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Last December I came to check out Dr. Pepi’s clinic.  I was diagnosed with stress, anxiety and panic attacks in May 2008 and the days after that were a living hell.  A friend of mine recommended Dr. Pepi so I flew here from Toronto and basically told her what I had.  She was my last resort to getting better.  The first treatment and 24 hours later, I was basically a new person.  I was able to sleep at least 6-7 hours, which never happened since May, and I woke up feeling great!  I certainly saw the light at the end of the tunnel, whereas before, I thought the demise of this body is coming to an end and I’m not prepared to go.  The program that Dr. Pepi gave me is incredible.  I basically feel better and better and I knew that this body is doing its part to heal.  Thank you Doc for this.  You basically gave me back my life.        F.H.


"I am a mother with 2 children living a crazy life in NYC.  I was exhausted, over-stressed, and rundown.

After one visit with Doc Pepi, I have more energy than I have had since I was a child.  I am happy.  I feel alive.

I am thankful to Doctor Pepi for giving me back a clearer outlook on life.”        C.L.


I have had a very stressful situation in my personal life for the past 2 years. I hadn’t been able to get to LA to see Anita for 9 months.

After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I am more calm & relaxed, sleeping fine, plenty of good energy (rather than the stressed, hyper kind) my eyesight is clearer (I’m 62 & use reading glasses sometimes) I’m optimistic about the family situation, & though the problems there still need to be met & solved, I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed. Of course we can deal with them. The pain in my toe is gone; the pain in my chest is gone. My hearing is sharper. The postnasal thing is gone. Not bad, huh!?        A.F.


Before I came to Dr. Pepi I was stressed and mildly depressed, along with dealing with various medical issues.  After my first visit my overall attitude was 80% more positive.  I was no longer anxious or depressed and my medical symptoms were the best they had been in years!  Other medical doctors made me feel hopeless but Dr. Pepi gave that hope back and now I am thriving!        W.W.


I literally went through so much these past few years, including getting married & divorced.  It left me feeling very distressed in life in general.  My problems seemed overwhelming and I'd never been through so many upsetting experiences that affected me so badly.   I'd wake up and be extremely upset, my mind was thinking and wouldn't stop. It was extremely scary for the past month - I just couldn't seem to snap out of it.

Since I'd had such remarkable results with Dr. Pepi before, I decided to see her for this.  She . . . found the key nutrient that my body needed.  But I don't like to take it - I hate the taste of it.  Dr. Pepi found me a balanced form of it that I could actually take and I loved it!   Less than a week went by and I had a few good days where I woke up feeling good.  I felt like "I" was back!

Just having Dr. Pepi there to be able to really get me the right vitamin was a huge relief.  Thank you always and endlessly for everything, E.H.


I came in today feeling awful! I was really stressed out from extra work, traffic, etc. When I left I felt 100% better. I was calm and happy from my treatment. Thanks!        G.S.


FEAR… was through my body – Tremors left hand and left foot – shaky knees – unable to walk straight – many other physical and mental stresses. Four visits later,  FEAR IS GONE!!! Tremors, mostly due to stress have cut down. Emotional stress reduced.        M.S.


I came in here a few weeks ago really stressed out. My schedule had been so hectic that I wasn’t getting enough rest. Dr. Pepi treated me and I felt much better and this was in just one treatment! She also recommended specific supplements to help keep me going. These are amazing and my energy has increased greatly! Thanks, Dr. Pepi for doing what you know how to do best!!        L.M.


The vitamins Dr. Pepi recommends are the best vitamins I’ve ever taken. I swear by them. I lead a high stress and very physical life and they totally keep me going. They are the one vitamin that instantly makes a difference in how I feel. Plus they are very easily absorbed.        E.T.S.


I used to toss and turn from side to side dozens of times while trying to get to sleep.  Dr. Pepi solved a problem I had with not metabolizing calcium. Now I lay there calm and relaxed and drift off to sleep right away. I have less stress and tension and I feel a nice pleasant sense of well being that I don’t ever recall feeling before. Thanks a million Dr. Pepi.        S.H.


Usually while I’m shooting photography or preparing to, I becomes very tense and my muscles become sore from holding them so tight. I can’t sleep very well because my mind is racing. It has really screwed me up in the past, especially since I end up getting four or five hours of sleep. Anyway, Dr. Pepi helped me to break this vicious cycle by giving me the right nutrients to help me relax, stay clear headed and sleep. I just finished shooting and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.        K.Y.


I work long hours, sometimes all through the night, and I get very stressed. Without Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements, I’d be in a pine box by now. These things really work. I recently completed a job that called for twenty-four hours straight of concentrated work and I lived to tell about it. Every time I started losing it I’d take some of the supplements that she recommended for me,  and I’d be fine.        K.W.


Dr. Pepi’s liver handling was so easy.  I got up early, took one of the drinks, went back to bed.  Got up a little later, took the other drink, went back to bed and slept for an hour or so.  Pretty soon the stones were passing.  I felt a lot more relaxed and less stressed right away.  Later that afternoon I went out to do my shopping.  The day after the liver handling, one of my daughters said I looked really good and my skin tone was pink instead of yellow.  My co-workers noticed as well.

My husband and I did a liver handling about 7 years ago that was so time and energy consuming we never wanted to do one again.  Dr. Pepi’s liver handling is so easy and the results are immediate.  I feel younger.  All three of my daughters are coming over for a liver handling party.        M.E.


I have gone back and forth to Russia from LA four times in the last year and a half and each of the first three times I was utter and completely exhausted upon my trip home, taking a couple of weeks to recuperate from the jet lag, time warp and toxic environment of Moscow. I have just returned from my fourth trip. Because, I believe, of the high levels of radiation in the Moscow environment I began to feel ill within twenty-four hours after the exhausting trip as usual. However, I began taking some of your recommended  vitamins that I brought with me and almost immediately began to feel better. Within a day or two I had no symptoms of the exhaustion and illness. And upon my return to LA, it took me only three or four days to feel back to normal.

I am certain that it was the vitamins, as this was the only difference in my regular schedule and diet there. In addition to that, the treatment that you gave me a few days later has boosted my energy level even more and I feel great. Thanks so much for all your help!        B.W.


Today I came in all stressed out from taking care of lots of things and people. Recently my dad died. I was feeling headachy and had had some allergic reaction to some soap I had just bought and put out in my dressing room. So I had a few things going on. After being treated by Dr. Pepi I felt relieved, more relaxed. Somehow all the things that were stressing me out were “gone” and all seemed fine. I feel like a new woman!!        L.H.


Dr. Pepi is fantastic at handling body complaints.  I came in last month not doing well and she put me on the exact supplements needed to handle this specific condition.  I have more energy, sleep great, and handle stress much better.  Coming to Dr. Pepi really indicates my body loves the care given it and so do I.  Thanks!        K.F.


I was on a long business trip, having driven from LA to Oakland, and I was under a lot of stress. I had developed a chronic headache, was fatigued and sluggish and felt like checking into a hospital. Then I remembered the supplements I was given by Dr. Pepi and took one. I started coming out of it and took one more just to really take care of it. Within about an hour I was rearing to go. What a relief! It worked. Thank you.        R.T.



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