Successes - Stomach Problems

Stomach Problems

Before I came to see Dr. Pepi, I had problems with digestion for at least 10 years. About 6 months ago, I was in the hospital for 1 week, because of excruciating pain across the abdomen.

A surgeon insisted on removing the gall bladder, although he admitted there was no reason for it. He just wanted to do it because they couldn’t find out why I was in so much pain. He thought the surgery might handle the pain. I refused the surgery.

After I left the hospital, a bit better but nothing handled, I wasn’t able to eat the normal food I usually ate. As the months went by, I could eat fewer and fewer types of food. I was slowly dying of starvation. When I came to Dr. Pepi I wasn’t able to eat any food at all anymore. My stomach was rejecting all of it (by throwing it up). Only a few treatments with her and things were on their way back to normal. I’ve been seeing her for 6 weeks now and the difference is “out of this world”.

I need to mention that for more than the last 10 years, I went to see every doctor, every specialist, and every nutrition expert I could put my hands on. I saw every allergy specialist, chiropractor, and alternative medicine expert I’d heard of. I tried almost every nutrient and “miracle supplement” advertised to handle the stomach, the digestive tract and the absorption. Nothing ever handled it!

Dr. Pepi where have you been all those years? I am so happy I survived to find Dr. Pepi and her amazing technology.        S. L.


I went to the emergency room with extreme abdominal pain.  Spent all day there and had lots of tests—Cat scan, ultrasound, blood and urine tests—with zero results.  They sent me home and the pain was worse.  Came back 2 days later and spent 2+ days in the hospital.  After tons of tests again, they still couldn’t figure out what the exact trouble was.  [They] had 2 theories and ruled out various things.  My pain was reduced with anti-inflammatory drugs.  One of the drugs they gave me resulted in a bad allergic reaction of facial swelling and numbness.  25 thousand dollars and still they didn’t know what happened, plus they stressed my body with invasive tests.

Then I went to Dr. Pepi who found and handled my problem straight away.  Far, far, far, far less money and much better understanding of my condition.  Hooray for Dr. Pepi!  Thank you so, so much!        T.V.


I had a horrible case of food poisoning.  I was in a lot of pain.  Dr. Pepi handled my pain and the food poisoning effects in ONE visit.  In 24 hours I started feeling much better and in 48 hours I was totally recovered.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        C.R.


The other day I woke up at 4AM with very excruciating stomach pain. I couldn’t lay still and eventually starting throwing up too. After about 1 hour or so, my wife took me to the Emergency Room for treatment, because the pain was so unusually bad.  They gave me painkillers. 
After the Emergency Room, my wife took me over to be treated by Dr. Pepi. I was still throwing up and having a tremendous amount of pain.
Dr. Pepi very quickly found a bacteria in my intestines. As she treated me, I felt so much less nauseated and the pain virtually went away. I went home and rested.  When I got up in the evening, I felt like a new person! The next day I went to work, and then to my usual business meeting afterward. Other than feeling a bit tired, I was doing great!  Nothing short of miracles, as usual. Thanks Dr. Pepi.    K.J.


When I started here I really doubted that I would get better. The reason was that I went to the doctor a lot of times, had all the tests that they could give me, and they all said the same thing – they don’t know what is wrong with me. So I really felt like I was going to have these stomachaches and nausea that I had all day for the rest of my life. It was really taking control of me because it kept me on my couch all day just watching TV with a stomachache and feeling like I wanted to throw up. I was usually an active guy that hated to stay inside.

But thanks to Dr. Pepi and her staff I am back to my old self, skating, playing bass, playing all sorts of sports and feeling good and happy. It felt so good to finally get over my sickness that lasted for almost 4 months. It was as if she gave me my life back that I wanted back so much. If it was not for her and her staff I would probably still be suffering for these past 7 months. Thank you so much.        D.T.


My stomach pain which was grabbing my attention and lowering my mood isn’t bugging me anymore – big change in 3 weeks!!!        S.C.


