto-immune situation where my body was attacking my heart as if it were a foreign object, along with a blockage in my arteries. She treated my body so that it would stop attacking my heart, and she treated my body to break down the blockage in my arteries. She recommended specific supplements for my heart as well as raw ginger root to break down the blockage.

She also recommended I see a cardiologist, for the sake of gathering more information. I refused, confident that Dr. Pepi’s diagnosis, treatments and supplement recommendations were exactly right. 

          I soon had the urge to exercise again, which I hadn’t for months. I regained the certainty that I wouldn’t accidentally die. I had energy and was soon able to operate again 16-18 hours per day as opposed to 12.

Now, 3 or 4 months after my last set of bad heart symptoms, I’m off many of the supplements I had to take during my condition at its worst, and my body has not relapsed to the condition it was in. I feel and look in much better overall health than I was when I first came to see Dr. Pepi.

Dr. Pepi is my practitioner of choice. No more bargain doctors for me. I’m worth it!!        P.C.


On recommendation from a friend I saw Dr. Pepi for advice about uterine cancer. A very highly recommended physician had told me that surgery was imminent and should be done now. Dr. Pepi advised me to seek a second opinion. Sure enough, the second opinion proved there was no cancer. Thank you for saving me from my darkest day.        H.A.


I’ve had a skin condition since I was 8 or 10 years old diagnosed as eczema, I was told by medical doctors that it is hereditary and cannot be cured. I’ve had it up to here until recently when I was treated by Dr. Pepi. While the treatment took a little while, (no time compared to the 3 or 4 decades I suffered from the condition), Dr. Pepi really fixed the skin condition. My skin is normal now. Sometimes I’m amazed by it.        D.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi in severe crisis. For over 10 years I’ve had neck and back problems due to a car accident. This particular time it acted up I was carrying a piece of heavy photography equipment over my shoulder and heard something click in my neck. After 3 weeks of my neck feeling it was in a vice grip and simply moving created severe muscle spasms, I was referred to Dr. Pepi. During those 3 weeks I saw my regular chiropractor and neurologist – all agreeing it was time for surgery because none of their techniques relieved the pain. One treatment from Dr. Pepi and I significantly improved. Ongoing visits allowed healing and I’m back to being a photographer in my career. Yeah!        J.S.


One night, while sitting at a seminar, I developed an extremely severe headache. I actually felt the back of my head swell out. This headache lasted 5 days. My medical doctor couldn’t isolate what the problem was, even after a $600 CT Scan.

In one visit to Dr. Pepi, she isolated it to an allergic reaction to Pepsi soda. Anita creates miracles.        B.M.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi my story seemed to be just a few years long, but as the treatment progressed, I realized that some parts had a longer history. Dr. Pepi began treating me two months ago. I came to her after trying several conventional avenues including having to quit a full time job because my body could no longer keep up. In spite of all attempts my health was still declining.

Up until my early 50’s I led a dynamic and involved life. Then it fell apart. The symptoms were wildly fluctuating blood pressure, partial blindness, an inability to withstand any stress, loss of stamina and unusual pains and symptoms. A year earlier I had taken a Core Level supplement and got a stay of execution. I entered into Dr. Pepi’s program with full cooperation. She has brought together several disciplines and uses them with a full intent to get her patient well. I have experienced many magical things in my lifetime. Most have been occasional; some have only occurred once, but working with Dr. Pepi is to find out that magic can occur again and again.

By the way, it is work. She works diligently and I follow her instructions diligently. Some of it isn’t fun, but let me tell you, that losing your life is a good deal less fun. I have plans and thanks to Dr. Pepi I am going to get to them.

I am a Medical Technologist for 33 years and know that MD’s rely on laboratory tests as diagnostic aides. My chemistry and hematology results were and are normal except for high cholesterol (which by the way is on its way down now). Dr. Pepi is able to determine the real problems in a body and correct nearly all of them with her program, nutritional advice, nutritional supplements, chiropractic, sound advice, and…her magic. When she told me that my major problem was a dysfunctioning endocrine system, I had never even guessed this was the problem. The repair of it has begun. When she indicated that my body didn’t process calcium or magnesium properly I realized that many body problems I had had since childhood were based on this. She fixed this and my systolic blood pressure dropped 20 points. I am able to put in a 6-hour day at work or doing chores and, better yet, my husband and I just spent two days in San Diego playing tourist and I am ready for more. I have pink cheeks now and my body seems to be redesigning itself inside and out. It is magic. No doubt about it!!!

