Successes - Skin Problems

Skin Problems

Thank you so very much for getting rid of Sarah's rash.  She was covered with it.  You were able to handle it and it was gone in 3 days.  Thanks again.        L.S.


“I had the worst skin I had ever seen anywhere.  Other than my eyelids and under my eyes, my face was COVERED in huge red acne to the point you could barely see my skin underneath all the bumps.  No matter how long I spent trying to cover it with the best products and techniques, it still looked so horrid, I didn't even want to go out in public.

  When Dr. Pepi started working on my skin, it was true MAGIC.  It immediately started to clear!  As time progressed, it got better and better.  Now my skin is 100% acne-free!
  I have kept on her program and my skin is STILL improving every day.  It gets more glowy and lush with time.  Now, I actually get lots of COMPLEMENTS on my skin.  I couldn't be more grateful.  I would highly recommend her!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!!        E.L."


After taking a particular supplement Dr. Pepi recommended, I noticed a tingling sensation on an area of scars I had from a surgery I'd had 20 years ago.  I could tell they were healing on the inside.  I also noticed I was able to think faster.  I scored much higher on an IQ test that months earlier I had trouble getting through and couldn't even finish in the allotted time.        S.M.


For at least 5 years I have extremely itchy legs even though there was no rash or apparent reason for them to itch so badly. They were so bad I would wake up scratching my legs until they bled. Since getting treatments from Dr. Pepi, my legs have completely stopped itching. It is so amazing to me how well this method works!        W.F.


Whenever I have a problem with my body that is out of my control, I come see Dr. Pepi because I know that she will help me fix it absolutely!

The last one was a skin irritation on the back of my knee that would come and go over the last year and it was a real problem. ONE visit! She did her work and gave me the right supplement and it is now TOTALLY GONE. Thank you again and again so much.        E.H.


I was suffering with eczema and Dr. Pepi recommended a very healthy diet change.  It has halped me a lot.  This is after one phone consultation.  I look forward to never experiencing eczema again.        L.P.


Dr. Pepi’s liver flush was so easy.  I got up early, took one of the drinks, went back to bed.  Got up a little later, took the other drink, went back to bed and slept for an hour or so.  Pretty soon the stones were passing.  I felt a lot more relaxed and less stressed right away.  Later that afternoon I went out to do my shopping.  The day after the liver flush one of my daughters said I looked really good and my skin tone was pink instead of yellow.  My co-workers noticed as well.

My husband and I did a liver flush about 7 years ago that was so time and energy consuming we never wanted to do one again.  Dr. Pepi’s liver flush is so easy and the results are immediate.  I feel younger.  All three of my daughters are coming over for a liver flush party.        M.E.


Dr. Pepi suggested that I begin balancing my pH level to correct an overly acidic condition of my body. To my great delight, another frustrating condition has drastically improved.

I have been struggling with hormonal difficulties my entire adult life and last year it worsened to the point of causing chronic insomnia and a severe itchy skin rash. I had gotten limited improvement over the past few months but nothing remarkable or sustained.

During the week that I started the program, neither hormonal symptom occurred, though it was the usual time for it. In fact, both conditions have improved by 90% ever since I started using the drops one month ago.

Balancing the pH level in my body seems to have helped balance even more than that. What a relief!        S.C.


Last year, I struggled with a severe itchy rash on my face, neck, and forearms due to some hormonal changes. It left my skin thick, rough, and discolored, like alligator skin.

Dr. Pepi suggested that I try a specific oil because of its healing properties. After about a month and one bottle, my skin’s softness and normal coloration were restored.

I am thrilled with the oil and still use it every night.        S.C.


A few weeks ago, I had a terrible reaction to something I ate, and my skin reacted with a horrible itchy rash all over my face and neck. Dr. Pepi was able to pinpoint exactly which food it was and performed a procedure to help speed up my body’s process to remove it from my body. Thank you so much!        J.M.


