Successes - Seen Other Doctors, Done Other Handlings 2

Seen Other Doctors, Done Other Handlings 2

I came in to see Dr. Pepi right after being in the hospital the whole night with kidney stones.  I was told it was going to be really painful—which it was—and that I had to be on pain medication until my kidney stone passed.  I then decided that morning that I was not going to take pain medication and that there must be a natural and safe way to handle it.  So I came in to see Dr. Pepi and she did a handling on me.  When the pain medication wore off that I was given at the hospital, I had no pain...  Dr. Pepi’s handling worked and I was pain free and medication free until the kidney stone finally passed through my system.        C.L.


I had joint problems for about six years. I went to see all kinds of doctors in the US and Europe and not one could really help me.  Until I discovered Dr. Pepi!  It’s like a miracle!  She changed my life in six months!  After only two sessions, I could walk, exercise and live a normal life like everyone else after two sessions   Also, She took away the cramps that I had in my first two days of my period.  She is amazing and I cannot thank her enough for what she did for me. For me she is a MAGICIAN!        J.R.


I learned early in life to select a path after careful thought, then to stick to it, with frequent appraisal. So, when back problems began forty-five years ago, I gave complete cooperation to various doctors – up to now – about rest, exercise, pillows, beds, back rests, braces (large and small, metal and canvas), pills (from no aspirin before I was thirty to Darvons, six a day) sleeping pills, tranquilizers, antacid and liquor.

My body became somewhat desensitized. My head was befuddled much of the time. I lost confidence in being able to handle the pain, so that I would start taking pain killers and alcohol more quickly.  Thirty-five years after my first spinal operation and twenty-five years after the third, the surgeons said it would take a stupendous operation to give me relief. By that time, Anita had graduated from college and was starting classes at chiropractic school. She began suggesting other procedures.

Five years ago I went to the first of three doctors of chiropractic. The first two were helpful to some degree, but life was still very painful.  I came to the Jensen Clinic where Drs. Dziekan and Pepi worked on me for about twelve hours. Their technique was unbelievable and unlikely. The only thing good about it was that I felt reasonably well for the first time in half a century.  Now, I still get pain but it is much less violent. I take no pills or liquors and have no fear of more operations on the spine.  I feel like Bill Cosby who took Midol for the first time, “Where has this stuff been for fifty years?”  If these procedures had been available to be fifty years ago, how much trauma could my family and I have avoided?        R.P.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I suffered a multitude of symptoms. I had candida and, as she told me, other parasites. I felt totally toxic. I had leg cramps at night, soreness in the corners of my mouth, skin problems, bloating, gas, spaciness, lost of mucous and itching throat and mouth, etc.  Also, I was always hungry and always eating. I never felt nourished and had no energy. I read so many books and articles, and went to different doctors.  I took as many as ninety supplements a day. I tried diet after diet. And nothing handled me.  I was sickly and weak and lethargic and spacey since about age four. I’m now thirty-six.  This was ruining my life. Literally, I tried everything else on food allergies, candida and general “health foods”.

I first saw Dr. Pepi exactly two months ago. She told me things I’ve never heard before regarding what was wrong and how I should handle it. I was amazed at the precision of the diagnosis and treatment. Immediately I started getting better. On the diet and the supplements and occasional treatment I am rapidly on the way to good health. Most of my symptoms are gone. The rest are going as the toxins leave my body. I feel nourished and strong and I love the diet.  The candida and parasites are now on the back burner as she described it. I’m rapidly detoxifying and as a huge bonus Dr. Pepi has handled my whole family. My husband and children also had candida. Now they’re healthy and energetic and we really enjoy eating!  I feel great! Thanks a million, Dr. Pepi.        C.E.


For the past twelve years I have had a lower back condition for which I have consulted more than a dozen chiropractors in search of relief.  Despite all efforts, I have suffered episodes at the rate of one every year or two. The episodes have often been so severe that I am unable to stand for more than a minute or two and have been rendered immobile – mostly flat on my back – for two to six weeks at a time in varying degrees of pain.  I had finally reached a stage of little hope of a “cure” and had slowly reshaped and limited my life to accommodate this frailty.

This Friday a new episode began.  By Friday night it was so painful that I couldn’t sleep.  By Saturday morning I couldn’t put on my own socks or shoes. Dr. Pepi, who had no regular office hours that day, saw me anyway by special arrangement as an emergency case.  She diagnosed it as gallbladder trouble and sent me hope with nutritional instructions.  Following her instructions I was out of pain and back on my feet in about seventy-two hours!

She has been producing similar miracles for my wife and her family. We are SO grateful that she is there and SO competent and SO willing.  Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        H.F.


