Successes - Weight Problems

Weight Problems

After one phone consultation I lost 10 pounds and I sleep like a baby.  Also, I don’t have any more cravings like before.  Thank you.        A.H.


I have been coming to see Dr. Pepi since Jan. 09.  It’s June 09 and I have lost 28 lbs as a result of the diet she put me on.  She is treating me for various issues, but the weight loss is one good thing that came out of being on the program as a whole.  I lost cravings for sugar and carbs and am able to stay on the diet.        A.T.


When my mother said “eat your veggies”, I did. A lifetime of cooked veggies, too many carbohydrates and huge stresses in my profession led me to Dr. Pepi several years ago. Dr. Pepi saved my life twice. On this last visit she made it worth living. She advised me with “the big one” – eat 80% raw veggies.

My head was swimming with a lifetime of misunderstandings about food. I decided to trust her and clear up the misunderstandings later. Doing it turned out to be the proof. One month later I am 18 pounds lighter. The toxins fled when the veggies advanced, taking all sorts of distressing symptoms with them.

If that weren’t enough, the meals are very satisfying and since I love solving problems I now have sound advice for others. Visiting Dr. Pepi is more than satisfying. Instead of living day-to-day I now know I have a future.        L.W.


Before I saw Dr. Pepi, I was compulsively eating all the time and even though I ate so much I felt sick and had no energy to get through the day.  Now I'm 75% better - I have tons more energy and haven't felt like I need to eat to get through the day.  I also used to get headaches.  They would be in my neck and upper back of neck.  Every day I'd have to take pain pills and this made me very uncomfortable and frustrated.  In the first week after seeing Dr. Pepi, I got only one headache.        M.L.


When I was pregnant with my daughter I had started gaining 2 - 3 pounds per week!!  This was obviously water retention because my ankle bones were now not visible.   I calculated at that rate I would weigh something unconfrontable at the 9 month point.  I was very uncomfortable, and worried about getting edema and even worse toxemia.

I went to see Dr. Pepi.  The result of the treatments were that my kidneys started to do their job, and I only gained another 10 pounds during the remaining 4 months of pregnancy.  The first five months I had gained 30!  I very much appreciate the help in making my pregnancy so much easier and helping to give my wonderful daughter a better environment during those months!

Love, A.H.


I was constantly craving carbohydrates and sugars. The cravings have reduced 95% and I have dropped about 12 pounds.        J.K.


Wow!  The specific juicer Dr. Pepi recommended was great.  Best one I’ve ever used.  The pulps come out extremely dry and you can really taste the veggie juices.  I’ve lost four pounds from it using Dr. Pepi’s juicing formula.  Thanks Dr. Pepi!        L.S.


After one visit and a plan put forward in the 5 weeks since, I have lost 28 pounds and reduced my blood pressure from 150/90 to 120/82.        D.W.


After only 3 weeks Dr. Pepi has created such a healing phenomenon in my body.  I’ve lost 11 lbs.  I no longer have difficulty sleeping.  My periods are not as painful.  I feel like a completely different person.  My digestive issues and thyroid problems are being resolved as Dr. Pepi continues to work with me.  I am very grateful and appreciative of all the staff.  As a chiropractor myself, I value the dedication Dr. Pepi and her staff demonstrate.        M.M.


I had gained weight and was up about 25 lbs from my “norm”. I tried all kinds of diets and just couldn’t keep the discipline in that it took to get the weight off. After seeing Dr. Pepi for treatment, she found that my body didn’t properly process certain minerals and fats. With her awesome technology, she treated me for that and recommended certain foods to eat. Also, taking the supplements helped tremendously with my discipline and the weight literally fell off. I have now lost 35 lbs and I feel great!!! My body finally feels back to normal again. Thank you Dr. Pepi!!!        T.N.


Lee thanks you for his new figure. He is now able to wear a motorcycle jacket custom made for him in 1950 when he was 200 pounds at 6'4". I don't have picture of the jacket but do have him on the bike just a few weeks ago.        Love, L.W.


My body is doing much better after only a week. My colon is functioning well, my digestion is improving. My food intake requirements are reduced and I’ve lost four pounds! The supplements seem quite powerful. This is going to be fun!        A.M.