Within hours after leaving Dr. Pepi’s office, I could feel a change taking place. It is now 11 days later and after only one visit: I have lost at least 7 pounds, my energy level went up, the bloating I was having with my stomach is about 95% better, my sleep is 95% better, the rash on my face is 80% better, and the chronic cravings for sugar and carbs is 90% better. I actually feel like I have my body back!

Dr. Pepi is an amazing woman! She has helped me to handle chronic body problems I have had for at least the last 10 years. My successful action in all of this is - follow the program that she gives you. It’s that easy. I can’t thank you enough.        J.K.


I had a situation with my skin where I had a rash all over my back, on my chest, on my face and it was spreading like wild fire by the day. So I had a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi to help me with this situation. I did what she advised me to do over the phone and by the next day one third of my rash was gone! By the third day, the rash was 100% gone! The instructions were simple. I got a result better than I had expected. I am so glad I called Dr. Pepi. She saved my life!        L.N.


After one week of supplements all of my cuts and scrapes have started healing at an unbelievable rate. Sinuses are very clear. Allergies are barely noticeable. The wart on my hand is almost gone.        L.G.


After one office visit with Dr. Pepi, my overall health is tremendously improved. When I saw Dr. Pepi, I was still suffering from a severe ankle sprain due to a bike accident four months earlier. After one month on her program, I am happy to say my ankle is 98% back to normal. As I become more energetic, I am increasing walking time from one mile to two miles per day.

I was experiencing a problem of skin discoloration in the face, which is much improved over that past month.

At the time of the bike accident, I also received a very bad bruise on one arm. This area of the arm continues to heal nicely and the color is returning remarkably well.

I am truly happy to be involved in a real health improvement environment!        M.W.


Dr. Pepi’s treatments have been great – with the results I needed and some I didn’t even expect, though I was happily surprised:

A few months ago, before being treated by Dr. Pepi, I had trouble getting up in the mornings and would battle with low energy levels which affected my production and income. I would have bone and muscle aches and my facial complexion was dry and flakey. Occasionally I would have pains in my heart and lungs. On top of all that I had back pain and neck stiffness from an auto accident that she is currently treating me for.

Well, my energy level has skyrocketed, my face isn’t flakey or dry anymore and the organ and muscle pains have gone away! I’m also well on my way to recovery from the auto accident injuries. All of this occurred in just 6 – 8 weeks of treatments and following her dietary and supplement instructions. Great results and so much fun! Thanks Dr. Pepi.        K.D.


I have had chronic skin irritation and eczema for many years. I have consulted numerous doctors from many different types of approaches, and no one has been able to find the root of the problem.

Dr. Pepi identified several allergens, as well as an overall liver weakness. In two weeks, my skin had changed tremendously! It feels the best it’s ever felt, and people are commenting on how miraculous a recovery I’ve made.

Dr. Pepi is truly a gifted healer. Her quick, efficient and accurate assessments have greatly improved the quality of my life!        A.M.


Jeremy had flaky, itchy skin which has decreased greatly, and also sleep difficulties which have mostly subsided.        J.S.


Since my first treatment with Dr. Pepi people have been commenting on how great my skin looks. I have noticed it as well. The oils she recommended have given my skin a milky smoothness. I usually wear make-up everyday. I no longer have to or want to. I work as a commercial actress and model in advertisements and casting people and photographers have been calling me for roles 10 years younger than I am! That has really boosted my confidence! My overall well being has improved also!        S.M.


I have only been here for 2 weeks and my hands, which have suffered with hand eczema or whatever for 2 years, 5 doctors and countless creams, etc… now they are almost completely healed, not to mention I feel better than I have felt in years. More energetic, calm, able to handle my busy life.  I thought I would just feel OK for the rest of my life. Now after Dr. Pepi I know different! Thank you so much!        N.R.


When my daughter arrived two months ago, she had had the worst most, agonizing period camps in her entire life, her skin was pale and yellowish and she had flaking eczema on her face.  After only six weeks on the program, her skin is pinkish and there’s life emanating from it and her eczema is remarkably better.  Best of all, her next period was pain free.        L.H.


