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Study Problems

My son was hyperactive and the worst one in his class. His teacher sent him and I both to Dr. Pepi. My son has seen her only once. He has become so manageable in class that his teacher was able to move him up to the top reading group. I recommend this wonderful doctor to anyone who has a child who has this problem.        P.K.


I have not been able to study well for the past ten and one half years. After seeing Dr. Pepi a couple times, now I can! I’m not as spaced out as I used to be.        M.P.


The fuzzy headed-ness is gone! What a win for me. Before I saw Dr. Pepi, I couldn’t retain things at all and I’d get confused for no apparent reason.        A.C.


My son was having difficulty paying attention in his class at school. He had been unofficially labeled “ADD” by his teacher. One visit with Dr. Pepi uncovered three separate ailments, which were all contributing to his inability to concentrate. After just one treatment and getting him on the proper supplements, two weeks later, his teacher told me he had made remarkable improvements. Thank you Dr. Pepi.”        R.P.


My son Kei started going to Dr. Pepi after he had been kicked out of two different schools. After only approximately five months of treatment, his teachers started noticing change and I have had several mothers with children in special education ask me what I had done. My son has become manageable and is able to do things he couldn’t do before, like sleep through the night and stay focused in school. Thank you!        B.S.


It’s been one week since I’ve been on Core Level supplements. I feel like I have energy, feel well and almost peaceful. I used to feel eternally wired.

I will continue treatment but from what I have experienced I’m still yet to feel even better. PS Also I can read a book. Before taking the Core Levels I could not even sit still to read.        C.N.


I don’t feel as weak, I have more energy and as a result of this I can study, read and do my business administration easier. I feel less in a daze and happier as a result of seeing Dr. Pepi these last two months or so. Life is easier and more enjoyable now that my health has improved! Thank you, Dr. Pepi!!        M.P.

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