Successes - Surgery Avoided

Surgery Avoided

When I first visited Dr. Pepi, I had been severely ill with ulcerative colitis for 19 years.  I had been taking heavy dosages of medication which were no longer effective.  I was in severe pain.  My colon was inflamed, I was bleeding out of my rectum and I had 50 diarrhea visits a day.  My gastroenterologist wanted to remove my colon.  I ran away from him and into Dr. Pepi’s office as my last bit of hope.  4 weeks after my first visit with Dr. Pepi, I was 100% completely cured of ulcerative colitis.  That was 9 months ago.  I have had zero symptoms since.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Pepi!        K.K.


Thank you Dr. Pepi!  All the medical doctors said my osteoarthritis was “incurable” and I should get my hip replaced with a titanium hip.  I didn’t agree but my hip continued to worsen until I was in such pain on occasion that I’d be crying and dragging my leg because I refused to stop being active.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi my hip never hurts and I can run a bit and take the stairs normally…She literally gave me a lift on life!        J.M. 


I came to Dr. Pepi in excruciating back pain.  I felt like a dying old woman at age 30.  I’d been told by chiropractors the only thing left to do was steroid injections or back surgery and I was freaked out.  After 2 weeks on Dr. Pepi’s supplements I’m feeling so much improved.  I only have a dull ache now in comparison to before.  It’s really like a miracle.        N.T.


I went to the gynecologist for a routine test. The doctor found a lump in one breast. It was like a very hard pea-size lump. I called Dr. Pepi right away and she put me on a 2 week program. She said it had helped some people get rid of cysts.

I had to go see a specialist. By the time I got to see that doctor the lump had totally disappeared.        S.L.


For the last 2 years, I’ve been woken up with extreme lower back pain every morning due to kidney stones. I was ready to have a surgical operation to remove the walnut-size kidney stone. Dr. Pepi made one adjustment and the next morning there was no pain. It feels great to sleep until I want to get up (& no pain). Thanks Anita.        B.M.


Like many of her patients, I first became aware of Dr. Anita Pepi from a friend with an ailment that had stumped the conventional medical community. He raved and raved about what she had done for him and, like many of her patients; I filed the recommendation away for future reference.

About a year later, I was hit with TMJ (temporal mandibular joint syndrome). My primary care physician quickly wrote a referral for an oral surgeon. Not wanting to go under a knife I decided to pay a visit to Dr. Pepi. Without surgery she was able to treat and eliminate the TMJ. It has bee two years now and I have had no further occurrence of the ailment.        C.C.


 I have had breathing and sinus problems for lots of years. I’ve had to use medication on a daily basis to breathe. Not once have I used anything since Dr. Pepi did her cranial thearpy on my nose and sinuses. I will continue with her program as it WORKS! NO SURGERY – NO DRUGS.        B.L.


My friend had been having gallbladder attacks and went to an M.D. She was told she’d need surgery. I told her NO WAY. I gave her the liver program, she did it and she felt very good…
No surgery!! I saved her gallbladder and my friend’s sanity. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        N.W.


I just moved to California from Italy and over there the chiropractic thing is not that famous because the Italians trust their mother more than anything else: Natural solutions like health food, good rest, etc. But sometimes the popular story doesn’t work and this was my case. I’ve had problem in breathing with my nose since 1992 and in the last there years I started snoring. Doctors said that I needed a surgical operation to solve the problem.

When I came to the USA my wife took me to the office of Dr. Pepi where I saw this curious way to help my body to recover from problems. I decided to try Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy partly because my wife couldn’t sleep through my snoring. After only four treatments my ability in breathing with the nose improved by 80%, I don’t wake anymore with headaches and my wife sleeps so good because I don’t snore any more!

Many thanks to Dr. Pepi for having started the renovation of my body.        A.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had the most intensely painful anal fissure.  I had been to doctors and they wanted to perform surgery which I definitely didn’t want!  After 1 visit and a bunch of supplements later, I was totally healed.  No more pain, no surgery.  I will be forever grateful.        M.N.


I have spent one solid year in and out of the hospital six times plus two trips to the emergency room. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure, pneumonia, dehydration, over medication, depletion of potassium. My team of doctors was prepping me for a possible heart transplant. Obviously my condition was not improving. My doctors were treating the problems after the fact with no hope of improvement.