When I first began seeing Anita Pepi I was a literal “train wreck”. I had intense stomach pain. My whole body ached and I was chronically fatigued. Several months after treatment, I am energized, my stomach has stopped hurting and all my symptoms are 98% better. She has healed me. Thank you.        J.A.W.


In the past I have had such severe stomach pain that I could barely take supplements. After Dr. Pepi treated me, I had no stomach pain. Thanks!        N.K.


At my last visit it was found that my stomach had “blown a fuse” and boy, did I feel it! My stomach really hurt! I was directed to take certain supplements and they really worked! They truly handle problems in the digestive tract! I also overdid it over Easter, too much candy and chocolate! Again, intense stomach pain and nausea! I took the supplements and felt better very quickly. I have found that any time I have stomach or intestinal upset, the supplements are the answer!        D.B.


Any stomach disturbance is immediately corrected by Dr. Pepi’s supplement recommendations. It works quickly and handles any gas, upset stomach, nausea or discomfort from any food. It’s very calming to my stomach – really handles any gastro disturbances.        D.G.


I had a win on being able to take magnesium. After “Milk of Magnesia” I was never able to take cal/mag or magnesium pills without stomach distress. Now I can! Thank you Dr. Pepi.        K.D.


I couldn’t sleep and was miserable because I had pains in my sides and in my stomach area. I had these for two years in the stomach area and two months on the sides. My husband believes in medical doctors so I got a physical exam, EKG, blood tests, full body scan, and multiple other tests, probes and doctor visits. – “Nothing wrong”.

I got a treatment from Dr. Pepi, to the two supplements she gave me to take, went home and slept pain free! I have been pain free since! She IS worth it!!        J.S.


I had a major stomach problem for 3 ½ months. Finally I saw Dr. Pepi and after two visits and four days, no more problem. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and your staff.        B.S.


I just ten days I feel so much better – I have more energy, losing weight, happier! I came in with my stomach a total mess with candida and not able to digest food, burn fat and I was constantly nauseated. In only ten days on Dr. Pepi’s program I feel 110% better in every aspect of my life!        N.R.


I came to see Dr. Pepi because I was really bloated and was having trouble losing weight, going to the bathroom, etc. After taking the supplement Dr. Pepi recommended (and a lot of it) the next day I saw a huge difference. Everything in my gut was stronger! By the next day it was fantastically back to normal! I was amazed to see such great results so quickly! Thank you!        N.N.


A very good friend recommended Dr. Pepi as the person to see regarding a stomach problem I have had for a few years. After one treatment and some supplements, I now am so much better I can eat almost anything without any negative effects. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Pepi and staff.        H.A.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was in pain with severe stomach cramps and was very weak. Another Dr. had been treating me to no result and the situation had degenerated until I could not sit up and do my work. Dr. Pepi took less than a minute to isolate an infection in my intestinal tract that had been missed earlier. She located the one nutrient that I was deficient in that would make a difference. I sat right there and ate the supplements. In 15 minutes my stomach pain was gone, never to return! Talk about fast relief! Thanks Dr. Pepi.        L.R.


I was in my first trimester and was so ill; it is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt that bad before.  It wasn’t just morning sickness and nausea—it was overall sickness 24/7.  I had headaches, stomachaches and could hardly stand up.  The definition of misery!

Dr Pepi treated me for this and within hours I felt 95% better.  It was astounding.  It just turned off!  I highly recommend her for any pregnancy symptoms!        E.L.


After my first visit my sugar cravings dropped 90%. (I had them all day long - everyday). Now I don't even want them.

I have 80% more energy - I haven't had to take a nap in the afternoon.  I've lost approximately 6 lbs.

In addition, I have not had to take any pepcid AC.        VLD


Last Friday I got a horrible reaction in my intestines – bloating and very bad gas.

Dr. Pepi located the source of the problem – the intestines had an allergic reaction to vinegar! She “reset” the blown fuse to the area and made it more able to handle vinegar. My entire body relaxed during the treatment and I haven’t had trouble with the intestines since then. Oh – and I resumed normal bowel operation which was a big relief.        N.K.