She is part of my future well-being – the story goes on!!

P.S. When I was 15 I decided to become a medical technologist because pathology is the study of disease with the objective of handling disease. It actually is a vast body of data that doesn’t necessarily produce a result. For the first time in my life I have discovered that the FULL complement to good health exists – good nutrition, exercise, preventative medicine, a good MD and Dr. Pepi’s magic.        L.W.


I have been walking in circles between MDs and Chiropractors and Nutritionists for years while they tried to handle my thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which is an auto-immune dysfunction effecting the thyroid. But despite the fancy name and the fancy treatments I was given, I was still exhausted most of the time. I would be doing fine and then the next day would just be unable to get out of bed. Or I would be working at my desk and suddenly find that I had been unconscious for the last 20 minutes and had not even known it. Yet the doctors found nothing wrong and no reason why the artificial thyroid supplement I was taking did not handle it.

I had begun to believe that there was nothing really wrong with me physically and that it was all in my mind and I was just lazy.

Finally, I came to Dr. Pepi. I had heard that she is the best and can really get results. I heard right. She determined that the thyroid was actually not giving me a problem at present, but that I had such low blood sugar that I was simply going unconscious. Dr. Pepi got me onto some supplements to get my system properly functioning along with a diet to handle the blood sugar problem. It took a while for me to make the needed changes in my life so that I could stay on her program, but she worked with me and I did make the changes. The program kicked in and I am now doing much, much better. I have energy again. This is increasing as time goes on. I have also lost about 8 pounds without being hungry at all!

Dr. Pepi definitely gets results and her results are like magic! 


After several months of having pain in my right hip area, I had an MRI in January and was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis.

Until I reached age 75 I enjoyed good health, would walk two miles a day five days a week and only went to the doctor once a year for a physical checkup. During the next three years I went to two orthopedic surgeons and three neurosurgeons and all except one talked about operating. Not a one suggested exercising. Because I was no longer able to walk I started doing exercises morning and night and discovered that it helped. But I was still unable to maintain my balance and walk straight because of the pain. As each day went on I couldn’t wait to finish my chores so that I could sit down. Also, in the last year I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite.

Then on February 25th I went to see Dr. Pepi. The first thing she did was fit my feet for orthotics, and now I am able to maintain my balance and walk much better. She also recommended taking essential nutrients for the formation and repair of cartilage, ligaments and discs, along with a specific Core Level supplement. I am also happy to say she found my weight loss problem. I take a capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in the food to enter into my blood. I am able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the capsule also contains a digestive enzyme. The severe pain in my right hip is much better and I no longer have pain in the calf of my right leg when I drive my car.        H.C.


I am a professional baseball manager, so obviously my body is important to me. I consider the technology Dr. Pepi uses, along with her integrity in administering it, indispensable to my life and athletic career. There is no health science more highly evolved and effective as the one she uses.

As well as routinely flying in for treatment myself, I recently send a disabled pitcher of mine to her. No previous doctor had been able to handle his back pain so that he could pitch. After one visit with Dr. Pepi, he was able to pitch and helped us win the Texas League Championship.        T.I.


I’ve had a sacrum problem since an injury six years ago. After three other doctors working on it and not getting anything resolved, I was very frustrated and thought I would have to go through the pain the rest of my life.

Wow! What a relief. After seeing Dr. Pepi several times I now see I can be pain free and won’t have to live with it. I also had a wrist problem that just got worse with my last doctor but with Dr. Pepi it’s improving too. Thanks Dr. Pepi for finding the cause and fixing that.        J.L.M.


Dr. Pepi saved my life. For the first time in my life I had an illness which debilitated me to the point where I knew what it was like to have an illness which predisposes you to death. I knew what it was like not to want my body any more. Dr. Pepi not only fully rehabilitated my body and helped me to get all my strength back (I’m an athlete) but she did so where the “standard” medical community had no solution. She saved my life and gave me my body back towards a full life of fulfilled and high energy body activity. Thank you very much.        C.S.


I can’t believe the difference in just one short visit. Something I’ve been attempting to handle for years and have spent thousands of dollars trying to “fix” has gone away. I’m beginning to feel like my old self and much more alert! It’s a real miracle, I can’t believe it!        N.O.


I have had eczema since I was three years old. I always thought it was due to suppressed anger and have lived with it virtually my entire life.

After my first visit, I began taking  the recommended Core Level supplements. On the fourth day my eczema cleared up entirely, something that hasn’t happened in years. It has no been three weeks. It only flared up one time when I was unable to take the supplements in the morning. I took them at 6:00 PM and by 6:30 the eczema was gone. Yahoo!        K.G.


