Successes - Sinus, Nasal Problems

Sinus, Nasal Problems

Before coming to Dr. Pepi I had chronic sinus problems which caused me to be stuffed up and often lose my voice. I am a singer as well as an actress and I started voice lessons a few months ago and I could only go 1 octave and then no voice. Now after 3 weeks here I am almost up to 4 octaves again! This place rocks!         N.K.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I was having problems with my sinuses.  My nose was always stuffy and I had allergies and mucous in my lungs.  But two sessions later, I felt great!  My allergies haven't bothered me since, and I'm not coughing up yucky things any more.  Thanks so much Dr. Pepi!        J.P.


I was having increased hay fever symptoms when I decided I was actually coming down with a cold.  After using a specific nasal irrigator prescribed by Dr. Pepi I never got the cold and the allergy symptoms subsided.  Later, as my 13 year old son was about to leave on a 3 day school trip, he reported that he seemed to be getting a cold and his nose was totally stuffed.  He used the irrigator, said he felt better, and after returning from the trip said he was fine.  My husband then reported a stuffed nose, also used the irrigator and reported that it was “the bomb.”        R.G.


I have had breathing and sinus problems for lots of years. I’ve had to use medication on a daily basis to breathe. Not once have I used anything since Dr. Pepi did her cranial therapy on my nose and sinuses. I will continue with her program as it WORKS! NO SURGERY – NO DRUGS.         B.L.


I came to Dr. Pepi with sub-zero energy. After going through Neuro-cranial restructuring I experienced an incredible increase in energy (80%) and my sleep pattern has improved (60%). My Breathing is 100% better and my headaches have disappeared (so far).         C.R.P. 


After my first series of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I had immediate relief from chronic sinusitis. Prior to my knowledge of her cranial therapy, I had two surgeries on my sinuses (cost $7,500 each!) and I found NO relief and a period of recovery from surgery and anesthesia.         B.M.  


I have had respiratory ailments/allergies all my life.  I came to see Dr. Pepi to discuss them.  She put me on supplements but also suggested a specific electric sinus flusher which I have used regularly ever since.  I have not had a sinus infection in two years and my last cold was almost two years ago.  Yay.        J.S.


I have been receiving Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy here and on my second session I achieved some wonderful wins! I have almost always had some sort of pain in my neck or head. This is gone! Total Relief! Also, I am sleeping at least two times as well as before! For about two weeks I had congestion in my sinus areas and ears that sometimes got pretty painful. After the first treatment this was completely gone! No more neck pains, headaches or sinus problems!         A.S.


After my son’s birth, I developed a rather odd problem. When in an airplane, my face would feel like it was going to explode during the descent phase of the flight. It was incredibly painful. I told Dr. Pepi about it before a flight I had scheduled and she did a special procedure on my head. I’ve never had the problem reoccur since!!         D.R.


I finished Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy a week ago. I use to have constant sinus pressure that turned frequently into sinus headaches and hay fever. Since then I have no sinus pressure, have had not headaches and no sign of any hay fever symptoms or any other symptoms for that matter! I just feel great and like I am continuing to improve all-over! I used to always have brown spots in the green of my eyes too. This week I noticed the brown is gone and they’re all green now! Also, I only need 1/3 of the supplements that I needed previously!         J.C.


After one week of supplements all my cuts and scrapes have started healing at an unbelievable rate. Sinuses are very clear. Allergies are barely noticeable. The wart on my hand is almost gone.         L.G.


This past summer I had a trip to Europe planned during which I knew I would not have a lot of control over what I ate. Being that I am allergic my body can’t handle dairy, alcohol or sugar, I had Dr. Pepi treat my body to be able to handle these. She also told me to take liver tabs when I encounter these types of food.

I was able to have “vinegar chicken”, some wonderful French chocolate thing, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ABOUT 10 OR 12 YEARS: An ice cream cone in Italy! This was all without any major sinus infection, which is what normally happens when I have any dairy. This stuff works! Thank you Dr. Pepi.         J.H.


I was constantly getting headaches and sinus attacks which would lead to sinusitis. In short I was constantly on antibiotics or something, until Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. This has been so great I can’t wait for my next cranial therapy which will help my sinuses even more. Thank you so much.

 I would highly recommend Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy to anyone with sinus problems.         M.C.


For over 1 ½ years I’ve had a sinus infection that has kept at least one nostril plugged at night making it uncomfortable sleeping & requiring the use of truckloads of Kleenex. I tried antibiotics, vitamins & various other treatments to no avail & despaired of ever handling the condition. Since 2 weeks after Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, my sinuses have been much clearer & I sleep without any plugging up. This is amazing and a terrific win to actually handle this problem.        L.W.