I’m a veteran of kidney stone attacks. I speak from painful experience.  The reason why I am writing this success story is that I was treated by Dr. Pepi during the passing of my last kidney stone and as a result I experienced far less pain and far less overall trauma than I did with my other two stones.  Compared to the $2,000.00 cost incurred from going to the local emergency room for my second stone, the cost of Dr. Pepi’s treatment was truly minimal. I was able to bear the discomfort without being driven by desperation into the local emergency room.  During my treatments with Dr. Pepi I was aware that the stone was moving much more quickly than when I was not being treated and the nutritional supplements she gave me seemed to reduce the pain level considerably.  I was actually able to keep working during the experience. After the stone passed (which was during a treatment) I felt recovered almost immediately. What a change from my first two attacks, which took me days and days to feel “back to normal”. I hope I never have another kidney stone attack, but I know who to come to for the best handling if I need to!        M.P.G.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi my mammograms were very suspect, never clear and had to be followed up with ultrasound and more tests to determine whether the odd-looking calcified material was cancerous.  She suggested I apply progesterone cream regularly to the left breast (the messy one) and thought that the following year’s mammogram would surprise the doctors by being clear. I was somewhat skeptical, but the fun of amazing the doctors inspired me to be fairly diligent in applying the cream. Lo and Behold!  The next year the mammogram was clear!  I wasn’t called back for tests at all!  Hooray, Dr. Pepi!        D.R.


I had what looked like seizures for over four years and it was getting worse.  I had my brain checked, etc. I came to Dr. Pepi and she found out that it was due to a pinch in my spinal cord that occurred when I had an Epidural for my child!!  She has been treating me for several years and once she discovered this, my seizures diminished immensely. I have not had one seizure in almost one year and no drugs to help handle this.  She really knows her tech well and can apply it. I’m walking, smiling proof!  Thanks, Dr. Pepi. You’re Great!!        N. N.


I experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when I awoke the morning of January 26 to find my 7 month old daughter, Jessica, completely unresponsive, burning with fever and, in my estimation, nearly dead. After rushing her to the nearest hospital, then, being transferred to another hospital, then finally a third hospital (Harbor-UCLA), she was found to be having seizures.  She was immediately pumped with Pentobarbital (to handle seizures, a very heavy drug) which put her into a coma. She was also given another medication for seizures and also a sedative, all at the same time.

She stayed in this coma for days during which she received two CAT scans, two spinal taps, two x-rays, injection of antibiotics, protein, glucose, fat (yes, fat!) and protein, etc., etc., etc. and had so much blood taken that they had to put some back in.  Someone in ICU was quoted as saying “That child there has had every test in the hospital and they still don’t know what’s wrong with her.”  They weren’t even sure if she would make it out of the coma alive.

I was first told that her brain was “swollen”, then “underdeveloped”, then “mal-nutritioned” and finally I was told that she would never be the same again (she would be “slow” or retarded) and would also need physical therapy. The doctors said she must be on medication for seizures forever.  She was released, February 4 with the diagnosis “near SIDS” and we exited the “dangerous environment” as fast as we could to see Dr. Pepi.

Dr. Pepi had been on the phone every night with my step-father during the hospital stay and spent her valuable time generously doing research before she even saw Jessica.  When we were finally free to bring Jessica to Dr. Pepi, Jessica was not in good shape.  It was obvious she was still suffering from something.  She was very weak, extremely cranky, had lost nearly all her motor skills and was quite cross-eyed.

  Dr. Pepi diagnosed her with a brain virus and prescribed the necessary supplements to handle that.  Jessica improved immediately, got stronger every day, but was still obviously very uncomfortable and Dr. Pepi found a parasitic something or other in her intestines. That handled very nicely right away with the proper remedies.

Jessica was completely weaned from her seizure medication about ten days ago. No virus means no seizures.  She hasn’t been cross-eyed or cranky for some time and she is laughing and smiling again. She is still getting stronger every day and regaining her motor skills, little by little.  She is also very, very alert with absolutely no signs of brain damage.

What’s really amazing is that Jessica has always been a fairly happy and spirited baby, but she was fussy and always demanded a lot of attention, especially at night.  She is still demanding, but she barely fusses at all. For eight months the fussing, whining and crying was normal (after almost losing her I would have happily settled for that!) and now I have this incredibly sweet, very happy, healthy and adoring child that I have fallen in love with all over again!!  Thank you Dr. Pepi for bringing my child back safely to me.        C.L.


At the age of 37 my menstrual cycles started becoming very irregular, along with hot flashes and dizziness. I went to three doctors to find out what was going on and each one determined that I started menopause early.  After two years and many months without a period, I came to Dr. Pepi.  After two months of treatment, nutritional supplements and a change of diet, the hot flashes stopped, my periods returned on schedule and the dizziness is gone. Well, here I am almost 40 and feeling GREAT!  Thank you.        K.S.


Dr Pepi really helped me get rid of my gallstones. Previously, I had tried another type of flush, but I didn’t have success with it and the problem persisted.   After taking Dr. Pepi’s supplements for about ten days, I was able to do Dr. Pepi’s flush and voila!  The gallstones flushed out and I feel great!  Thanks Dr. Pepi.        K.L.


I got a very nasty cough when I was about two months post partum. I was extremely mucousy and dreaded going to a lung specialist as MD’s just said it was a virus and to increase my vitamin C and sleep.   The lung doctor (specialist) gave me his evaluation, which I didn’t agree with and so I decided to go see Dr. Pepi after many referrals.  So I made my appointment.