I feel much better with my stomach. The digestion is a lot better. I feel more energetic. I really thank Dr. Pepi, who is such a competent doctor.        M.J.P.


When I came in to see Dr. Pepi…I was so fatigued I could barely make it through my day.  Even though I was fatigued, I had trouble sleeping.  I would literally pace the floor unable to calm myself.  I was unable to eat food without my stomach becoming miserable—simply put I was a mess and the effect was that nothing in my life was working.  After 2 weeks I am feeling like a different person!  My stomach problems are 70% better.  I am sleeping through the night, which really makes me smile.  And my fatigue has improved by at least 30%.  The most amazing result for me is that I can relax.  I can’t even remember the last time I felt relaxed.  At first it was quite foreign to me.  I am an actress and now I walk into an audition situation…[much more relaxed.]        C.A.


I never have had a satisfactory result from chiropractic services. My husband insisted on my seeing Dr. Pepi. He just knew that she was the right person to cure my poor stomach. I was almost to the point of deciding to die or to live with that really poor condition.

Dr. Pepi did the right things for me. My stomach feels a LOT better; I have much more energy so that I can practice my violin for five hours a day! My forehead, which had pimples and scars for years, is very clear and nice. I thank you, Dr. Pepi.        M.J.P.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with some serious digestive issues.  After my first visit, the week after, I noticed a distinct improvement to the point where I can claim to have felt normal once again.  And it has been a while since I could make that claim.  Look forward to each and every tune-up with Dr. Pepi.        B.F.


I’ve had problems with my stomach for so long and in one week it was about 95% handled. I went to a doctor one time and I was given different medications which just made it worse. With Dr. Pepi I went in once for about 45 minutes and took vitamins and the pain totally went away. Thank you so much!!        A.H.


I had just one visit with Dr. Pepi and was treated for my skin conditions.  Well after one visit I was very concerned about giving up my old products to get new products.  However, shortly after taking my supplements and after being treated I noticed immediate improvement in all areas of my body that were giving me trouble.  Not only did my skin look better, but so did my stomach, colon, bad taste in my mouth and a skin rash that I had.  I now know I am on the right track to having a healthy body!  Thanks!        B.V.


I had terrible problems digesting dairy and now I can eat it with no problems. In addition, I was nursing and my son had problems digesting my milk because I was not digesting properly. Now he digests food well.        M.M.


After being introduced to Dr. Anita Pepi, I began an improved viewpoint towards health and nutritional food. I’ve also done ten liver flushes and discharged over 2000 gall stones from the liver. This has enhanced my physical well being greatly.

I also want to mention the benefits of Core Level supplemental vitamins as to being very efficient in restoring body vitality after eating something that wasn’t good (something you knew you shouldn’t have eaten). Core Levels gave noticeable relief within 30-60 minutes.

I thank Dr. Pepi for her wonderful knowledge and the effective way she treats individuals.        P.A.


I took off on my first vacation in three years and after three days I was back in Dr. Pepi’s office with a case of raging diarrhea. She gave me an easy fast remedy for parasites (from LA water) and sent me fearlessly on my way across the country.

Another miracle. This woman is amazing. Nothing is a problem for her. She’s the only person I’ve met that I actually enjoy giving money to. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        N.T.A.


I came to Dr Pepi because I couldn't eat any protein, or actually any food at all.  I started developing excruciating stomach and upper gut pains when I tried to eat ANYTHING.   I was up every night with severe pain, I couldn't work for days, couldn't sleep much. 
I saw 3 separate MDs (including an intestinal specialist) who diagnosed me as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Disease.  After a battery of lab tests, they offered me 2 different drugs and an amino acid.   Searching the internet and chat boards for solutions on IBD and IBS,  I found no remedies besides drugs and I read many horror stories from people about the side-effects they observed from using the drugs.
When I went to Dr Pepi, she examined me and isolated the part of my digestive track that was the problem, treated it and told me what to do to heal that area.  I did better and better, being able to tolerate more and more foods and supplements as time went on.  I continued treatment and following her program for me. 
Now I am able to eat protein, vegetables and take vitamin/supplements regularly with no problem.  I can now sleep, I have no pain, and I am now back at work fulltime.  Basically my life was going down the tubes and now I actually HAVE a life!  This is a truly amazing Dr. Pepi result!!        N.K.


