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Due to my having Graves Disease, a form of hyperthyroidism, my endocrinologist had me on medications with potentially fatal side effects.  When I had bad reactions to these meds, I was taken off them, and both my general practitioner and my endocrinologist wanted me to have my thyroid removed ASAP!

My general practitioner wrote a report saying that we would schedule my surgery for 8 weeks out.  I saw Dr. Pepi the next week with the following symptoms:  My hands were shaking or tremoring 30% of the time.  I was having heart palpitations most nights of the week.  My eyes hurt and felt sandy and strained.

Dr. Pepi began treatments and gave me a program to follow in order to start resolving my dangerously high thyroid hormones.  She explained that if thyroid hormones are too high, then the heart rate can soar.  When that happens the heart becomes overburdened and can stop working altogether.  I did Dr. Pepi's program and my symptoms started calming down.  We regularly rechecked my thyroid blood tests afterward.

For the 2 years before seeing Dr. Pepi, even with the medications from my endocrinologist, my thyroid hormone levels never came down.  In the 6 months I have been on Dr. Pepi's program, my thyroid hormone levels have reduced significantly!

Now my heart rate is 20 beats per minute slower and is stably in the low range of normal.  I hardly ever have heart palpitations or tremoring hands.  My eyes don't hurt.  My symptoms have basically disappeared on this program with Dr. Pepi.

My GP, who originally said that she had never seen Graves Disease handled by natural methods, is now no longer recommending a surgery to remove my thyroid!

THANK YOU, Dr. Pepi!  You're a miracle worker.        A.R.    


I was diagnosed with Graves Disease -- hyperthyroidism -- in 1994. Since that time I have lived with the symptoms and controlled them to some extent only with acupuncture, finally agreeing to take anti-thyroid medication because of potentially serious long-term effects of an over-active thyroid.

Dr. Pepi began treating me six months ago when I was taking 20 mg. a day. She pinpointed the source of the auto-immune reaction causing the thyroid disease and began treating me with supplements. The result is that I am now off the medication and for the first time in 12 years, my blood tests are reflecting dramatic change towards normal thyroid function. We are now moving on to address other conditions and I am very, very grateful!        K.M.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I was having a lot of trouble with digestion.  I had very low energy and I felt like my health was failing.  I went on a couple of trips and came back with just terrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome – alternating diarrhea and constipation.  Dr. Pepi cured that in 2 days! Then she went on to treat my thyroid. . .

About 30 years ago, I got a lump in my throat.  My family doctor sent me to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease.  He put me on thyroid medication, which I’ve been on for 30 years.  Despite the medication, my hair kept falling out.  I’d be exhausted when I’d come back from long trips to Europe.  I’d feel depleted and ruined and my hair would start falling out in a month. I tried acupuncture for the hair loss and that seemed to help, but in all these years I had no idea there was any other solution to the Hashimoto’s besides the medication.  I thought this was a life sentence.

Before seeing Dr. Pepi, my thyroid medication dose was .175 mcg.  After seeing her for about 2 months, I had my thyroid blood test redone.  My family MD was scratching his head and didn’t know what to make of it.  He lowered my medication to .150 because my thyroid was starting to work on its own.  I’m continuing to need smaller doses of the medication, much to my MD’s confusion.  Now when I take thyroid medication, I feel anxious, like I have too much thyroid hormone in my body.     

My hair and skin are noticeably better and my daughter says I look 10 years younger, so I’m thrilled!  This was quite an unexpected success and I’m sending all my friends to Dr. Pepi.  Now my daughter wants to come see Dr. Pepi, too!        B.S.


I came to see Dr Pepi for Hashimoto's disease, a condition where the body attacks its own thyroid.  My thyroid antibodies levels were 320 which is high.  She treated my thyroid and the Hashimoto's on the first visit.  7 weeks later, I am off my thyroid medication and my thyroid levels are normal and the thyroid antibodies are below 20, in normal range.   My temperature which was 97 degrees on the first visit is now 98.2, probably due to my improving thyroid condition.        V.B.


  When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was really sick. I was fainting every day and had really bad heart pains.  Now the fainting and heart pains are 100% gone and I’ve gone down 5 dress sizes.  This is the best I’ve felt since I first got my thyroid problem!        K.S.