Before I started seeing Dr. Pepi I was seeing my medical doctor who took blood tests and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I had a swollen lump in my throat, my energy was low and my doctor told me I would need to be on drugs every day of my life or else have radiation iodine “therapy”. Since seeing Dr. Pepi my energy level has gone up to almost what it had been (80% better), the lump in my throat has gone way down (80% better) and I know I won’t need to be on drugs, or worse, have surgery! Thanks.        C.S.


I’ve been to no less than ten chiropractors in the past ten years and don’t think that I’ve ever seen the speed of change in my body that I have since seeing Dr. Pepi and using the Core Level supplements. I actually got the supplements because I read her promo on it and it sounded good to me. I bought it in the early afternoon and wanted to start taking it right away, I was so desperate to do something to handle my body. But the directions said to take it in the AM. I took just one to see what would happen – I didn’t want to be up all night or anything – and I went home and my body relaxed enough for the first time in weeks to take a really good nap. The same phenomenon occurred as I took it regularly in the mornings. I could finally get decent sleep at night! Dr. Pepi told me that my adrenal glands were so exhausted they had been in a continual state of emergency and that’s why I couldn’t sleep. I’m really excited about building my body back to health for the first time in a long time.        N.K.


Dr. Pepi is awesome! I have come to Dr. Pepi for other problems which she has successfully treated. This time I had missed my menstrual cycle five consecutive months. I was worried. Blood work and pap smears showed normal. Dr. Pepi helped wake up my reproductive system. Two weeks from the time I asked for her help, I got my period. I will continue to come to Dr. Pepi because the truth is that doctors don’t know everything!        A.G.C.


I have been to various doctors regarding a heart condition and have been told many things, none of which opened and door to handling of the problem. In seeing Dr. Pepi I have been put on a sound nutritional supplement program and she also found things in my environment that stress my heart and was put on a program to remove or reduce my exposure to these things. As a result of the program I have experienced a great decrease in the heart problems and a general overall increase in energy and wellbeing.        H.S.


I’ve had problems with my stomach for so long and in one week it was about 95% handled. I went to a doctor one time and I was given different medications which just made it worse. With Dr. Pepi I went in once for about 45 minutes and took vitamins and the pain totally went away. Thank you so much!!        A.H.


I went to an eye doctor who told me I need a minor surgery to handle the dryness of my eyes. My left eye was also bothering me. It felt like something was stuck in it. I went to Dr. Pepi and after she treated my eyes I no longer had the bothersome symptoms I had had before I went to the eye doctor.        D.S.


I was in very serious pain due to a kidney stone. I had been to the emergency room three times and to two different MDs. The stone would not pass into my bladder. Dr. Pepi gave me some specific Core Level supplements along with liquefied Epson salt and the stone passed within 24 hours. If it would happen again I would certainly come straight here. Thank You, So Much.        C.M.


I went to Dr. Pepi because I was diagnosed diabetic by a medical doctor and was put on a lot of insulin. My sister told me about Dr. Pepi. So I traveled from Boston to see Dr. Pepi. I was so impressed. She was so nice. I often feel intimidated by doctors because they rarely ever fill you in and I feel like I don’t know anything.

One week after seeing Dr. Pepi I had to get off insulin. Today I am off insulin and I am normal. My doctor could not understand how I wasn’t diabetic anymore. (By the way I changed doctors). Also I have lost 27 pounds and I’m still losing. I cannot believe that all this success cost me under $400 including airfare.

Dr. Pepi is the best. I will travel the distance again if needed. Why waste time and money going elsewhere. I know there are chiropractors here but I can’t imagine anyone being better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi – I owe you my health!        M.P.


Dear Dr. Pepi,

I wanted to tell you that your treatment of one of our students completely debugged her sauna program, and she has completed it with fully expected good results.

As you may remember, she was not seeing anything happen, no matter the dosage of niacin given. Other doctors estimated a B-vitamin deficiency and went past the lower dosages. We tried handling both, but to no result. Then when you worked specifically on her body’s ability to absorb and assimilate (specifically niacin) she began to have immediate niacin reaction, and… we got a result.

This is valuable technology you have. Thank you.