I came in on Friday with major fatigue & a lot of physical problems. My body was totally falling apart and I was not functioning. It has only been a couple days and I see an unbelievable difference. The blotches in my face and arms have gone away – I find myself smiling. I feel good, for the first time in years. It can only get better from here.        J.S.


I had just one visit with Dr. Pepi and was treated for my skin conditions.  Well after one visit I was very concerned about giving up my old products to get new products.  However, shortly after taking my supplements and after being treated I noticed immediate improvement in all areas of my body that were giving me trouble.  Not only did my skin look better, but so did my stomach, colon, bad taste in my mouth and a skin rash that I had.  I now know I am on the right track to having a healthy body!  Thanks!        B.V.


I had completely gorgeous, perfect, super-envied skin all my life through my childhood & teen years, up until I was about 22. I got very sick at that point & my skin broke out, scarred, etc. What a huge embarrassment.

That was 6 years ago & I never fully handled my skin for one reason or another.

I’ve been under Dr. Pepi’s care for about one month & there is life consistently returning to my skin for the first time in years. My skin has had ups and downs over the last 6 years & sometimes it approached looking good, but it didn’t last. I know Dr. Pepi found the cause for my skin condition. It’s of little surprise to me the condition has little to do with my face itself! I’m confident that as long as I stay on Dr. Pepi’s treatment and supplement program I will again have beautiful skin.        P.C.


I wanted to send you a success story. The change has been dramatic in two areas:

First is my stamina. I had thought that I was lazy, coming home and lying around for years now. But I was ill and my body had been taking every opportunity to recover. All along I had an infection hiding in my blood that sapped my strength. You treated my body to attack the infection in the blood and then gave me the ammunition in supplement form to attack the problem. In about three weeks I found my self cleaning the house! And my stamina has continued. I went from ten tablets a day down to two and now not even one is needed a day, and I haven’t even finished my second bottle.

My second success is my skin. On my body I had numerous moles and scabby places. Some of those have disappeared entirely already and others are disappearing. Half the scabby places have flaked off entirely and the rest are following. The itch on my breast has gone away and the skin looks much better there.

When it comes to healing, you are a miracle worker!        J.S.


I had a very bad case of candida, a rash on my skin, hay fever and a bladder infection. This was 40 days ago. As of this day, I am feeling much better. My skin looks great. I lost 35 lbs. Also I am eating much better high energy food. No breads or rice.        R.S.


I had a rash that kept breaking out for months that itched like crazy until I started on the recommended Core Levels program. Each time I thought I could stop taking them for a while or at least decrease the recommended dosage, the rash came back a little. I just went back on the full recommended amount and the rash cleared right up again.        N.N.


I just got treated then took the recommended Core Level supplements and I had a HUGE niacin reaction! The good thing is that I feel much brighter after having this and my skin tone improved and feels better. (I have had skin problems) This is nice.        C.D.


Thank you Dr. Pepi.  I have had some very undesirable symptoms go away.  I was experiencing burning, itching and various fibromyalgia-type symptoms.  They are all gone and I have a much better overall sense of well being.        J.M.


I finished Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and I look like a completely different person! My face has taken on a much better shape and since the treatments my skin has had the best glow! My headaches are totally gone! My sinuses have cleared up! My ears have been kind of muffled and now they aren’t! I have I felt brighter and happier and had a total sense of relief after I completed my treatments! My neck and upper back pains are gone and I can finally sleep comfortably, All Night Long! Thank you!        A.S.


Smooth silky feeling skin was mine, is mine, since taking Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements.        S.N.


I have experienced continual improvement of sleep and clearing up of my skin. My weight and bloating have also diminished. I always look forward to my appointments and I am excited about the new supplement program Dr. Pepi has put me on!!        J.M.


The supplement Dr. Pepi recommended was very successful in handling a long time candida problem that caused itch rashes. Thank you.        B.K.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I was suffering with a skin rash that was itching like crazy. It had started as a result of eating soy. Dr. Pepi put me on supplements and gave me an adjustment. All the itching and the rash disappeared after just a few days!        A.W.