In just one week I have an amazing amount of energy. I had felt nervous in my stomach almost constantly before and that is gone within days. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        A.G.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with stomach problems.  My digestion was not doing very well.  She saw me, gave me some supplements and they handled the symptoms which haven’t returned since!  Thanks.        M.S.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for the past three years. At the time I first came to see her I had fibroid tumors and sinus problems. I had great wins with both, but eventually made the decision to have the fibroids removed surgically. I ended up with complications from the surgery and had intestinal trouble and trouble keeping food down. Dr. Pepi’s treatment and advice helped me so much at a very difficult time.

After I returned home I began to have the same kind of problems again. Dr. Pepi came to my home with even better results. The night before she came and all that day I had been in a lot of pain. I couldn’t keep anything down. The night she came I was able to rest comfortably. Most of the pain was gone. But, best of all, I could keep food down again. Since then I have continued to improve. I do believe there is a place for “traditional” medicine. However, I also know that Dr. Pepi has skill and knowledge that have aided me tremendously in my healing process. I believe that what she does has great value and benefit and I recommend her highly.        J.M.


I feel much better after I took three visits. My throat, my head and my stomach don’t hurt. I am feeling great. I like coming here.        A.N.


I came in feeling really sick to my stomach from food poisoning. Within a few minutes of treatment I started to feel better. Now my nausea is almost gone! Dr. Pepi always amazes me. I always know that when she treats me I’ll feel better and this happens all the time! Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        L.M.


She did it again! My stomach had been inexplicably burning for a week or two. I wasn’t eating anything bad. I have a very healthy diet. So Anita treated me and found I wasn’t getting enough protein. I was amazed that something like that (as opposed to say, eating too much fat) could create that effect. I increased my protein and immediately felt relief. I love this treatment!        S.M.


I mentioned to Dr. Pepi about a month ago that I was consuming Tums and Rolaids like candy during the work week. Dr. Pepi put me on a specific Core Level  three times a day before meals during the week only. (I do not have any problem on weekends) and I haven’t had a single Tums or Rolaids since. I feel terrific. Nor pain or discomfort at all. Thanks Dr. Pepi. You are great!        H.T.


A day ago I came into Dr. Pepi’s office with back pain, neck pain, leg pain and nausea. She told me that I was not eating correctly and so I started to eat what she told me to and by the next day they (the pains) were all gone.        T.B.


  Being on this program truly is magnificent. It has helped me a lot. My energy level has shot right up. My stomach doesn’t get bloated as it used to. My acne on my face has almost disappeared. I’m feeling great.        L.L.


My son has missed at least one day of school per week for many weeks complaining of stomach problems. After one visit with Dr. Pepi there is no more missed school and not one complaint about his stomach. Ya hoo! He’s following her instructions and is DE-BUGGED!!!        B.M. for Clinton


After several years of having stomach pains that would lead to vomiting and painful attacks, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where, after a thorough exam, they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was told to live with my pain and condition. Visiting my daughter here in California, she brought me here to Dr. Pepi where she diagnosed small gallbladder stones and candida. I’m starting a new diet and with some help from her supplements I’m feeling a bit better and I’m hopeful for a complete recovery.        L.A.


Little did I know that I was poisoned! I definitely was aware of the fact that my body felt like it had been obliterated by a rather large truck. Of course, the only thing to do at a time like this was to check my body in with Dr. Pepi.

   Thanks to Dr. Pepi, this whole nightmare took about an hour to get through. Once again, she has proven her expertise. IT WORKS! Thank you for applying what you know, Dr. Pepi.         C.S.