I saw her and went on only two recommended supplements and I requested one other supplement, so that made three supplements altogether.  I was also suggested to omit three specific foods and two categories of foods for the time being.  So, I followed as she said and I made immediate improvement from day one with the cough and mucous I had had for four weeks prior.  It’s now about three months later and I have had no problem at all. I was all better in about three weeks.  I want to add that I suggested to my husband to try the supplements. Well for four or five years he’s had to use nose sprays one to ten time a day and he was told by a doctor (a nose specialist) that he needed an operation to correct his nose drainage.  He has had this situation since he was a kid.  Now he takes the supplements from Dr. Pepi every morning and he uses the nose spray maybe once every three to five days and then just one spay.  He really is amazed by the fine quality of the supplements and he’s not even been to see Dr. Pepi.

I would recommend Dr. Pepi for a quick A to B handling I got from her exactly the result that I wanted.        T.T.


I’ve had major mid-back pain for the last twelve years (I’m not kidding)! I just lived with the pain every morning and by 9 or 10 it would be gone.  I’ve had the best care at my disposal as I’m a chiropractic student.  It got to the point that I would growl at anyone who tried to adjust the mid-back mainly because it hurt to adjust and it would remain upset for a few days and then return to its old habits.  Dr. Pepi has allowed me to wake up pain free for the last few days by correctly spotting my kidneys and adrenals as the offending organs. I’m so excited that I just had to tell you about it.        D.S.


In December 2003 I had an MRI done which showed that I had MS.  Last year, I started seeing Dr. Anita Pepi, who started me on a program of supplements and lots of veggies, sleep, etc.

In 2005, she recommended I get another MRI, which I did.

Last week I went to my neurologist to get the results of the comparison of the two MRIs. I was waiting in his office for quite some time. My neurologist walked in a bit dazed and sat on the patient’s bed in the room, crossed his legs and looked at the floor. He slowly stated talking in a distinct Harvard accent as if trying to make sense of something. Between a lot of “well…s” and “umm…s” he told me that something “very interesting is happening with your case.”  He told me the lesions in my brain are “getting … smaller.”  He was still looking totally confused.  I asked to see the films, at which point I saw what he was trying to say. On the 2003 MRI I had a handful of very distinct lesions. I pointed to one that was the size of a quarter on the 2003 MRI and asked where that one was on the new MRI.  He said, “That’s the thing! They are… disappearing…”  I then picked out a cluster of about three or four lesions and looked for those on the new MRI. There now turned into two small dots!

My neurologist was obviously totally shocked as he said it was “medically… not possible with MS”.  He explained that with MS the lesions only get bigger or spread, but don’t disappear.  At that point he said he agreed with me that he wasn’t going to be starting treatment with me as “you supposedly have MS, but …they’re getting … smaller.”

Anyway, after doing Dr. Pepi’s program, I’ve proved a “medical impossibility,” possible!

Thanks to my parents for finding her on the internet and insisting that I see her regularly, and thanks to Dr. Pepi for her spot on handling. You all deserve a total commendation to say the least!  Without your persistence, I would still have quite and adventure ahead of me, but now it’s a thing of the past!!        J.M.


After several years of having stomach pains that would lead to vomiting and painful attacks, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where, after a thorough exam, they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was told to live with my pain and condition.  Visiting my daughter here in California, she brought me here to Dr. Pepi where she diagnosed small gallbladder stones and candida.  I’m starting a new diet and with some help from her supplements I’m feeling a bit better and I’m hopeful for a complete recovery.        L.A.


For most people, a cold is a minor inconvenience. Mild discomfort, a day or two of misery and then it’s over. I, on the other hand, have viewed a cold as a threat similar to the eruption of Vesuvius.  Due to a chronic asthmatic condition, the innocuous colds have turned into various flues, collapsed lungs and other complications requiring paramedics, ventilators, ICU (intensive care unit) and other upsetting and expensive adventures. Needless to say, at the onset of a cold I’m generally reaching for antibiotics and doubling or tripling my medication. This cycle has been a continuing merry-go-round over the past 10-20 years.  I decided that this time I’d see if Dr. Pepi could work her magic. I’d had rave results from her in the past, but had never persisted with treatments when I had a cold.  I came in with a sore throat and industrial strength infection and generally bleary outlook. On day two I called seeing no change and I was VERY concerned about not using antibiotics.   She urged me back in, gave me a treatment and put me on a dose of a supplement that made my toes curl. (The 8,000 mg or so regular vitamin C hadn’t been helping.)

Six hours later the infection was gone.  I continued the supplement dose she had me on, drank water and rested.  It is now one week later. I’m stably better and continuing to heal. I DID NOT NEED TO INCREASE MY MEDICATION OR TAKE ANTIBIOTICS! I’m sure that allowing my body to heal itself naturally has increased the strength of my immune system and is an unprecedented accomplishment. Many thanks to the whole crew here and especially to Dr. Pepi’s ability and persistence.        J.L.P.