I came to see Anita three weeks ago with a multitude of problems ranging from exhaustion, swollen lymph nodes, immune problems, “catching” every flu and infection under the sun, skin problems and upper neck and back pain.

A few days ago after just two visits and following the diet she recommended for my blood type and supplement program, I noticed an extreme increase in my energy. I haven’t been sick since taking the supplements, my skin has cleared up dramatically, lymph nodes have gone down and my back pain is minimal.

What a difference from barely being able to do the simplest of tasks in a day. I am now operating at about 75% and getting stronger every day!        E.M.


I started taking the oils in July. In late July I fell on a boat and injured my chin requiring 3 stitches. Exactly one month later, I fell again and a plastic surgeon stitched the wound. I also had been noticing severe hair loss to the point of bald patches.

After a couple of week of taking the recommended oils I noticed changes in my skin. It was softer, less dull and my wrinkles began to disappear! When I had the stitches from both falls removed each doctor commented on how well I had healed. In fact, the plastic surgeon couldn’t believe how quickly I had healed. He said that my healing time was that of someone in their late teens or early 20’s rather than their early 50’s.        S.M.


I have had psoriasis for the last 16 years. In the last 5 years it has gotten progressively worse. When I came to see Dr. Pepi the bottom of my right leg was completely red, cracked, bleeding and oozing. One month later it is 90% GONE. It’s miraculous. I don’t know how she did it and don’t care. I’m eternally grateful.        K.F.


Dr. Pepi put me on oils to handle my stretch marks from the birth of my son. Not only are the stretch marks disappearing on my stomach, but my skin on my face is looking better than ever. I use to get a lot of acne, now I hardly have any.        J.E.


A doctor told me that my skin was pinker and nicer. I thought it was the niacin but today I looked in the mirror and saw my face was pink without niacin like when I was younger!        C.G.


I must admit I was skeptical. I’d already been to 4 other doctors for this psoriasis. They told me that it can’t be cured. Dr. Pepi said with total certainty that she can fix it absolutely!

I was so amazed after the first visit – I mean right after – my skin tone changed, my eyes were brighter, and I felt more alive in one visit! I also now know that this “incurable” skin condition is actually healing after 4 days. I can feel it getting better for the first time in years. I can’t thank Dr. Pepi and her staff enough. I’ve never been this confident with any doctor.        M.P.


My previous problems with weak ankles and skin discoloration in my face/cheek area are both tremendously improved.        M.W.


I brought my son in for a rash which had suddenly appeared around his lips. I took him to see Dr. Pepi and within 3 days the rash was totally gone – after one treatment!        C.E.


I was three months pregnant and my skin was stretching and itching so bad that I was very uncomfortable. I had seen Dr. Pepi for this once before and she put me on Core Level supplements. I couldn’t take them because I kept throwing them up. I saw Dr. Pepi and she treated me for this. The itching stopped. After 2 days I tried taking one tablet. It didn’t bother me so I took another. I worked up to six a day with no problem. The itching has been 90% better. What a relief!        J.E.


Hi. I came to Dr. Pepi due to early menopause symptoms three months ago. I was a hard-core athlete, underweight, unstable, angry and aggressive. Much to my surprise, when asked, I realized the mainstays of my diet were sugar, caffeine, chocolate and sometimes cigarettes. I gave all of those up and started eating healthy per Dr. Pepi’s suggestion. The lines around my mouth have decreased, my acne has begun to clear up and I am calmer and happier. Thank you Dr. Pepi!        S.F.


I came to Dr. Pepi to get rig of a fungus that was spreading on my body for the past five years. The fungus started on my back and spread to deltoids, chest, neck and stomach. At its worst it would itch and burn. After two months of treatment it is completely gone—hooray! My skin looks great!

