Successes - Toxic Substances

Toxic Substances

I was very toxic with mercury and my mouth kept having trouble and I couldn’t get rid of candida. At Dr. Pepi’s instruction I finally got rid of all my silver fillings. Then she treated my body to detoxify the mercury. Mercury makes you feel exhausted when it’s in your system, but thanks to the treatments, Dr. Pepi’s Core Level supplement recommendations other supplements, I was able to more the mercury out quickly (several weeks) and the candida is gone.        M.F.


A year ago I was so chemically sensitive that when I touched new clothes in a store, the chemicals on them would make me itch, break out in hives and my brain and colon would shut down so that Dr. Pepi had to treat them to “jump start” them. Since then she’s done a lot of treatment getting my body to detoxify harmful chemicals and to deal with various chemicals from clothes better. My brain and colon never have trouble any more and I don’t get hives, I just itch. We’re definitely on the right track!        N.E.


Because I drive between 200—600 miles per week, my body was becoming tired and stressed from all the car exhaust and smog. Dr. Pepi convinced me to get a filter for my car after she discovered that I am allergic to the fumes. What a difference! As I drive, I’m breathing such fresh air! Just like the fresh air in Dr. Pepi’s office. Thanks a million.        S.M.C.


I went on a tour recently (I’m an actress) to India and the air in New Delhi is so bad, I got full of lead. Horrible toxin. I felt very depressed and low by the time I returned. Eventually it occurred to my very slow wits that I should see Dr. Pepi. Six weeks of “near-suicidal” depression is GONE after ½ hour with Dr. Pepi. A week later, the lead still detoxing in an orderly and controlled manner, and I’m back to living life with optimism and pleasure.        A.F.


I just finished my 6th liver program! I’m dumping out stones, mercury, tar and radioactive materials from various parts of my body. I have been a smoker for 27 years and I know my body is very toxic. I was amazed when I would go to the bathroom and it would smell like someone was tarring a roof! Tar was coming out and is still! This is great, there is hope yet for my poor toxic body! (That is a bit of a joke as my body is strong as a horse despite the abuse I have put it through previously. However, it has been toxic filled and the toxins are coming out!)        L.S.


Dr. Pepi gave me one treatment and handled several problems I was having for months. She spotted my cigarettes and colloidal minerals were radioactive. It was feeling like heart pains, headaches, diarrhea and burning in the chest. I got her adjustment and quit using those products and all problems stopped. I feel hope that she can resolve my other problems! Thanks!        N.P.


I have had a chronic spasm in my left shoulder for years. It would wax and wane and periodically pinch a nerve and give me a migraine. So it has been a source of aggravation for some time. One day I noticed that the moment I turned on my computer at work, I instantly got pain in my shoulder. The muscle tightened up like a rock and I got a headache. Dr. Pepi explained the connection between the electromagnetic waves and the effect on my body. It was very hard to understand, but I bought the environmental clock and set it next to my computer and haven’t had a problem since. So, after years of trying to handle the problem chiropractically, nutritionally and spiritually to no avail, the clock did it!        J.S.


I have had low energy, night sweats and out-of-control cravings for starch and salt. Dr. Pepi de-sensitized me for many foods (bread, dairy, sugar, etc) as well as various chemicals (mercury, cleaning products, etc.) The next day I had no more bizarre cravings and the night-sweats went away. I eat much less now and get more energy out of the food I eat. The results are remarkable!        K.L.


Since doing Dr. Pepi’s program, I’ve had to cut back on my vitamin and weight loss herbs. If I don’t I’m so jazzed that I can’t sleep! I feel much better than before. I’m also detoxing some metal poisoning, which I took in five years ago, naturally, with nothing else going on! It’s much, much better!        K.B.


After four days of moving and ten hours of painting the walls of my new room, my body was not functioning properly. The paint fumes had chemically confused my body – my brain was not able to function properly. Dr. Pepi worked her magic again. I was confused tired and spacey. After her treatment, some Core Level supplements for my brain, I really felt ready and enthusiastic to work. PS She also cured my craving for sweet, fatty foods. Now all I crave are grains and veggies.        R.M.