When I was fifteen months old I had an accident which resulted in severe injuries to my right knee.  For the next fifteen years that poor misunderstood joint went through trauma after trauma as one medical doctor after another tried to help.  Frequent, very painful “tests” showed nothing.  X-rays showed that I had bone and tissue malformation. But no one knew what to do.  From the age of 11 to 14 my body was put into a brace (a sort of walking cast) that fit around the waist, was hinged at the hip and covered the whole leg to the ankle.  The result was atrophied muscles, frozen knee joint and curvature of the spine (which took lots of physical therapy to fix).  And the knee still had its original problems. A few years later there was an operation which helped some, but the area was weak, unstable and easily hurt.

Three decades later, my knee and I met Dr. Pepi.  Within one month the knee was stable. It is starting to heal itself.  Two months and it was strong and still healing like mad.  One year later, it is strong, stable and as resistant to injury as any other part of my body. How about that?!        A.F.


I brought my cat in after four or five days of desperate “no results” from two vets. He was not eating or walking and cried when I picked him up.  The Vets had X-rayed and given extra fluids and said that they were doing all they could. I had to realize that, if he pulled though, it would be a long recovery.

Within one visit to Dr. Pepi and some supplements, he was bright, energetic, playful and eating more than twice what he ever did. His eyes are bright and his coat looks great. This change visibly occurred within the first visit! So much for a long recovery! Thanks.        D.F. for Petie


Although I eat well, take vitamins and consider my body healthy and robust, I have suffered chronic, severe and disabling PMS headaches for most of my adult life.  I’ve been examined and advised by doctors and specialists throughout the country since I was a teenager with no results.  I had given up hope long ago of ever living a pain free life, relying on aspirin to make it through those two or three dreadful days a month. I was not optimistic, but I heard that Dr. Pepi’s patients had some success with PMS.

Dr. Pepi offers a unique method of diagnosing and treating her patients – totally alien to anything I’ve experienced.  I was asked to curb the intake of one food element, prescribed a potent glandular supplement and received this most unique adjustment/ I was not scheduled for more doctor visits. I was told that my treatment was considered permanent.  Weeks later, I find it no less than a miracle to report that I experienced no headaches since my treatment. I have every reason to believe I am permanently cured of this crippling ailment so common to women.        L.D.


Two years ago a terrible headache started to impact my life negatively. I consulted different doctors and no improvement was noticed. My head, liver, stomach and gall bladder were checked and nothing wrong was found.  Two chiropractors and an acupuncturist were consulted with temporary relief, but never exceeding more than five days without a headache.  My energy was low and pain in the middle left side of the back and neck increased during these headache attacks.

In June, I was referred to Dr. Pepi by a friend.  After the first examination the following actions have been taken.

  1. Reduce coffee intake to zero.
  2. Reduce sugar intake by 50%.
  3. Reduce dairy products intake by 75%
  4. Reduce fried and processed food by 80%
  5. Reduce wine intake 50%  

Some herb supplements and vitamins were prescribed.  During the first week I had a headache one day.  I noticed that the next day after the second visit I had more energy.  Brown Rice and seeds recommended by Dr. Pepi became part of my daily diet.  At the same time I have been drinking lettuce and eggplant tea twice a day and staying in the bathtub with warm water and salt for 10 minutes every day.  I have not had any headaches during the last six weeks!

I thank Dr. Pepi for her interest in my problem, my wife for her patience and support and Celia for recommending for me to visit Dr. Pepi.        L.O.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi, I had been told by conventional doctors that I had cervical cancer, even without seeing test results. I came to Dr. Pepi very sick. I had no energy and was in severe pain.  I had pains that would go down my arms and legs and a consistent pain in my abdominal area and sides.

Initially, she did some testing and found that I had no cancer, though she recommended we wait on the test results from my conventional doctor. She then went on to discover that I was allergic to the foods that I was consuming. She put me on some vitamins and said I would have to stick to a strict diet until my energy and body was back to normal.

Well, a couple of weeks later, I feel GREAT!  I have had no pain since my last visit to Dr. Pepi and I have an incredible amount of energy. I have changed my diet to fit my blood type and it turns out that I am losing weight as well.  With all this success, I have had to find new interests and hobbies for myself to release this energy that I never thought I could have. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.  P.S. Along with my newfound energy, I also received excellent service from the entire staff at Dr. Pepi’s office.        H.P.


I was diagnosed by a physician as having early diabetes. The uncomfortable symptoms of insomnia and erratic mood swings were affecting me daily. I lost six pounds in less than a week. I was given a diet to follow and told it would be a week or two before my body’s blood sugar and metabolism settled.  I was planning to suffer for the next week or two experiencing lack of hoping a faster handling could be done. I discovered that the majority of the vitamins I was presently taking were not to my benefit. I started the recommended nutrients for my situation and in less than twenty-four hours I had incredible relief. I no longer have the erratic mood swings and I have not missed on night of sleep. I am looking forward to an improved health scene as I follow the recommended diet and nutrients.        M.B.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, my thyroid had been misbehaving and was being treated by a thyroid specialist.  Blood levels were high and I was taking a hormone to control it.  Dr. Pepi convinced me that I would be better off without the hormone and with her supplements and treatment. Now, about 1 ½ years later I had new blood tests done and my thyroid levels were all normal. So, it is possible to handle this with more “natural” methods.  I am sure that my thyroid condition, if not completely gone now, will be soon, thanks to Dr. Pepi!        M.G.