Respectfully, C.C. Executive Director Narconon Professional Center Sun Valley


I came to Dr. Pepi for treatment of a persistent lower back problem and sciatica, which was resistive to prior treatment from other chiros. Dr. Pepi’s treatment handled that problem completely in about four weeks of one visit each week. The treatments were entirely non-evasive and spectacularly successful. Of course the treatments didn’t just handle the back problem, but to finally handle the underlying problem which was reason for the back problem to begin with. My recommendation: If you’ve got a body problem, see Dr. Pepi first – you won’t need any other treatment.        C.P.G.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi I was barely able to drag my body around. I had no energy and everything was an effort. After just a few days of seeing her and doing her program, my energy level shot way up. I’ve tried a lot of things, vitamins, minerals, different diets, and other chiropractors all with little or no results. So, to have my energy level shoot up at least 50% after just one visit, really is remarkable and a life saver.        D.G.


I had a mild heart attack today and did what my cardiologist said: Home, bed and Tylenol. It got somewhat better but wasn’t really a solution. This evening I came to Dr. Pepi’s and she truly helped me. She told me what was going on and then treated me to almost total pain relief! I’m at a good point and have the right guidelines to prevent this thing from occurring again. Thank you so much.        G.B.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi in July I was almost limping with a cramped right foot and leg as a result of sciatic nerve problems. I had been seeing a chiropractor three times a week for two weeks prior to seeing her. Since then I have been to my Olympia chiropractor only once (Aug 31) and consider Dr. Pepi’s treatments to have produced phenomenal results for me. I was striding when walking by the next day after seeing her and still feel wonderful. Thanks.        A.M.L.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about being sick for six days and missing four days of work. I had earlier had tests done by a medical physician and was told that everything was normal. However, the body didn’t feel normal. I felt really yucky. After one visit with Dr. Pepi I was able to go back to work the following day and enjoy the holidays with my family. I had been battling fatigue for months as well as a bacterial infection which didn’t handle with antibiotics. I have had no thoughts about my body this week which has been wonderful. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. My family thanks you too!        M.B.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I had been in pain for two months and it was worsening. The chiropractor I had been seeing was trying to prepare me for an extended disability as my damaged disc was not repairing. So, I was rather depressed, scared and a bit crazy from having been in pain for so long when I turned up at Dr. Pepi’s door.

The type of treatment I have received here was different from what I had experienced at other chiropractors, but I was most impressed by the strong feeling I got from the doctor and her staff that all was under control and that they were able to handle anything that was needed in treating my injury. This is very reassuring when you’re in a weakened state and in fact I soon came to realize that just about every factor that could have a bearing on my back problem was being evaluated and taken into consideration in my treatment plan.

Within a couple of days I was out of pain and had a routine in place for diet, supplements, chiropractic adjustments and some retraining about how to move, bend and do daily activities that has allowed me to progress steadily to recovery. With the regimen in place I returned to work after five week in Dr.’s care. So I would recommend the doctor to anyone with either a long-range or immediate health problem.        C.J.B.


Dr. Pepi, you are heaven sent to me and my family.  After my first visit with you my anxiety attacks are completely gone and I have been experiencing at least 50% relief of my back muscle spasms.  I had been trying for a long time different things but nothing worked.  You are a miracle worker.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!        E.Q.


I was suffering from continual nausea in my first trimester. I got one adjustment and one supplement to take and it went away! I didn’t have any more morning sickness!! In general I really like going to Dr. Pepi, as opposed to going to other chiropractors) because she doesn’t just play ball with your bones (i.e.: shove them back into place and then they post out a few hours later so you have to keep going back forever to keep putting the bones back into place). Instead, Dr. Pepi finds out what is causing the problem and treats the cause. This then results in: A) less visits and B) Actual, lasting results. I recommend Dr. Pepi to everyone.        S.W.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for over three months. Over the past five years I have battled severe candida and had had all the horrible symptoms that accompany disease. I have tried so many other therapies and programs with very little success, but with Dr. Pepi’s program, I have seen great improvement in my condition for the first time in many years. I am beginning to feel like a human being with energy, hope and joy. The past fire years have been such a struggle, but now with Dr. Pepi’s treatments and super-duper vitamins, and diet, I will regain my health and hope in life. It is nothing short of a miracle!        S.S.


I have had the most marvelous success with my health since coming to Dr. Pepi. But the most amazing result was when I had an ear infection and intense itching. I went to my doctor who prescribed a drug to inhale. On my husband’s suggestion, I waited to see Dr. Pepi the next evening. Dr. Pepi treated me and while she was doing the treatment the itching completely stopped and the earache improved. A couple of days later it was gone without any drugs! Now that’s a successful treatment.        H.T.


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