During the last year, I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite. Then I went to see Dr. Pepi. I am happy to say she fixed my weight loss problem. I take the recommended capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in my food to enter my blood. I am gradually regaining the weight I lost and am now able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the supplement also contains digestive enzymes.        H.C.


One phone consultation with Dr. Pepi has changed my life. I was having trouble with anxiety and depression, weight and menopausal symptoms. She motivated me and told me what to do and what to take and eat. After 11 days, my anxiety and depression were 95% better, I’d lost 7 lbs and my menopausal symptoms were nearly gone. I could focus more and have more personal motivation. It’s now 4 months later and I’ve done 2 more phone consultations and I’m still doing great – even better!

I think it’s important to have someone who knows the right things to do and take and eat to make your conditions better, and are right for your body. I’ve found that in Dr. Pepi.        M.M.


Within hours after leaving Dr. Pepi’s office, I could feel a change taking place. It is now 11 days later and after only one visit: I have lost at least 7 pounds, my energy level went up, the bloating I was having with my stomach is about 95% better, my sleep is 95% better, the rash on my face is 80% better, and the chronic cravings for sugar and carbs is 90% better. I actually feel like I have my body back!

Dr. Pepi is an amazing woman! She has helped me to handle chronic body problems I have had for at least the last 10 years. My successful action in all of this is - follow the program that she gives you. It’s that easy. I can’t thank you enough.        J.K.


I started seeing Dr. Pepi less than a month ago and I have already lost 9 pounds. I had problems with low energy and a bad diet. Since following the program that Dr. Pepi prescribed for me, my energy level has boosted tremendously. My eating habits have changed for the better. I have noticed that my body doesn’t crave bad foods anymore. I actually enjoy eating vegetables and fruits. Even when I see unhealthy foods in front of me, I don’t want any of it. I believe I am on the right path to losing 30 more pounds.        M.A.


Dr. Pepi has been after me to start eating more raw veggies for a while now. I just “didn’t have time” to shop and I thought I didn’t like vegetables. I never really got much better. I was drinking and smoking and eating fast food. I figured Dr. Pepi would be able to keep my body in shape just with treatments and supplements. She insisted that it would be a lot cheaper to change the diet.

Well, Dr. Pepi’s right again. I started eating raw about 3 months ago. I quit alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and cooked fat and I feel great!!! I can almost keep up with my 16 year old twin boys in energy and sometimes they wear down before I do. I lost about 25 pounds and I’m looking physically like I did 25 years ago (maybe even better). And it is cheaper. It is such a win to go to the doctor for a tune-up instead of needing an overhaul every time I’m here. Thanks doc. You’re the best body mechanic around!!!        W.M.


I am totally amazed by the results I have had in just my first 3 days. First of all I have read at least 5 diet books; I have tried to follow at least 10 different diets all to no avail. Dr. Pepi treated me and immediately found I was deficient in certain nutrients. My first day after being on the nutrients and the diet that Dr. Pepi recommended I felt 10 times better. Now, 3 days later, I have already lost weight. I feel great, and even my vision improved. Thank you.        L.S.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with no energy, a weight problem and acne. After just three weeks my skin cleared up beautifully. My energy has also increased enormously and made my disposition far more pleasant. I have lost five pounds so far, and all this in just three weeks. I cannot wait to see my results after another three weeks. Thank you so much.        A.P.


I came to Dr. Pepi to help me lose weight. I’ve been dieting since I was 10, and now that I’m 40, nothing seems to work. I suspected that I’d done some harm over the years, and Dr. Pepi confirmed that my adrenals were WIPED OUT. That coupled with candida was preventing me from being able to lose weight.

I’ve been on Dr. Pepi’s program for 9 days – my diet has changed, I feel real energy (not frantic caffeine energy!) and I’ve already dropped 12 lbs. Yeah! I feel like I have an answer.        M.B.


When I first began seeing Dr. Pepi I was in sorry shape. I had chronic exhaustion, dizziness, digestive trouble and was feeling very low physically and mentally. After a good deal of treatment and supplements I am doing very much better. I have more energy and need less sleep, the dizziness is almost gone, my digestive problems are almost gone, and my body feels looser and more relaxed. I even lost 10 lbs of extra weight. I look & feel younger and more alive.        L.F.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was really sick. I was fainting every day and had really bad heart pains. Now the fainting and heart pains are 100% gone and I’ve gone down 5 dress sizes. This is the best I’ve felt since I first got my thyroid problem!        K.S.