After forty years of lung difficulties and severe and ongoing asthma attacks, I finally have relief that is real.  After one treatment by Dr. Pepi and her very accurate testing of exactly what my body needed in the way of supplements, I began to breathe normally. I had returned to steroids for a week just before this treatment and had been using an inhalant regularly. Within four days I was off both of them with almost no side effects.  I have tried everything to handle this and other body problems with minimal and temporary success.  There is a tech for bodies and this is it!  Thanks for the relief!        J.M.




I have had some type of back problem for at least one third of my life.  Lately, since around August, I started having severe pain in my left hip. I have had chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy for the past year and a half with not much success. I have also been treated by our family doctor many times for any ache or pain related to my back.  Since my arrival to LA, December 11, I have visited Dr. Pepi on four occasions.  She changed my diet, put me on supplements. Most of my problems are now diminishing and my back is in a healing process.  Dr. Pepi took me off all the drugs and I feel just wonderful. Hopefully, if I do as I am told, I should be free from pain from 100% down to at least 10% or possibly no pain at all.  Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.D.


It certainly is a relief to get my kidney and its stones into the hands of someone who can do something about it.  After a trip to an emergency room, the doctors discharged me with painkillers and an offer to return for “pain management”. Not much hope there.  My kidney and I feel much better and a little stone that was hanging around is now swimming in my bladder. All without sticking a single needle into me.        G.A.B.


I came in today with extreme back pain. I’ve had back problems off and on ever since I ran the LA Marathon in ’92. I’ve been to several chiropractors and the pain never went totally away.  Today, after Dr. Pepi treated and adjusted me, I had no more pain.  The pain actually went totally away after she adjusted me! This is a big win for me since I’m an athlete and need my back!!        L.M.


I have seen eight or ten chiropractors over as many years trying to handle a continuing and ever worsening back problem.  When the pain finally reached the point where I had trouble even getting out of bed, I came to Dr. Pepi.  She determined that the pain was not a back problem but a liver problem, which included early signs of cancer, candida and organ enlargement.  After seeing her one to two hours a week for six months and closely following her diet recommendations, I think the problem is handled. The only pain I have now is when my body changes its detox pattern, such as a heavier flow of detoxifying or a new poison coming out. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!        L.M.


I am very particular to only see dentists who believe in healing and health.  I was seeing the most competent dentist I could find, who I considered to be a healer.  He was part of a dentist research group that was researching new technologies and breakthroughs in dentistry.

He x-rayed my mouth in an area where I had an abscess.  On the x-ray, he showed me a dime-size infection in my jaw under one of my teeth.  He said it had to be excavated or dug out and was going to refer me out to a specialist to do that.  He said in all his years of dentistry he had never seen an infection like that heal - it had to be excavated.  I told him I would pass on the dental digging.

Instead I had Dr. Pepi treat it.  She spent about 1/2 hour treating it and gave me supplements to take for it.  The abscess in the area disappeared so I knew we were on the right track.  One year later, I had the area x-rayed to see how it was doing.  The infection was gone and the bone had healed up completely!   I have continued to have this area overseen by dental x-rays, but they say there is no longer any problem there.    A dental miracle!!   So much less expensive than the dental surgery planned. . .plus no drugs!        A.J.


For over two years I have been suffering with severe headaches, neck pains, dizziness and a feeling of general weakness in my thighs and legs.  I have gone to several doctors and have taken various kinds of medications which have not worked.  I decided to seek other treatment and was told about Dr. Pepi by my daughter who got Dr. Pepi’s name from a patient of Dr. Pepi’s.  After going to Dr. Pepi and following her treatment I noticed a great improvement in the way I was feeling and how I looked in less than one week. It has been about six weeks now since I first saw her, and I feel like a new person.  Thank you, Dr. Pepi for giving me a new lease on life!  Please continue to help others like myself.        D.M.C.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, I had adrenal fatigue and sleep apnea.  I’d get about 4 hours of sleep, sometimes interrupted.  During the afternoon I’d run very low on energy.

I saw a couple of doctors.  One was a medical doctor and the other was a sleep specialist.  I tried a machine for the sleep apnea, but I didn’t like it and it didn’t help at all.  I tried taking an adrenal support from the M.D. The sleep specialist said excess weight could cause sleep apnea, so I lost weight, but it didn’t handle it.

After one treatment with Dr. Pepi I slept 5 – 6 hours!  I also felt a lot more energy.  My quality of life has increased drastically – I would recommend anyone to Dr. Pepi!        M.D.


I came to Dr. Pepi with auto immune problems, chemical and food sensitivities, and a low energy level.