I came in feeling really sick to my stomach from food poisoning. Within a few minutes of treatment I started to feel better. Now my nausea is almost gone! Dr. Pepi always amazes me. I always know that when she treats me I’ll feel better and this happens all the time! Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        L.M.


After years of abuse of my body with everything from paint fumes to caffeine addiction, I finally connected up with Dr. Pepi. Right away I knew it was survival for me as she educated me as to what was occurring with my body. She gives you the knowledge of diet and nutrition so well that one’s responsibility and control sky rocket.  I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Pepi gets the results! Thanks, Dr. Pepi. You’re the best.        R.S.


I began to have clumps of hair falling out after dyeing my hair. It may have been an allergic reaction but my hairdresser said he had never seen an allergic reaction like this. However, I told Dr. Pepi that I was worried. She did a treatment and it stopped.        M.J.J.


Dr. Pepi helped me so much with something that hit me with a fever of 104 degrees and all sorts of other symptoms. (Toxic Shock Syndrome). I had had slight symptoms of it before, but this was the worst. I thought I was going to have to go into the hospital because it was so severe. I came to Dr. Pepi instead and within 24 hours I was 150% better. Literally, I had no trace or symptom of being ill. My body had been in the worst pain imaginable and Dr. Pepi worked a miracle for me. Thanks.        K.K.


Dr. Pepi saved me for the second time!!! (The first time was last year).

I was doing well for a long time but then slowly, imperceptibly slowly, I was feeling worse and worse. My body was turning into wood. I got a beginner exercise video and tried aerobics 3-4 times a week. But my body was still stiff all over. My neck was particularly painful off and on. I couldn’t lift my head when I was lying down without propping it up. One time I work in the middle of the night with the joints in my arms aching. All the while I’m trying to exercise to loosening things up. And my diet was getting more and more perfect! Still nothing.

So I called Dr. Pepi.

Within a few minutes she had discovered that I am allergic to the blue-green algae that I had been diligently taking daily for three months! I had been poisoning my body while making all these efforts to keep it fit! She also suggested that I take another type of vitamin and suggested I take more of one that I was already taking. The next morning I woke up feeling like new. The following day I felt positively energetic! My whole life has changed since I saw Dr. Pepi.

I thank our so-so-so much, Dr. Pepi! You’re my hero! I’ve given several of my friends and acquaintances your name too. It’s nice to have a body that works with you and not against you to get what you want done. Thanks again, Dr. Pepi. You’re tops.        J.P.R.


After doing Dr. Pepi’s “handle the colon” program, I have no concerns about my pollution this year. Last year at this time my body was a walking pollution sponge, just sucking in and holding pollution. This year I feel fine and everything is clean, or at least feels clean! Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        V.H.F.


I had a big win today. I had a major allergic reaction to some dental work where silver was used as a build up to a crown. I felt frantic, hyper, all wound up and extremely exhausted. Dr. Pepi treated me and desensitized the silver in my tooth. I felt completely relaxed and at ease as a sense of well being came over me. Previously, I felt I had been wrapped around a tree. This technology never ceases to amaze me. It’s totally incredible. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. You’re tops.        S.H.


Little did I know that I was poisoned! I definitely was aware of the fact that my body felt like it had been obliterated by a rather large truck. Of course, the only thing to do at a time like this was to check my body in with Dr. Pepi.

  Thanks to Dr. Pepi, this whole nightmare took about an hour to get through. Once again, she has proven her expertise. IT WORKS! Thank you for applying what you know, Dr. Pepi. Love Cass and her body.        C.S.


During the month of May, I began to experience a type of headache that was not migraine in type and did not seem to be totally caused by my TMJ (jaw alignment) problem. Dr. Pepi identified aluminum poisoning as the cause and cautioned me about various foods and cookware. After the appointment and following her directions, I am pleased to say that I experienced immediate relief. This particular type of headache has not returned.        J.T.