After the first visit to Dr. Pepi I felt as if I were walking on air. There was a spring in my step I hadn’t felt for many years – despite the fact I still weighed 280 pounds, and at 5’3”!

The craving for food ceased immediately after Dr. Pepi had me take the proper supplements. After three weeks I had dropped three sizes and carted off two sizes of clothes to a thrift store – totally confident that the weight/size loss is permanent. In addition the back pain I suffered for 39 years (since I was 11) subsided and I was able to physically accomplish tasks at a great rate and with a vengeance. As we continue treatment, I remain grateful to Dr. Pepi’s ability to help and heal.        L.H.


Since starting with Dr. Pepi I have lost 30 pounds (never a goal, just a byproduct). I have lost my cravings for sweets, chocolate, coffee breaks, etc… I now want to snack on tomatoes and celery or carrots. My overall health is spectacular and I know I have set myself up for a long life without the aging agonies. Everyone who has known me for sometime comments on how good I look. I notice myself how much clearer and cleaner my skin is. Generally I feel great and have active thoughts pop into my mind that I want to live a long time and produce and accomplish a lot.        D.M.


After 16 liver flushes, my body has made a stupendous recovery, thanks to Dr. Pepi’s phenomenal knowledge & ability.

My skin looks completely different, my entire body is dumping fat, but best of all, this physical uplift & recovery has struck off the chains that held down my spirits.

I no longer have gray days where nothing pleases, and I doggedly persist in carrying on with the motions of work, teeth gritted & waiting for the day to end. I now see much better & notice far more of the environment around me.

This correct diagnosis & treatment is changing my entire life! Thank you!        D.G.W.


I initially came to Dr. Pepi to handle a different situation besides weight loss. The truth is that she’s probably given me less that one hour of treatment and we weren’t even intending to handle the weight, but because her treatment is so directed toward total physical health, I lost nearly 20 lbs! Dr. Pepi’s treatment of my liver was a key to my success.        M.W.


I had a very bad case of candida, a rash on my skin, hay fever and a bladder infection. This was 40 days ago. As of this day, I am feeling much better. My skin looks great. I lost 35 lbs. Also I am eating much better high energy food. No breads or rice.        R.S.


I came to see Dr. Pepi for lack of energy, weight gain, unable to sleep.

I started Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and after my first treatment I got more done in one day than I’ve been able to do in the last several months. It seemed effortless to do so many things, and I also lost 4 pounds the next day.

I’m excited to be able to feel some energy coming back and start having fun creating.        N.W.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with a digestive disorder which had lingered for more than a year with no real relief after seeing medical doctors. I had no energy and found it difficult to drag out of been by noon.

I saw Dr. Pepi at 1:30 P.M. during the day and she diagnosed a liver problem as well. I had an extremely busy afternoon/evening and at 10:00 P.M. I realized that I felt better than I had felt during the past year. I felt lighter and cleaner, as if I had already lost five pounds of waste. This seemed miraculous: only one treatment and I’m feeling like a new person already.

I continue to feel great; my abdomen is no longer sore and bloated. It is really wonderful to feel healthy and whole again!! However, an added bonus is that I not only feel great, but have lost 21 pounds over the last four months. Losing weight has always been difficult for me and November and December are the holiday season, a time when I normally gain.        M.W.


I have been going to Dr. Pepi and she tested me with a supplement to burn fat and I’ve lost 8 lbs. Before, no matter what I did the scale did not go down, it stated the same or went up. My appetite has gone down also and I don’t crave all the food in the world. Thank you (to the staff) and thank you Dr. Pepi.        F.D.


I have experienced continual improvement of sleep and clearing up of my skin. My weight and bloating have also diminished. I always look forward to my appointments and I am excited about the new supplement program Dr. Pepi has put me on!!        J.M.


I had been maintaining 175 pounds consistently for about a year. I’m 5’10’ so this is my ideal weight. I recently ran out of my supplements, which I have been taking 6 of daily for about the past year. After eight days without them, I weighed 182 pounds. On the 9th day I received my order of supplements and resumed taking them. Three days later I weighed 175 pounds again.        R.P.