After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I feel very different – and what I can only describe as “younger”. I’m much more relaxed, calm, and more alert in the present.

I had one treatment on my left nostril & now my right is jealous. This is the start of the end of many of my physical problems & the final resolution of my long-standing sinus condition. Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy is weird but fun. Thanks!!!         L.W.


I came in to Dr. Pepi to help with an overall fatigue situation and a very poor response to stress (major headaches would turn on, etc.). Dr. Pepi’s initial program for me included her cranial therapy and two supplements to take. Now I have completed Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy with some amazing results.
First, energy levels have leaped up – I’m no longer “wiped out” when I go home from work. Next, my right nostril can breathe (have never been able to do so). Next, my hips have shifted – I swear I’m ½ inch taller, the bunion on my left foot has no more pain and is smaller, I have no lower back pain for the first time in years – and overall I feel much better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and Staff.         C.M.


I have had breathing problems for years. I often found my nose was stopped up or restricted and I would have to open my mouth to get enough air, which would dry out my mouth and throat, especially during sleep. After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I am finding myself waking up with a clear nose and I am breathing through my nose only. I can actually feel that there is more room in my nasal passages now. It feels great. Thanks!         K.J.


I finished Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and I look like a completely different person! My face has taken on a much better shape and since the treatments my skin has had the best glow! My headaches are totally gone! My sinuses have cleared up! My ears have been kind ‘a muffled and now they aren’t! I have I felt brighter and happier and had a total sense of relief after I completed my treatments! My neck and upper back pains are gone and I can finally sleep comfortably, All Night Long! Thank you!         A.S.


I finished up with Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy a couple of weeks ago. After the first one I regained my hearing in the ear I’d been deaf in since childhood! I originally wanted to do the procedure to help me with handling the constant sinus pressure I’d always had and frequent sinus headaches. Which it did – the pressure is gone! Also, my eyes (which are green) lost all of their brown specks and are only green now. (Dr. says a less toxic showing!) I no longer need, or am even able to take, all the supplements I used to. It’s down to about ¼! I have more energy than I used to, breathe clearer & easier and my balance and stability are better as well. That’s all!! Thanks!  J.C.


After my last treatment [Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy] I felt like my neck was invisible. It was like it had disappeared with no attention on it whatsoever. I could also breathe really well with my nasal passages completely open.         S.H.


Hi – I’m getting Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy treatment and I have to say it’s radically wonderful in the most comfortable way! 1st treatment gave wonderful relaxation body-wide. 2nd gave a tremendous loss of fatigue! (…the thick time-long, space-wide fatigue that has been hovering around me for a decade or two just lightly skipped town before I could even catch the label on the soles of its sneakers. Both treatments also at least doubled ease and depth of breathing. 3rd treatment – I just got it and haven’t figured out what it did yet other than I feel different. Sleeping is very simple since these treatments. Many joints feel looser and more relaxed. Thanks Dr. Pepi.         P.M.


         It’s been 6 weeks since Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and I have 2 really stable wins from it. I can breathe so much easier through my nose which is especially noticeable when I’m trying to sleep. Also both of my hips would hurt when trying to sleep, so I’d toss and turn every 5 minutes before Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. Dr. Pepi said my pelvis rotated some during one of the treatments and since then I don’t get the annoying pain in the hips that kept me tossing and turning or waking up in pain any more. Yeah!         S.M.


With Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy I have already noticed the following improvements:
1) My ability to breath through my nose has increased a lot. I used to only breathe through my mouth because I felt I didn’t get enough air.
2) As a singer, I’ve noticed a big change in the volume and resonation of my voice. Last night I was amazed at the sound I was generating.
3) I’ve always has sacrum problems and now I don’t have nightly discomfort that keeps me awake. It is a 99% improvement! And this was after the first treatment – day one!
This stuff is very cool!!!         N.M.


This is Wednesday. Five days ago (Friday) I started with a headache and very low energy. I suspected it was a sinus infection by the feel of it, and could not sleep. (All very unusual for me these days.) For four nights I barely got any sleep, was in painful misery and totally dragging, not to mention air-headed! So, by Tuesday I decided I’d better see Dr. Pepi and got a treatment. I slept like a baby that night (a full eight hours) and woke up with NO symptoms at all of any infection, back to work and normal. I love it!         J.C.


