Successes - Stroke


During my first visit to Dr. Pepi I shared with her that a great deal of my stress came from trying to deal with my husband and our altered life since he suffered a slight stroke. His appointment with Dr. Pepi was scheduled two weeks after mine. In the meantime she told me to start him on some specific supplements for his condition. 

Within 3 days of starting the supplements, I noticed he was getting around better. After one week the improvements are profound. Probably 30% better speech, energy level is up 40 – 50%. His balance and motor skills are 25% better. He is getting back to his “old self” more every day and becoming more able to do what he used to do and likes to do. Thus, my stress levels are coming down too.        M.K.


I came in with a plethora of problems (colon tumor, slight stroke) and got straightened out and on what I know is the correct path to a complete handle.  Dr. Pepi is spot-on and terrific.        R.P.


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