I also feel great because in the process of cleaning up the fungus I changed how I eat based on my blood type. To my amazement, I lost 14 pounds just by eating healthy. I get so many complements about how great I look. I also feel great too!        A.H.


I was having a rash – breaking out with large red welts that ITCHED terribly. After consulting with an MD who was treating me for flea bites (talk about a wrong diagnosis), I came to see Dr. Pepi for help. I thought she was nuts when she told me to take the   supplements for the small intestine. It didn’t handle the welts right away and I wasn’t too worried because I was going on vacation soon and I knew that once I got out house, the welts would go away.

When I came back, sure enough, I got this allergic reaction again. Though I didn’t think it would work, I began taking the supplements again and found that it now got rid of the spots (welts) and kept me from getting any more. It just took a little time, sticking to the program and staying on the supplements.        J.M.


I have been through the gamut of various health care professionals with varying results – but I must say that I have not seen as dramatic changes as I have in the last week with Dr. Pepi. My sinus and skin problems are disappearing rapidly. My endurance and general health are improving remarkably and I look forward to a complete resolution to my physical complaints.        L.W.


After one week I feel much better! I don’t crave sugar, bread or soda. My skin looks clearer. I also sleep better. Being this healthy is inspiring the people around me as well.        J.T.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about several non-optimum conditions. One of theme was constipation, which has been a problem for at least 24 years. I also had allergies in full bloom constantly as well as adult acne. By following the program Dr. Pepi gave me, I have twice as much energy as before, my constipation is gone, my skin is almost normal and my allergies are under control!!!        D.F.


I used to have veiny legs, not so much that it was awful, but I was always embarrassed to put on a bathing suit or shorts. Since I have been taking the supplements, they have completely cleared up. My legs have a smooth and even color and I feel very confident now. I look forward to wearing shorts and dresses now and feel better about myself.        S.M.


I ingested the recommended supplements over the weekend. Also, each night I did that, I used the product Dr. Pepi suggested on my face like a mask.

Each morning I woke up, my facial skin looked definitely less enraged, there was less inflammation and it feels to me that it’s healthier. I want to do a bottle each night for the next few days at least!        P.C.


Since coming to see Dr. Pepi and being on her program for a while now, I’ve noticed my skin is great! I’m getting unsolicited comments on how great it looks and how clear my complexion is.
Before I came I used to have pimples around my mouth that wouldn’t heal – it was gross! My neck had a big dark discoloration that was unsightly and I could never figure it out – it wasn’t from the sun. Now my neck is nearly all one uniform color – the same color as the rest of my skin. The program Dr. Pepi puts you on really brings the whole body to total health!        M.N.


I have had eczema since I was three years old. I always thought it was due to suppressed anger and have lived with it virtually my entire life.

After my first visit, I began taking Core Level supplements. On the fourth day my eczema cleared up entirely, something that hasn’t happened in years. It has no been three weeks. It only flared up one time when I was unable to take the supplements in the morning. I took them at 6:00 PM and by 6:30 the eczema was gone. Yahoo!        K.G.


I never have had a satisfactory result from chiropractic services. My husband insisted on my seeing Dr. Pepi. He just knew that she was the right person to cure my poor stomach. I was almost to the point of deciding to die or to live with that really poor condition. Dr. Pepi did the right things for me. My stomach feels a LOT better and I have much more energy so that I can practice my violin for five hours a day! My forehead, which had pimples and scars for years, is very clear and nice. I thank you, Dr. Pepi.        M.J.P.


I did the seven day colon cleanse. I had several problems with my skin that cleared up and I feel a lot better. My circulation has really improved and my hands and feet are warm again. I couldn’t believe the stuff I got rid of, but I am really glad that I am rid of it. I am glad I did it.        M.L.T.


On my first visit with Dr. Pepi I was fascinated by her unusual techniques of treating patients. She recommended Core Level vitamins to take to get me more regular. To my surprise, I became regular only after one week of taking it. I was also glad to se that my face began to clear up more! Thank you Dr. Pepi!        L.L.