Dr. Pepi is now treating me to move me off eight medications and fully restore all functions in my body. I am simply elated beyond words and my energy is returning big time.        A.M.


I was scheduled to have gum surgery on 3 sides of my mouth on Aug 23. At the beginning of July Dr. Pepi put me on a program for my gums. I just went to my dentist today. He was amazed. Two areas no longer need surgery and we are continuing to work on the 3rd. At $1,000 per area, Dr. Pepi just saved me $2,000!!! What more can I say.        K.R.


I had gall stones that hurt – and after seeing Dr. Pepi and doing a very simple nutritional routine they no longer hurt and in fact I don’t even think about them any more or have any symptoms. Pretty cool – no drugs or operations. Thank you.        K.G.


I’ve had a problem with my left shoulder and found out it was from a ligament. I did not want surgery and I don’t need any since seeing Anita. My pain is less and the shoulder is healing naturally. No drugs or needles, whatsoever are needed if you get the proper treatment! Thanks Anita. You’re great. I love your staff too.        N.W.


On recommendation from a friend I saw Dr. Pepi for advice about uterine cancer. A very highly recommended physician had told me that surgery was imminent and should be done now. Dr. Pepi advised me to seek a second opinion and said on examination there was no cancer. Sure enough, the second opinion proved Dr. Pepi was right. Thank you for saving me from my darkest day.        H.A.


I am really impressed and inspired by the results I have received after one treatment with Dr. Pepi. My regular chiropractor, who is highly trained in nutrition, told me that I should see a Proctologist, an MD specialist. Being a nurse, I knew that meant drugs and/or surgery, neither one of which interested me. Having heard successes from others on how especially gifted Dr. Pepi is at diagnosis and getting to the real source of body problems, I decided to go to Dr. Pepi as a last resort. Am I glad I did!

I had acute pain in the colon and rectal bleeding that was quite serious and very distressing to say the least. Through her diagnosis and treatment in the office, changes I made in my diet and taking the Core Level supplements I have been pain free and had NO rectal bleeding within 24 hours of beginning treatment. M.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi in severe crisis. For over 10 years I’ve had neck and back problems due to a car accident. This particular time it acted up I was carrying a piece of heavy photography equipment over my shoulder and heard something click in my neck. After 3 weeks of my neck feeling it was in a vice grip and simply moving created severe muscle spasms, I was referred to Dr. Pepi.

During those 3 weeks I saw my regular chiropractor and neurologist – all agreeing it was time for surgery because none of their techniques relieved the pain. One treatment from Dr. Pepi and I significantly improved without pain. On-going visits allowed healing and I’m back to being a photographer in my career. Yeah!        J.S.


After several months of having pain in my right hip area, I had an MRI in January and was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis.

Until I reached age 75 I enjoyed good health, would walk two miles a day five days a week and only went to the doctor once a year for a physical checkup. During the next three years I went to two orthopedic surgeons and three neurosurgeons and all except one talked about operating. Not a one suggested exercising. Because I was no longer able to walk I started doing exercises morning and night and discovered that it helped. But I was still unable to maintain my balance and walk straight because of the pain. As each day went on I couldn’t wait to finish my chores so that I could sit down. Also, in the last year I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite.

Then on February 25, I went to see Dr. Pepi. The first thing she did was fit my feet for orthotics, and now I am able to maintain my balance and walk much better. She also recommended taking essential nutrients for the formation and repair of cartilage, ligaments and discs, along with Core Level supplements. I am also happy to say she found my weight loss problem. I take a capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in the food to enter into my blood. I am able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the capsule also contains a digestive enzyme. The severe pain in my right hip is much better and I no longer have pain in the calf of my right leg when I drive my car.        H.C.


I went to an eye doctor who told me I need a minor surgery to handle the dryness of my eyes. My left eye was also bothering me. It felt like something was stuck in it. I went to Dr. Pepi and after she treated my eyes I no longer had the bothersome symptoms I had had before I went to the eye doctor.        D.S.


I am doing very well. I have been focused more on work and healthy diet. Both my husband and I are doing protein, veggies, water and VERY few carbos. So we have both reduced our mass. Clothes are fitting better and have more energy.