I’ve been sick for almost 20 years.  In the last 3 years I’ve spent about $10,000.00 with no results (this is above what insurance covered).  I saw 2 naturopaths, a holistic chiropractor, a couple of medical doctors and an energy medical nurse.  I’ve also tried using a sauna, essential oils, many brands of supplements (that I wasn’t absorbing!), and a special cushion for circulation.  Nothing was really giving me results.

I did a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and by following some of her recommendations I already started feeling a little bit better.  She recommended that I see her in person, so I flew out to L.A. from Illinois.

Since getting treatment in person, I feel very cheerful, I’m younger looking and happier!  My sensitivities are 20% better so far, and so is my energy.  My absorption is also improved.

I wish I’d known about Dr. Pepi before!  She educated me so much on things that were going on with my body that make sense about why what I was trying hadn’t been effective.  I could have saved so much money if I’d known about her in the first place!        H.D.


Before I started treatment with Dr. Pepi, I was having hot flashes due to menopause four to eight times a day, despite taking supplements prescribed by another health professional.

After Dr. Pepi’s treatments, using a very good progesterone cream and taking fully balanced supplements, I haven’t had any hot flashes in over a month!  This had been going on for 5 years and nothing else had done much good. Thank you Dr. Pepi!        D.N.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I have cysts on my ovaries. The MD that I saw said that if the pain got any worse he would remove the cysts and maybe the ovary, which he didn’t really want to do.  It got to the point where I was in a lot of pain.  He had given me pain pills for the ovary.  He also gave me a phone number to talk to a doctor who handles the operation for cysts.

So, I went to Dr. Pepi.  Since I’ve been seeing her, I’m off pain pills. Instead I’m taking vitamins and eating better.  I’ve been doing 90% better than at first and when I do have pain -- she knows how to handle what is wrong. If I went off my diet, etc., she knows how to handle what’s going on.        K.M.


I have been worrying about my body for about five years. It all started when I began some thyroid medicine and I watched my weight slowly increase each year.  I tried everything to stop the weight gain – diets, exercise and other doctors, but nothing seemed to work.

My daughter, Jennifer, is a patient of Dr. Pepi’s and I saw first hand a long time health problem handled, as well as a big loss in weight. I couldn’t believe how good she looked.  On a recent visit to LA I asked my daughter to set up and appointment for me. It was the best gift I have ever given myself.  In just two days, I lost four pounds. At the end of three weeks I am twelve pounds lighter and feel the best I have in years. I feel like I have my body back again and each day I feel better and better. I know I will reach my goal. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        D.K.


I’ve had Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. I brought my daughter in yesterday for her 1st. On the way home I was telling her my wins when I realized my neck wasn’t stiff and sore and it hadn’t been for weeks.  This has been a chronic problem for years prior and had not responded to standard chiropractic or other treatments. X-rays revealed arthritis. I didn’t realize it had gone away until I talked to my daughter.        A.M.


I have had symptoms for over twenty years that other doctors told me were “too vague” or “didn’t show up on tests”. Dr. Pepi immediately understood my condition and started treatment.  She gave me some very simple things that I could do.  What a welcome relief to at last be understood!  Today I am improved to the point where my original symptoms do not interfere with my living. I feel much more alive, the way I felt when I was young.        C.E.


For nearly eight years I have suffered from severe fatigue and exhaustion. Prior to that, I was always very energetic and strong.  I went to several different doctors and tried many remedies to no avail.  I finally met Dr. Pepi. Inside of a few months I started feeling a whole lot better. My strength and energy started coming back at last. She pin pointed the exact problems and treated that. I am very grateful for Dr. Pepi and the technique she uses. And the remedies are all 100% natural. I love her!            V.P.


          My right leg began to be in a lot of pain and deep aches. I had a chiropractor, a medical doctor and two radiologists trying to solve the problem.  Meanwhile, I couldn’t work and walked with great difficulty. The pain was continuous, 24 hours a day. After three weeks of this and not sleeping at night, I was referred to Dr. Pepi.  After the first treatment (1:30 PM), I was walking almost normally by the evening of that day with greatly reduced pain. I had also started the Core Level food supplements.  Everyone was blown away (including me) by the dramatic improvement after just one visit!        E.H.


I was very, very, very, very wary about seeing another “Health person”.  I had been getting Dr. Pepi’s promo for a year. I would read it and throw it away.  But I go to a point where I was “dying” from no energy, crying, headaches, etc.   After one visit I felt my life coming back to me!  Thank you.         Y.Q.


After years of back pain and other body problems, as well as treatments by other chiropractors, naturopaths, etc., I have been coming to Dr. Pepi for six weeks.  My back pain is gone!  I suddenly realized one day that I wasn’t living with constant pain and discomfort! I am amazed! Dr. Pepi’s tech really works!  Thanks!        D.S.


Over the last twenty-five years I have been very tired and continuously drowsy.  I had been to many MDs, chiropractors, nutritionists, etc. but to no avail. I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for about one month. I have experienced improvement all along, but yesterday I felt better than I have felt for many, many years. I am beginning to feel alive again, thanks to Dr. Pepi.        R.R.