I was the typical tummy ache sufferer. But those days are over thanks to Dr. Pepi.        L.G.


After only 3 weeks Dr. Pepi has created such a healing phenomenon in my body.  I’ve lost 11 lbs.  I no longer have difficulty sleeping.  My periods are not as painful.  I feel like a completely different person.  My digestive issues and thyroid problems are being resolved as Dr. Pepi continues to work with me.  I am very grateful and appreciative of all the staff.  As a chiropractor myself, I value the dedication Dr. Pepi and her staff demonstrate.        M.M.


Two treatments and my ulcerated duodenum is pain free!! It’s like music.        J.G.


For almost two years I’ve had awful stomach pain and heart burn. I woke up many nights in tears from the pain. I was put on ulcer medication by a doctor. This did alleviate the pain for a while, but it didn’t handle the problem. I’ve also had an aching low back for about three years. This pain was increasing over the years from many hours of sitting on the job.

Both of these problems were handled by Dr. Pepi in a few visits. She found that I had Candida and took me off the staple in my diet (sugar) and put me on grains and vegetables. The stomach pain and heart burn are gone. The only flare ups are when I eat something I shouldn’t. My back pain has vanished. I’ve been to plenty of other chiropractors before with little relief, but Dr. Pepi totally did the trick! One wonderful side benefit has been me waking up. I feel much more alert and able to function correctly. What can I say? It’s FUN!        J.C.


Since seeing Dr. Pepi, my body is doing great overall! I remember when I first came to see Dr. Pepi I was having boating, aches and all sort of body symptoms. Now it is all gone. My stomach and intestinal is finally under control. Thanks to Dr. Pepi’s attention and help the horrible physical feelings in my body have disappeared! I really feel great!        D.P.


I had some weird stuff happening to my stomach, parasites and queasiness, etc. This seems to be handled and my energy level is increased.        D.Z.


When I started treatment 2 months ago I was a mess.  Depressed, anxious ALL the time, couldn’t sleep and had terrible gas and bloating.  In addition I had no energy through out the day, my eyes constantly burned and I didn’t feel like being with people.  After two months of treatment all my symptoms have dramatically improved to the point where I feel I have my life back again!        J.C.


After seeing Dr. Pepi for three months I now do not suffer any more from pre-menstrual headaches or stomach aches. And my skin, which for the past year has been constantly breaking out with red spots like measles, well, it’s clear – I mean clear and radiant. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        A.M.


Dr. Pepi is a body magician. Last week I came in and I was hurting all over my back, neck and side. I was having nausea daily. I had more symptoms than I can remember. Afterwards (that’s after one visit) I felt so good and have steadily gotten better so that this week I even exercised twice already. This is something that I couldn’t even conceive of doing for the past several weeks. My symptoms have nearly all disappeared and my energy is increased.        Z.S.


Several months ago I was suffering from weakness in both forearms. I could barely lift them. The regular doctor didn’t know what was wrong. With Dr. Pepi’s treatments the condition is completely gone. I also had a chronic stomach problem for about fifteen years. It is now gone. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with the progress.        M.R.


About two weeks ago I was feeling very toxic and uncomfortable. I was retaining water and having a lot of abdominal pain and intestinal upset. Also, normally before my period, I get very cranky, griefy and have a bad headache the first day or two. I had one treatment from Dr. Pepi and immediately began to feel better. I’ve started onto the recommended diet and vitamins and with each day I feel better and more energetic. My diarrhea is gone. I had no emotional ups and downs before my period and no headache! I’m looking forward to getting better and better.        W.C.


      I used to have headaches two or three times a month, I was perpetually tired and had very poor digestion with stomach problems.  Dr. Pepi has gotten to the root of my physical problems. With much care and effort she has helped me to get control over them. I have gained weight, seldom get headaches (and when I do it is because of some toxic substance usually) and rarely have stomach problems. Thank you, Doctor. I owe you.        T.S.