I am amazed at the difference a visit to doctor Pepi can make in a week.  Last week I had a great degree of sinus pain with muscle aches and other things too.  Dr. Pepi dutifully took up each thing with my body and gave me a few supplements.  I am very happy that I feel so great.  I feel truly blessed that I can rely on Dr. Pepi for great service with great results.        J.M.


I have been through the gamut of various health care professionals with varying results – but I must say that I have not seen as dramatic changes as I have in the last week with Dr. Pepi. My sinus and skin problems are disappearing rapidly. My endurance and general health are improving remarkably and I look forward to a complete resolution to my physical complaints.         L.W.


I used to have a constantly stuffy nose – it seemed I’d always be blowing into a Kleenex. Now my sinuses are clear nearly all the time! Dr. Pepi’s done a lot of work handling and treating various organs that weren’t up to par. That plus the Core Level supplements and following her diet advice have really helped my sinuses!         N.K.


I saw Dr. Pepi for treatment of a sinus infection. For the first time in a long time I could breathe through my nose and this was with a cold!! This lady is awesome, a miracle worker. It is a day later and I can still breathe through my nose, though I sneeze occasionally. The day before I was dying!!         L.S.


I had an infection happening in my lungs and sinuses and I took a specific supplement on Dr. Pepi’s directions. In minutes I noticed that I didn’t feel as worn out or “sick”. This feeling continued and gradually I didn’t feel sick anymore.         L.S.


I received some treatment on my nose a few months back. I couldn’t smell things. I immediately noticed the same day that I could smell things for the first time in years. Also, I noticed my sinuses were clearer. I had had my tonsils out when I was a child to handle this. That, of course, did nothing. I can now smell things when I breathe through my nose.         L.S.


My sinus and allergy symptoms have disappeared. This has really been a problem for ten years – GONE. I have more energy. H.T.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for the past three years. At the time I first came to see her I had fibroid tumors and sinus problems. I had great wins with both, but eventually made the decision to have the fibroids removed surgically. I ended up with complications from the surgery and had intestinal trouble and trouble keeping food down. Dr. Pepi treated me. Her treatment and advice helped me so much at a very difficult time.

After I returned home I began to have the same kind of problems again. Dr. Pepi treated me with even better results. The night before she came and all that day I had been in a lot of pain. I couldn’t keep anything down. The night she came I was able to rest comfortably. Most of the pain was gone. But, best of all, I could keep food down again. Since then I have continued to improve. I do believe there is a place for “traditional” medicine. However, I also know that Dr. Pepi has skill and knowledge that have aided me tremendously in my healing process. I believe that what she does has great value and benefit and I recommend her highly.         J.M.


Before I came and saw Dr. Pepi I was very chubby and heavy. My nose was plugged almost all the time and my knee would hurt whenever I ate even the tiniest bit of sugar. I could not pass my Physical Education Requirements, which are a number of tests that I must do in order to graduate from my class. I just recently passed all of them and here are some of my scores: I passed the one mile in six minutes and fifty seconds, I passed the arm hang in 25 seconds and I did 50 sit-ups.

My nose is clear and has been staying that way for several months now. I am also now very slim and am able to do a lot of physical activities that I would never even think of doing, like 50 mile bike trips, 15 mile hikes up the second highest peak in the LA area, and other backpack trips (that’s with all of your camping gear in your back packs).

Anita taught how to take care of my self and how to handle almost anything I run into in life. She taught me by: whenever I had a problem, she would explain what was happening, what I should do and why I should do it. That really helped a lot because it really made me understand the importance of doing the things she told me to do.

I also can eat a lot of junky food (I don’t do it very often though) including sugary foods and my body can handle it.

I want to thank Dr. Pepi because of her I am now a much more able person.  T.B.(age 14)


Things that have improved since my treatments with Dr. Pepi:
        - Clearer sinuses
        - Lower temper
        - More energy
        - Easier time with family
        - Clarity of mind


   In November, my sinuses were bothering me and had been for about a month. I came in for a treatment and started on specific Core Level tablets. Within a couple of days my sinuses were perfectly normal and haven’t been congested since.         M.K.


I had a chronic sinus irritation that has cleared up as a result of my treatment by Dr. Pepi. My energy level is also much higher! M.W.


I was suffering from an excruciating migraine headache when I came to see Dr. Pepi.  She treated me and then recommended a specific supplement.  I was coming off of my allergy medication and so it took a couple of days with great results.  I also use the sinus irrigation 2x a day.  It feels great and my sinuses are much better thanks to Dr. Pepi.        J.M.


