Successes - Sleep Problems 2

Sleep Problems 2

When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, I had adrenal fatigue and sleep apnea.  I’d get about 4 hours of sleep, sometimes interrupted.  During the afternoon I’d run very low on energy.

I saw a couple of doctors.  One was a medical doctor and the other was a sleep specialist.  I tried a machine for the sleep apnea, but I didn’t like it and it didn’t help at all.  I tried taking an adrenal support from the M.D. The sleep specialist said excess weight could cause sleep apnea, so I lost weight, but it didn’t handle it.

After one treatment with Dr. Pepi I slept 5 – 6 hours!  I also felt a lot more energy.  My quality of life has increased drastically – I would recommend anyone to Dr. Pepi!        M.D.


"We have had great success with the program Anita gave us to help our kids sleep more. My kids are 3 years old and 8 months old and both have never been the greatest of sleepers. Following Anita's instructions with the use of two products, they have both become excellent sleepers, who sleep through the night."        B.B.


Somehow I got myself in a state of just not being able to sleep at all.  Not sure what I did, but my body just would not go into a sleepy mode.  I was WIDE AWAKE for most of every night for almost a week!

Dr Pepi treated this once and I slept fine after that.  She straightened it out.  I got my life back!        M.P.

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