I’ve seen Dr. Anita Pepi twice now.  The first time was a few months ago. The reason was my heart was hurting. I went to a heart specialist and he said to see a chiropractor because sometimes the rib cage gets moved around and may press against it.  It wasn’t that. It was the dreaded aluminum poisoning bug that’s buzzing around these days, which made sense because I’d really been getting into beer in cans, plus all the other aluminum stuff out there.  Anyway it’s been a few months later and  pretty much, I feel better. But it’s taking too long, so I’m going to do it fully!!        G. K.


Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve had the most amazing recovery. I had been going to another chiropractor and had had no results with this severe pain I was experiencing in my left hip, knee and foot.  The pain was so severe that I could not sleep no matter how much cal-mag (calcium magnesium drink) I drank or how many adjustments I got.  Within one visit the pain decreased by 75%.  Dr. Pepi did not even work on my hip during the first visit and it felt so much better.  To me it’s a bloody miracle!!  I never thought I would wear heels again or my tight mini skirts. Thanks!! You are terrific.        K.K.


         All my life I have had a blockage in the left side of my nose. I have been told by doctors that I have a deviated septum – a partial closing of the nasal passage. This caused shortness of breath and lots of difficulties when I got a cold – I could not breathe out of my left nostril.   Today I received Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy which opened fully this blocked nasal passage and I am able to breathe fully through both nostrils for the first time in my life!  The medical dictionary says this condition is only corrected by surgery.  Thank you, Dr. Pepi!! Her cranial therapy really works.        D.N.


Three months ago I had an accident and suffered whiplash. I had chiropractic care elsewhere.  It was OK, but I had pain and stiffness.  After ONE treatment with Dr. Pepi, my neck relaxed fully. And now, after the second treatment my back is relaxing.        M.G.


For almost two years I’ve had awful stomach pain and heart burn. I woke up many nights in tears from the pain. I was put on ulcer medication by a doctor. This did alleviate the pain for a while, but it didn’t handle the problem.  I’ve also had an aching low back for about three years.  This pain was increasing over the years from many hours of sitting on the job. Both these problems were handled by Dr. Pepi in a few visits. She found that I had candida and took me off the staple in my diet (sugar) and put me on grains and vegetables. The stomach pain and heart burn are gone. The only flare ups are when I eat something I shouldn’t.  My back pain has vanished.  I’ve been to plenty of other chiropractors before with little relief, but Dr. Pepi totally did the trick!  One wonderful side benefit has been me waking up. I feel much more alert and able to function correctly. What can I say? It’s FUN!        J.C.


Today I finished a lengthy dental handling.  Dr. Pepi did some miraculous things while I was getting this work done.  She relieved the pain I had in four different teeth.  I feel that the nerves of these teeth are now doing much better than before Dr. Pepi treated me. I have gone to numerous practitioners for help including both dentists and others including two homeopaths, several chiropractors and two nutritionists. Dr. Pepi has achieved results where no one else could. She gets to the physical source of the problem.

I would recommend that anyone who is getting dental work done see Dr. Pepi after each dental appointment.  It’s terrific!        S.L.


I am in love with Core Level vitamins. I have consistently found them to be superior to all other vitamins and minerals. One of the many important instances of this for me follows: Early this year I was feeling very ill and had been feeling that way for months. It wasn’t resolving. I went to see an MD who did a blood test and discovered that my white blood cell count was dangerously low. It was 2.3 where normal is between 4 and 10.5. White blood cells are the cells that fight infection.

I went to see Dr. Pepi and she found my zinc levels were extremely low, which was funny because I had been taking zinc supplements for a while.  She took me off  zinc and put me on a Core Level supplement. I took it every day for a month and went back in for another blood test. My white blood cell count went up to 6.4!! My doctor was so happy and quite amazed. I felt so much better and was out of risk.        N.M.


I hurt my back two weeks ago and ended up with a disc problem in my lower back. The last time this happened I didn’t know Dr. Pepi, so with the help of a couple of other chiropractors, I took eight weeks to get back on my feet.

This time Dr. Pepi nailed the cause and with her help I’ve been working since last week and feel 99% back to normal today.  Thanks!        D.D.


Last year my daughter, Hanna had a chronic bladder infection.  She was given three different antibiotics and one sulfa drug by her pediatrician. None of these worked, so she was sent to a hospital for an ultrasound.  This, thank God, was normal.  But she still had a bladder infection.  Judy Perry recommended that I take her to Dr. Pepi.  I did this and Dr. Pepi sold us and acidophilus product which was effective in curing Hanna of her infection. She has had no problem with this since.        C.P. for Hanna 


Last year I had this terrible eczema around my eyes, arms and neck. Having a father in the medical profession, I was exposed to many drugs, none of which handled the problem.  To cut a long story short, I came to Dr. Pepi and she diagnosed a liver problem. It had far too much protein to deal with. I went on a no-protein diet with a few supplements and in ten days my liver improved, the eczema disappeared and I can eat almost anything I want with NO problems.        D.R.