I started treatment with Dr. Pepi which consisted of drinking water, drinking good bacteria to replace the ones I lost, various vitamins and supplements and a change in basic diet. During this time I was able to go completely of f my sinus medicine (antihistamine and decongestant) and get a sinus infection under control (gone). I have also noticed an increase in energy as well as an overall better feeling of well-being.         J.M.


Tom, my son, was unable to breathe through his nose for a very long time. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Pepi, his nose cleared up and he’s been able to breath through his nose since. Thank you! T.B.


Before I was taking Core Levels,  my nose was all plugged up. But when I took the recommended Core Level  it cleared up. T.B.


Dr. Pepi and her technology have handled so much for me that it’s hard to begin with all the successes. First, I want to validate her for her capacity to care and (equally important) her ability to demonstrate that care and get a result: A well and functioning body. She handles my pains, my neck pains, my sinus, my accident pains, my hemorrhoids (terrible social word but if you have them they hurt) and etc. So, thanks Dr. Pepi. You are quite valuable.      L.T.


Since seeing Dr. Pepi, my body is showing improvement in general energy level. Also, a long-term sinus difficulty is beginning to clear up. I haven’t experienced side-effects or unpleasant symptoms as a result of treatments. The supplements noticeably improve my body’s energy level.         S.H. 


I got a very nasty cough when I was about two months post partum. I was extremely mucousy and dreaded going to a lung specialist as MD’s just said it was a virus and to up my vitamin C and sleep. The lung doctor (specialist) gave me his evaluation, which I didn’t agree with and so I decided to go see Dr. Pepi after many referrals. So I made my appointment.

I saw her and went on only two recommended supplements and I requested her vitamin C supplement, so that made three supplements altogether. I was also suggested to omit three specific foods and two categories of foods for the time being. So, I followed as she said and I made immediate improvement from day one with the cough and mucous I had had for four weeks prior. It’s now about three months later and I have had no problem at all. I was all better in about three weeks. I want to add that I suggested to my husband to try the supplements.

  Well for four or five years he’s had to use nose sprays one to ten time a day and he was told by a doctor (a nose specialist) that he needed an operation to correct his nose drainage. He has had this situation since he was a kid.

Now he takes the supplements from Dr. Pepi every morning and he uses the nose spray maybe once every three to five days and then just one spay. He really is amazed by the fine quality of the supplement and he’s not even been to see Dr. Pepi.

I would recommend Dr. Pepi for a quick solution I got from her exactly the result that I wanted.         T.T.


I originally came to see Dr. Pepi mainly because I’ve had a problem with my sinuses off and on for a couple of years. Now that I’ve done the allergy testing and muscle testing (along with a change in my diet) my nose has really cleared up. I don’t have a clogged nose or the mucus which I used to get. I’ve been very happy with the results I’ve gotten and am looking forward to more. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!         D.M.


- Skin color has gotten better
- Nose bleeds have stopped
- The rashes have improved by 90 to 95%
- He has not had a fever (this month no fever)
- The stools are still the color of peanut butter but are a little better
- The allergies have completely gotten 90 to 95% better


It seems so incredible, but yes, it’s true. I’ve had a nasal complaint over the last 25 years, maybe more. This included sinus problems. More recently, for about six weeks, I’ve had more or less continual nose congestion and other ailments, such as body fatigue, tiredness, insomnia and lethargy. To cut a long story short, I have realized that to a lesser degree the above has been occurring for the last twenty-five years or so. Some five years ago I had what was termed an unidentified complaint. It occurred at about the same time that a disease called legionnaires disease was occurring in Europe. I was in England at the time and went for many tests to find out what this strange virus was. It was never found out. I know now that certainly a large contributing factor was candida (please see Dr. Pepi’s write up on candida).

I have received treatment from Dr. Pepi over the last two days and I have been taking nutrients that Dr. Pepi recommended for me. Already, amazing results are occurring. There is hardly any congestion in one nasal passage. I feel less tired, am sleeping so much better and the body feels more alive. I look forward to completely handling my body complaint and thanks to Dr. Pepi I will. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.         R.P.


All my life I have had a blockage in the left side of my nose. I have been told by doctors that I have a deviated septum – a partial closing of the nasal passage. This caused shortness of breath and lots of difficulties when I got a cold – I could not breathe out of my left nostril. Today I received Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy which opened fully this blocked nasal passage and I am able to breathe fully through both nostrils for the first time in my life! The medical dictionary says this condition is only corrected by surgery. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!! Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy really works.         D.N.

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