I came to see Dr. Pepi one time and she put me on supplements. Within weeks my stomach pain (which was constantly with me) was gone! My headaches have also gone from about 65% of the time to 30% of the time, which is great!        M.H.


For the past several years I’ve had a lot of concern about my body below the waist. Six months ago I stopped having a bowel movement without a push from senna tea (a laxative). My periods have had me feeling sluggish. I’d get bloated.

I came to Dr. Anita Pepi for a diagnosis. I started having a bowel movement – once, twice, thrice daily. I came back for a food allergy test. I ate accordingly and stopped getting bloated. Now I am just waiting for my period to show up next week…        A.T.


Jimmy is three years old and has had body problems since day one. He’s been to several doctors. Some have said that they “don’t know” or maybe this or that or “he’ll out grow it". Jimmy got to the point where he didn’t like going to doctors at all (he was very upset about going).

On his first visit with Dr. Pepi, Jimmy got off the table with a smile on his face and stated “I feel better!”

Next time he had several sores on his tongue for a few days. He couldn’t eat and was miserable. We came in and Dr. Pepi handled his tongue. Jimmy was very impressed and told everyone in the reception area “my tongue is better!"

Yesterday, Jimmy was very ill with a stomachache. We went to another doctor at emergency but he found nothing wrong. Jimmy was still throwing up when we came to Dr. Pepi. She treated the area. Again, Jimmy was happy and smiling and ready to play after his adjustment. Today he is fine and eating. Dr. Anita Pepi knows what she’s doing. This really works! I’ve got a three year old walking proof!        C.L.


Since my mom (Dr. Pepi)  treated my eye I haven’t felt anything. Before that it felt like it was stinging. Last night I felt like I was going to throw up. Today, after my mom treated me I haven’t felt like I wanted to throw up at all!        E.L.


After my first visit to Dr. Pepi, followed by taking my supplements and juice for a few weeks, my eczema totally went away, my intestinal pain is gone and I have much more energy.        P.B.



Last night I went to one of my favorite restaurants and had a big meal which I thoroughly enjoyed. On the way home in the car my body started reacting violently to something. One of the first things that I noticed was that both my hands and my feet were beginning to swell up, get hot and to itch. Shortly, I had to pull over the car. By then I couldn’t stand up. I was starting to throw off material in every possible way.

Luckily, I had my husband following me in his car, so he picked me up and got me to a nearby restroom. He thought I was having a heart attack, but I wasn’t. I had instant diarrhea and later stared to vomit also. It was so violent at one time that I had him holding my head up because I couldn’t do it and I was afraid that I might choke if the vomit couldn’t get out. My body was turning red and was itching all over. I had momentous cold sweats. But in another hour I was setting up on the commode and then Bob took me home.

I continued to throw off material all over my body, so I got into a hot tub with Epson salts and soaked for a long time. While resting there I realized two things. One that my body is really very healthy now to throw off material at such a fast rate (something which wasn’t true around eighteen months ago when I came to Dr. Pepi in a seriously ill condition which I wrote earlier success stories about). The second thing that I realized was that it was the direct result of Dr. Pepi’s technology that had given my body the ability to immediately locate and throw off harmful material. Thank you so much, Dr. Pepi.        J.S.


Dr. Pepi is magnificent. About a year ago I started to develop stomach/intestinal/bowel irritation. I did not know what would cause the irritation but once in a while my abdominal area was in a lot of pain. I felt like someone was just pulling and stretching them out. I would become so bloated that I could not comfortably sit or stand or sleep. Medications usually helped the symptoms (relaxed my digestive system) but would also make me feel like Jell-o (un-functional). Still the problem would come back.

Dr. Pepi found various foods that I was allergic to and helped my body accept these substances. Since her treatment I feel great. I have not had an episode since she cured me. For a person who was previously diagnosed as having “irritable bowel syndrome” I sure am grateful for Dr. Pepi’s treatment.        A.G.E.

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