Of all the adversity life can offer, I got poisoned by a cactus and couldn’t move my index finger! What a pipsqueak hassle! Well, Dr. Pepi came to my rescue and got it straight. It’s healed and happy. Thanks!        M.T.


I have been detoxifying lead for two or three weeks with much discomfort prior to coming to see Dr. Pepi. Dr. Pepi’s treatments have been amazingly helpful getting me through this detoxification. I’m feeling much, much better and ready to get back to my regular activities. Thanks doc.        R.Q.


Though I am not yet totally over candida overrun, I have gone from approximately seven months ago, when I could hardly stand to sit through Dr. Pepi’s seminar because of the agony I was in from back troubles to toxins and aluminum poisoning. I was a mess. Now from this diet and staying away from aluminum and stainless steel cookware (using glassware) I have bones that sometimes go into place on their own. I can walk between ¾ to one miles per day. My tolerance to heat is improving.

Well, I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve come a long way baby! P.S. Because I know that my life depends on it, I do in fact, stick steadfast to the diet.        D.F.


I’ve seen Dr. Anita Pepi twice now. The first time was a few months ago. The reason was my heart was hurting. I went to a heart specialist and he said to see a chiropractor because sometimes the rib cage gets moved around and may press against it. It wasn’t that. It was the dreaded aluminum poisoning bug that’s buzzing around these days, which made sense because I’d really been getting into beer in cans, plus all the other aluminum stuff out there. Anyway it’s been a few months later and with pretty much, I feel better. But it’s taking too long, so I’m going to do it fully!!        G.K.


What can I say? No cramps, first time ever. I do feel better. I’m a healthier person now. I don’t eat off lead plates and I don’t use aluminum anything. I’m hooked on Dr. Pepi. And can I tell you Core Level supplements took my lower back pain almost away. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        A.H.


This will be my second visit with Dr. Pepi and I’ve had amazing changes after my first visit. To name those changes precisely, I’ve had a chronic yeast problem and I feel that it is being addressed and getting handled. My face cleared up, my energy level increased and overall I feel much better!! I also lost a few pounds here and there.        E.D.G.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi for chemical sensitivities and lately have been having tons of wins. My energy level is soaring, I’m sleeping better and I have a general sense of well being. I don’t have the chronic hunger that I used to and I’ve cut down my food intake by half. And my chemical sensitivity is better! Life is looking good. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        S.H.


I have a history of good stamina and energy. But, two weeks ago I saw Dr. Pepi for exhaustion! and insomnia. Dr. Pepi saw that my adrenals were shot. She said “Your body is starving.” I was given a supplement recommendation to take daily A.M. and P.M., I was told to stay away from coffee and alcohol, a change in diet was advised composed of a variety of nuts, raw foods, some chicken and salmon. Another critical factor in my healing was to have all my silver/mercury fillings replaced with a non-toxic filling. A clinic in Tijuana was suggested. I immediately drove to Tijuana where the dentist worked quickly, skillfully and economically.

I know that the removal of that toxic mercury was a major component in my healing so quickly. Two weeks have passed. I am now sleeping – the insomnia is gone. My physical energy is returning and I feel alive again. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, and thanks also to your marvelous staff.        L.L.


I had some major – and I mean MAJOR dental work done. It was a very traumatic experience for me and my body. I had to be totally put out for two eleven hour days. This resulted in mybbody being pumped full of drugs and toxins. My body was very ticked off.

When I first came to see Dr. Pepi on this, I couldn’t even chew simple foods because it hurt so much. Also, I had constant pain in my mouth that came in and out all day long. My body wanted to just get rid of my entire head.

Now I feel extremely well. I don’t have the pain in my mouth and I hardly ever experience any symptoms. I can chew anything I want to eat. I feel very healthy and my mind is not bombarded with painful thoughts. I have more energy and my outlook on the future has seriously improved. Dr. Pepi is the best I have ever known, and I’ve been to a lot of healers. Her technology is laser sharp. I trust my body to her completely.        D.M.

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