An overall sense of well being and health continues, thanks in no small part to your wonderful treatments. Body pain has stayed away, digestion is good, NO GALL BLADDER problems at all; which was what got me in your front door to begin with. I was not thrilled with the other option of surgery. To say that I was glad I went to you and got it handled would be the understatement of the century.

Thanks again for all your help and caring. Feel free to pass these wins along however you wish. If it can help someone else make a decision to choose a safer and successful way to improve their health situation – GREAT!        E.D.B.


“Incredible (in kred’e b’l) adj. Seeming too unusual to be possible.” This is what comes to mind when I think of my experience with Dr. Pepi. My problem was gall stones. Operative word is “was”. There’s a great deal of comfort in knowing that if I ever have a problem again, gallstones or otherwise, I know I can go to someone I trust to avoid the knife and solve the problem.        G.D.


My treatment here has brought about amazing success with irregular menstrual cycles. Previously I had two seventeen day period. After a few weeks of treatment, by subsequent two periods were five and six days! I’m very thankful that I didn’t have the D&C (surgical procedure) that my OBGYN suggested!        T.J.K.


I highly recommend Dr. Pepi for nutritional and chiropractic help. Her help has been of tremendous benefit to me and my daughter. She has handled conditions for me with nutrition and her therapy that other doctors told me I’d have to have operations for. I thoroughly appreciate everything she as done for me.        B.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I have cysts on my ovaries. The MD that I saw said that if the pain got any worse he would remove the cysts and maybe the ovary, which he didn’t really want to do. It got to the point where I hurt really badly. He had given me pain pills for the ovary. He also gave me a phone number to talk to a doctor who handles the operation for cysts.

So, I went to Dr. Pepi. Since I’ve been seeing her, I’m off pain pills. Instead I’m taking vitamins and eating better. I’ve been doing 90% better than at first and when I do have pain, she knows how to handle what is wrong. If I went off my diet, etc., she knows how to handle what’s going on.        K.M.


I got a very nasty cough when I was about two months post partum. I was extremely mucousy and dreaded going to a lung specialist as MD’s just said it was a virus and to up my vitamin C and sleep. The lung doctor (specialist) gave me his evaluation, which I didn’t agree with and so I decided to go see Dr. Pepi after many referrals. So I made my appointment.

I saw her and went on only two recommended supplements and I requested her vitamin C supplement, so that made three supplements altogether. I was also suggested to omit three specific foods and two categories of foods for the time being. So, I followed as she said and I made immediate improvement from day one with the cough and mucous I had had for four weeks prior. It’s now about three months later and I have had no problem at all. I was all better in about three weeks. I want to add that I suggested to my husband to try the supplements. Well for four or five years he’s had to use nose sprays one to ten time a day and he was told by a doctor (a nose specialist) that he needed an operation to correct his nose drainage. He has had this situation since he was a kid. Now he takes the supplements from Dr. Pepi every morning and he uses the nose spray maybe once every three to five days and then just one spay. He really is amazed by the fine quality of the supplement and he’s not even been to see Dr. Pepi.

I would recommend Dr. Pepi for a quick, fast remedy. I got from her exactly the result that I wanted.        T.T.


Dr. Anita Pepi is some kind of wizard or magician. I had a sore hip, so sore that I could hardly get out of bed. I saw her the first time and she told me what my options were, i.e.: change my diet or possibly replace my hip with a metal rod. The latter did not appeal to me at all. She gave me some food supplements and a diet of mostly whole grains. The very next day I noticed a little change for the better. The second day it was completely gone. A neighbor asked me “how is your hip”, and I did a dance for her. When I told others of my miracle they couldn’t believe it. Dr. Pepi has also resolved another recurring problem of mine, one I have had for twenty years. All this within thirty days or so.        B.L.


All my life I have had a blockage in the left side of my nose. I have been told by doctors that I have a deviated septum – a partial closing of the nasal passage. This caused shortness of breath and lots of difficulties when I got a cold – I could not breathe out of my left nostril.
Today I received Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy which opened fully this blocked nasal passage and I am able to breathe fully through both nostrils for the first time in my life! The medical dictionary says this condition is only corrected by surgery. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!! Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy really works.        D.N.

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