I have had skin disorders for almost three years now. Every single day my face will have a pimple or two and before these could heal more would start. My skin color wasn’t normal either and scars were populating my face like crazy. It was a bummer to get up in the morning and see there were more pimples to deal with. It seemed like when I was around people, all I could think was that they were looking at my face and the blemishes on it.

After many, many doctors and treatments and evaluations of all the things that could have been the source of my problem I found Dr. Pepi. She worked with me for a while and finally spotted that my colon was not doing the cleaning job it should have been doing. She recommended that I do a tissue cleaning program by Dr. Bernard Jensen. I did this program for a week and almost immediately after I finished my skin color changed to a more normal one. The scars seemed to be healing faster and every day there were less and less breakouts.

Now, everyday I look forward to looking in the mirror and seeing that my facial skin is doing better that the day before. Now when I’m around people I feel confident and even beautiful. I even got a compliment on my skin. The lady even wanted to know how and with what do I keep my skin so nice.

I’m very, very happy about the results I have achieved with Dr. Pepi and would recommend her treatment to everybody that has any body trouble of any kind. She is the most competent Natural (or MD) Doctor I have ever been with. Thank you!!        M.S.


Since I started with Dr. Pepi, my skin has improved a lot, my weight has dropped to eighteen pounds less and when I leave it seems as if things flow much better. I definitely recommend Dr. Pepi for health. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        M.G.


I have been battling and suffering with my skin. I have had constant horrible breakouts for the last two to three years – unending. I came to see Dr. Pepi. After ONE visit it is SO much better (at least 90% plus more). What a true relief! Thank you!        E.H.


   - Skin color has gotten better
   - Nose bleeds have stopped
   - The rashes have improved by 90 to 95%
   - He has not had a fever (this month no fever)
   - The stools are still the color of peanut butter but are a little better
   - The allergies have completely gotten 90 to 95% better


Some years ago I noticed psoriasis appear in various areas of my body. I went to “the best” dermatologists in Hawaii, San Francisco and Los Angeles only to be told I had psoriasis (which I knew because I can read) and that it was absolutely incurable. After one visit with Dr. Pepi, the psoriasis is 80% down and I feel great. That’s what I call quick results with the incurable.        D.M.M.


I feel great! Having just completed a very difficult initial ten-day candida diet detox, I must say that I feel 100% better. Chocolate, fruit, bread and diary products (cheese) have been a staple all my life. So to give them up has been not only physically but emotionally devastating. The first ten days my kidneys and back hurt. I was spacey, headaches and muscle aches. After that period I feel much calmer and harmonious, much clearer minded and my memory and complexion are much better.        M.P.


  After seeing Dr. Pepi for three months I no longer suffer from pre-menstrual headaches or stomach aches. And my skin, which for the past year has been constantly breaking out with red spots like measles, well, it’s clear – I mean clear and radiant. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        A.M.


My headaches are down 75%. My skin has improved 50%. Thank you. Only two visits and I feel so much better.        B.A.B.


For at least five years I have had extremely itchy legs even though there was no rash or apparent reason for them to itch so badly. They were so bad that I would wake up scratching my legs until they bled.

Since getting treatments from Dr. Pepi, my legs have completely stopped itching. It is so amazing to me how this method works. Another problem she has gotten rid of was an acute pain in the ball of my foot. I couldn’t wear high heels or do anything athletic. After Dr. Pepi treated me and restricted my diet on fruit, the pain is gone and I’m an athlete again. Thanks, Dr. Pepi! You’re great!!        W.F.


I am experiencing a great relief regarding the elimination through my skin. I feel very comfortable sweating. I can’t pin point the exact anatomical “why” of that but it feels lighter and better.        Y.H.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I suffered a multitude of symptoms. I had candida and, as she told me, other parasites. I felt totally toxic. I had leg cramps at night, soreness in the corners of my mouth, skin problems, bloating, gas, spaciness, lost of mucous and itching throat and mouth, etc. Also, I was always hungry and always eating. I never felt nourished and had no energy. I read so many books and articles and went to different doctors. I took as many as ninety supplements a day and I tried diet after diet. And nothing handled me. I was sickly and weak and lethargic and spacey since about age four. I’m now thirty-six. This was ruining my life. Literally, I tried everything else on food allergies, candida and general “health foods”.