I am so happy!  I just got my TSH lab test after being off Synthroid for 2 number is 3.4!  That is amazing!  It was 3.0 when I was on the Synthroid.   You are a miracle worker!  Thanks for all the wonderful things you do!        L.M.


  I had a very strange body problem where my fingernails were getting very bumpy and brittle and breaking very easily.  In fact, they were so weak that while I had no candida in the rest of my body, I got it under two fingernails.  They became red and infected and the nail wasn’t growing fully over the finger.

  Dr. Pepi wasn’t sure what was going on at first but she kept researching and then told me that thyroid problems can cause brittle nails. So she’s treated my thyroid some and I’ve been taking Core Level supplements that she recommended. It’s been a couple of months and my nails are so much better! No infection and nearly grown all the way back.        M.E.


  In August I dragged my sad excuse for a body in to see Dr. Pepi after being treated unsuccessfully for many months by a medical doctor for a non-functioning thyroid.  By the time I sought “alternative” treatment I was a basket case: no energy, pains in legs and (in spite of difficulty swallowing) a forty pound weight gain.  When my body finally decided to seriously go on strike, I was visiting LA on vacation but not having much fun. The highlights of my days were the long naps.
 Dr. Pepi worked her magic on me. Not only did she find the solution to my disagreeable thyroid, she found the underlying cause and fixed that, too.

  A mere few months later my body is healing well. I feel wonderful. The tonnage is melting off. No more naps (Is that good news or bad news?)  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        C.H.


My calcium levels were soaring and blood tests pointed to a growth in my parathyroid gland.  When scans did not reveal a growth and my blood calcium stayed high, I came to Dr. Pepi.  She discovered stony material in my parathyroid.  Dr. Pepi treated me, and with the help of supplements and liver flushes, the stony material is reduced, my calcium levels are reduced and I feel better.        S.M.


  I have been walking in circles between MDs and Chiropractors and Nutritionists for years while they tried to handle my thyroid.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which is an auto-immune dysfunction effecting the thyroid.  But despite the fancy name and the fancy treatments I was given, I was still exhausted most of the time.  I would be doing fine and then the next day would just be unable to get out of bed.  Or I would be working at my desk and suddenly find that I had been unconscious for the last 20 minutes and had not even known it.  Yet the doctors found nothing wrong and no reason why the artificial thyroid supplement I was taking did not handle it.

  I had begun to believe that there was nothing really wrong with me physically and that it was all in my mind and I was just lazy.
 Finally, I came to Dr. Pepi. I had heard that she is the best and can really get results.  I heard right.  She determined that the thyroid was actually not giving me a problem at present, but that I had such low blood sugar that I was simply going unconscious.  Dr. Pepi got me onto some supplements to get my system properly functioning along with a diet to handle the blood sugar problem.  It took a while for me to make the needed changes in my life so that I could stay on her program, but she worked with me and I did make the changes.  The program kicked in and I am now doing much, much better.  I have energy again.  This is increasing as time goes on. I have also lost about 8 pounds without being hungry at all!

  Dr. Pepi definitely gets results and her results are like magic!       L.R.


  Before I saw Dr. Pepi I was tired a lot and had very low energy level.  Dr. Pepi put me on natural supplements for my thyroid and after two months on and off it my energy level shot out the roof.  I went from exercising once a month to every day. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        J.E.


  After taking Core Level supplements for my thyroid for some 8 months I have noticed that I don’t need it them anymore!  In fact I’ve noticed that I am overly warm using the usual clothing I’ve always worn.  I used to have to wear my socks in bed at night and now I never do. It’s great to feel no attention on my extremities.  Thanks Dr. Pepi.        D.F.


 I came to Dr. Pepi feeling like I was dying – I mean my digestive system had shut down; thyroid had shut down and had Candida in it and my ovaries were screaming for help.   After five days of being on Dr. Pepi’s program – yes I sad five days – my energy is restored. I feel alive again. I feel like taking on the world again!  Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.C.


  Before I started seeing Dr. Pepi I was seeing my medical doctor who took blood tests and diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism.  I had a swollen lump in my throat, my energy was low and my doctor told me I would need to be on drugs every day of my life or else have radiation iodine “therapy”.  Since seeing Dr. Pepi my energy level has gone up to almost what it had been (80% better), the lump in my throat has gone way down (80% better) and I know I won’t need to be on drugs, or worse, have surgery!  Thanks.        C.S.