When I cam to Dr. Pepi I was not sure that she could really help my body to stop getting colds. I had been to many doctors and some nutritionists but the situation wasn’t improving. I would get a cold and then bronchitis would follow.  It would last a month each time.  And as I was getting over bronchitis, a cold would start and the cycle would repeat itself over and over. It was hopeless.

But fortunately, due to Dr. Pepi’s treatments, instruction and special supplements, this is all part of the past now. I have not gotten bronchitis in 1 ½ years now!  I have caught a case of the sniffles once or twice but each time it only lasted a couple of days, instead of weeks like before.  This is a miracle! I am very grateful to Dr. Pepi and her techniques!        K.G.


I had a sebaceous cyst about the size of a half dollar.  I had been to a doctor about it but he said that although they could remove it, it would probably come right back with scar tissue.  Then when I showed him a small cyst on my wrist, he told me that I was “cystic”.  This was some three years ago.  For the past three weeks I have been spraying the cyst on my arm with a product that Dr Pepi recommended and it has reduced to one third the size!        A.H.


I had been to five different chiropractors in recent times to handle a major complaint, none of whom were able to zero in on my problem specifically. It was treated as a generality with standard spine adjustments. Albeit, the adjustments felt good but the problem did not go away. I went away with armloads of nutritional supplements that were to be my “panacea”, which, of course, they were not.

Then there was Dr. Anita Pepi! In the first visit Dr. Pepi accurately spotted just what my difficulty was, treated it specifically, gave me two supplements, put me on a rigid diet and I got better.  In fact, since my first visit, I have not had the major symptom again.  Things are very simple with Dr. Pepi. You go, you do and you get better.  It doesn’t take “All the king’s horsemen” to put Susan back together again.  Thanks!        S.Z.


After my first visit to Dr. Pepi, my back injury that two other chiropractors couldn’t handle is 80% handled and I blew a cold. Thanks. Dr. Pepi.  My co-workers are asking for your cards.        L.P.


I was in a car accident on January 3rd. For a little more than two months I was going to another health center for whiplash. Nothing was happening so I came here and within a week and a half I was 90% better.        M.S.


The day after my first dose of the supplement I woke up feeling alive for the first time in months.  The diagnostic procedure used by Dr. Pepi is incredible. It spotted the exact source of my problem, (which had remained hidden from normal medical procedure for years) and opened the door to a correct handling. In five days I have definitely shown incredible improvement.        F.U.


I had an ovarian cyst, which my gynecologist found with ultrasound. It was very painful and really distracting all of the time.  Dr. Pepi treated it and after that I felt it only about 25% of the time and it was much less painful which it did bother me.  In another week I’d virtually forgotten about it. Since I’ve been taking supplements (one month) I have had no menstrual cramps at all.        L.W.


I highly recommend Dr. Pepi for nutritional and chiropractic help. Her help has been of tremendous benefit to me and my daughter.   She has handled conditions for me with nutrition and her therapy that other doctors told me I’d have to have operations for. I thoroughly appreciate everything she as done for me.        B.W.


I’ve had tremendous wins after one week on this program.  The first few days I went through all kinds of detoxifying in my body and I felt horrible. On the morning of the 4th day I woke up and felt wonderful!  My headache was even gone and most of all my neck pain was gone. I’ve had neck pain for about one and a half years and have spent a lot of time with other chiropractors trying to alleviate this problem. However, nothing else worked.  And now after one week on this program, it is handled. I know things are going to get better and better for me.        J.R.


I have been seeing chiros for a very long time, over ten years, but none with the fast, stable success of Dr. Pepi. She gets right to the source of the physical problem. I had a problem with my right hip that would not go away until I saw Dr. Pepi.  She got me on the right supplements and the problem was gone in one treatment.        T.B.


I have had a problem with pain in my legs for seventeen years.  After seeing Dr. Pepi three times it is 99% gone and I expect it to be 100% gone shortly.  I have seen nutritionists and chiropractors for several years and have never had such a win as this! Thank you!        S.Q.


I was getting some heart somatics and it had been occurring since December (it’s now April) and they were getting me pretty concerned.  The chiropractors in Florida I had seen said it was due to a hiatal hernia.  Dr. Pepi gave me a thorough adjustment and some remedies to eat and after two days the somatics disappeared.  Everything disappeared and my body felt great for weeks after, and still does!        L.S.


In July I suffered an injury to my neck while at work. It was covered by Worker’s Comp.  The injury was tricky, as only four months earlier I had had another injury, also to my neck.  For that earlier one, I had had seven weeks of three times a week physical therapy and had taken lots of Motrin.  But, Dr. Pepi treated my neck for about four weeks and, of course I took no medications. It now appears to be fine. In fact she took care of remnants of the first injury as well, which had not yet fully healed.        L.W.


I have suffered for many years from bad gums – painful, bleeding, etc.  I needed gum work, had had an operation.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Pepi I have felt better in that area too.  Today I saw my dentist for gum cleaning.  I was told “your gums are totally out of danger. They are in a good condition.”  This is something that<

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