I first saw Dr. Pepi exactly two months ago. She told me things I’ve never heard before regarding what was wrong and how I should handle it. I was amazed at the precision of the diagnosis and treatment. Immediately I started getting better. On the diet and the supplements and occasional treatment I am rapidly on the way to good health. Most of my symptoms are gone. The rest are going as the toxins leave my body. I feel nourished and strong and I love the diet. The candida and parasites are now on the back burner as she described it. I’m rapidly detoxifying and as a huge bonus Dr. Pepi has handled my whole family. My husband and children also had candida. Now they’re healthy and energetic and we really enjoy eating! I feel great! Thanks a million, Dr. Pepi.        C.E.


This will be my second visit with Dr. Pepi and I’ve had amazing changes after my first visit. To name those changes precisely, I’ve had a chronic yeast problem and I feel that it is being addressed and getting handled. My face cleared up, my energy level increased and overall I feel much better!! I also lost a few pounds here and there.        E.D.G.


I had this rash that kept freaking out for months. It itched like crazy until I started on the supplement program recommended by Dr. Pepi. Each time I thought that I could stop taking them for a while, or at least decrease the recommended dosage, the rash came back a little. I just went back on the full prescribed amount and the rash cleared up again.        J.M.


I have been using the recommended oil on my face for about a year now. I have had plastic surgery on a scar on my right side. It was very pronounced. The oil is helping the scar to fade. Get this… I am 49 and I got asked for a date by two 33 & 32 year old guys! Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        S.Q.


Being on this program truly is magnificent. It has helped me a lot. My energy level has shot right up. My stomach doesn’t get bloated as it used to. My acne on my face has almost disappeared. I’m feeling great.        L.L.


I have been taking the recommended oils for a few weeks now as part of my nutritional program with Dr. Pepi. Since I have been on them my skin is really changing for the better. My normally dry flaking arms and legs are smooth and soft. My face is absorbing my face cream, which it did only with great difficulty before. I usually burn easily in the summer. This year I am getting a beautiful tan just walking around and without putting any sort of lotion on my skin to protect it. Some of my wrinkles have smoothed out a bit so that people I know have asked what I am doing that makes me look so much better. I have never in my life has smooth soft skin. Now I have it even in very hot dry weather. This is great!        L.R.


Last year I had this terrible eczema around my eyes, arms and neck. Having a father in the medical profession, I was exposed to many drugs, none of which handled the problem. To cut a long story short, I came to Dr. Pepi and she diagnosed a liver problem. It had far too much protein to deal with. I went on a no-protein diet with a few supplements and in ten days my liver improved, the eczema disappeared and I can eat almost anything I want with NO problems.        D.R.


I came in after having Dr. Pepi treat my dog with great success. I wanted to improve my health and handle my breakouts. I started breaking out just after college and nothing I tried helped. After working on a program with Dr. Pepi, my skin is improved. In addition, I lost four pounds and my fertility is getting better. I also have less body aches and stronger muscles, which helps my kung fu. Thanks to Dr. Pepi’s expertise and persistence!        P.M.


I came to Dr. Pepi’s because I had been sick for three weeks. Dr. Pepi treated me and gave me supplements to take. A week later I felt better than I have in a long time. My skin started to clear up and I have more energy now. I couldn’t be happier with the results.        R.M.


I have a very bad type of cystic acne, Rosacea. When Dr. Pepi told me to ditch all my acne/face care products, I was very skeptical. Fearing the worst type of breakout, I started using the glycerin oatmeal soap and recommended oil plus the supplements that Dr. Pepi prescribed. I noticed immediate results. My skin cleared within a week and was the softest I had felt it in a long time.        J.B.

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