  While taking Core Level supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended for my thyroid, I had extreme amounts of energy. When I went on a trip to San Francisco I could actually run up and down the streets while my friends would “huff and puff”.  Also, while my friend and I were on a trip (he was very healthy and 14 years younger that me) we hiked trails up in the mountains of Big Sur and had a blast while my other friends (who were junk food addicts) slept in the van.  Previous to taking Core Levels I had not experienced this type of energy.        B.S.


  When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, my thyroid had been misbehaving and was being treated by a thyroid specialist.  Blood levels were high and I was taking a hormone to control it.  Dr. Pepi convinced me that I would be better off without the hormone and with her supplements and treatment. Now, about 1 ½ years later I had new blood tests done and my thyroid levels were all normal. So, it is possible to handle this with more “natural” methods.  I am sure that my thyroid condition, if not completely gone now, will be soon, thanks to Dr. Pepi!        M.G.


  Since I began menstruating at the age of thirteen, my monthly periods have been associated with pain (mostly severe cramps).  I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for five months and this is the first month that I haven’t felt like ripping my uterus out by its roots during “my time of the month”.  I have also been able to lose twenty pounds since coming to Dr. Pepi which I have never been able to lose before.  I’ve tried many diets and exercise programs, but the problem was my thyroid, which Dr. Pepi is helping me fix.        S.C.


  I originally started seeing Dr. Pepi about seven weeks ago. My complaints were tiredness, swollen thyroid and a “spaced out” feeling. Since I have been seeing her my energy level has picked up. I also sleep better at night. Most of the swelling in the thyroid seems to be gone and most of the pain is also gone from the area.  The spaced out feeling has changed and doesn’t feel as much a fixed condition. Some of that feeling is still around but I feel a definite and steady improvement. I also find it easier to accomplish mental tasks.        C.E.


After only 3 weeks Dr. Pepi has created such a healing phenomenon in my body.  I’ve lost 11 lbs.  I no longer have difficulty sleeping.  My periods are not as painful.  I feel like a completely different person.  My digestive issues and thyroid problems are being resolved as Dr. Pepi continues to work with me.  I am very grateful and appreciative of all the staff.  As a chiropractor myself, I value the dedication Dr. Pepi and her staff demonstrate.        M.M.


I have been worrying about my body for about five years. It all started when I began some thyroid medicine and I watched my weight slowly increase each year.  I tried everything to stop the weight gain – diets, exercise and other doctors, but nothing seemed to work.

  My daughter is a patient of Dr. Pepi’s and I saw first hand a long time health problem handled, as well as a big loss in weight. I couldn’t believe how good she looked.  On a recent visit to LA I asked my daughter to set up and appointment for me. It was the best gift I have ever given myself.  In just two days, I lost four pounds. At the end of three weeks I am twelve pounds lighter and feel the best I have in years. I feel like I have my body back again and each day I feel better and better. I know I will reach my goal. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        D.K.


  I just filled out a new health questionnaire after having received treatments for some time.  I’m happy to see that some of my chronic problems have completely disappeared. In particular, my disposition to constant (and I mean constant) viruses and low energy/weakness.  I no longer feel like a sick person!  I have great confidence that my remaining body problems will also get handled in turn.  Also, I forgot to say that when I started with Dr. Pepi, I was on a high dosage of thyroid hormone.  Dr. Pepi was successful in getting my thyroid improved to a point where I do not seem to need these supplemental hormones any longer.       L.W.


  A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Pepi with symptoms of depression and fatigue, which she diagnosed as a thyroid problem.  Her treatment gave me quick relief.  Then I had a pain in my left ankle (I assume that I twisted it) but Dr. Pepi said this was also caused from the thyroid.  One treatment rectified it and I have no more problems. God bless you, Dr. Pepi.        H.R.


I am so thrilled to be warm!  After one treatment to handle my thyroid gland and about one week on a special supplement, I am warm.  I am wearing tank tops and shorts around the house instead of socks and warm sweat pants!  It is very liberating.  Thank you, Dr. Pepi.  L.L.

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