I came to Dr. Pepi to get rid of a fungus that was spreading on my body for the past five years. The fungus started on my back and spread to deltoids, chest, neck and stomach. At its worst it would itch and burn.

After two months of treatment it is completely gone—hooray! My skin looks great! I also feel great because in the process of cleaning up the fungus I changed how I eat. To my amazement, I lost 14 pounds just by eating healthy. I get so many complements about how great I look. I also feel great too!        A.H.


After my first visit with Dr. Pepi I couldn’t believe how fast I got results. We agreed on the changes I needed to make in my diet and supplements I needed to take. The change was almost immediate! No more migraines, the blood sugar crashes are almost gone! The mood swings are so reduced I barely even notice them AND I lost 8 pounds! This is in only four weeks! I’m a happy camper and look forward to even more improvement.        H.F.


I feel much better in quite a few ways. The chest pains are almost completely gone. I feel much calmer than I was and I feel I can get back to things. I’m also down to my normal weight in just a few weeks – about 20 pounds off. Thanks guys!        W.T.


In August I dragged my sad excuse for a body in to see Dr. Pepi after being treated unsuccessfully for many months by a medical doctor for a non-functioning thyroid. By the time I sought “alternative” treatment I was a basket case: no energy, pains in legs and (in spite of difficulty swallowing) a forty pound weight gain. When my body finally decided to seriously go on strike, I was visiting LA on vacation but not having much fun. The highlights of my days were the long naps.
Dr. Pepi worked her magic on me. Not only did she find the solution to my disagreeable thyroid, she found the underlying cause and fixed that, too.

A mere few months later my body is healing well. I feel wonderful. The tonnage is melting off. No more naps (Is that good news or bad news?) Thank you Dr. Pepi!        C.H.


The diet and supplement recommendations were perfect. After about 30 days I felt better than I have in years. I have much more energy. A lot of my attention came off my body and, as a bonus, I lost 10 here-to-fore hard-to-loose pounds. I’m motivated to continue.        A.M.


After one month I lost weight (about one whole size) and I was/am feeling better. I also noticed my eye-color had really increased and I look more alive. I won’t lie – the first couple of weeks with the diet change are not fun. But when you start coming through to the other side WOW – very worth it! I have hope again. Thanks.        R.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I was completely addicted to sugar and couldn’t get off it. If I didn’t have some type of sugar at a meal I was starving no matter how much I ate. After my first visit I followed Dr. Pepi’s instructions exactly and now I don’t have any sugar, and even though I’m eating less than I used to, I’m never starving! For the first time I can actually get my diet and nutrition in and stop relying on sugar.        J.B.


For the last year I was overweight about ten pounds and it just would not go away despite me trying to starve it off! I thought I was going to start having to get used to a bigger body. Then Dr. Pepi treated me and had me take a supplement. I lost 6 pounds in ten days without effort! I feel great!        J.S.


My daughter came to Dr. Pepi for treatment for a few conditions, one of them being to get some weight off (just a few pounds) and to lose the cellulite on her thighs. The Dr. treated her thighs and put her on a supplement for the weight and two weeks later she had lost those pounds and her thighs are inches thinner. Having lost the cellulite she looks trim and says she feels much better!!        J.S. for A.S.


In just ten days I feel so much better – I have more energy, losing weight, happier! I came in with my stomach a total mess with candida and not able to digest food, burn fat and I was constantly nauseated. In only ten days on my personalized program from Dr. Pepi, and  I feel 110% better in every aspect of my life!        N.R.


I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last couple of years. I have been on low fat diets, no carbos, no sugar, etc… but the harder I tried…I was unsuccessful. I suspected candida – I called Dr. Pepi from Chicago because I developed canker sores in mouth and was bloated. She recommended specific Core Level supplements some digestive supplements. After I started taking these, the canker sores went away and my bloatedness started to go away. After two weeks I lost 8 pounds and I’m still losing it. Thank you Dr. Pepi!!        M.P.


I am a new woman now. My chronic muscle pain that I used to have to take drugs for is much better and I can exercise when I couldn’t before. My body is 75% more flexible and I’ve lost 14 pounds. My energy level is 90% better. WOW!        M.P.


I’m doing so much better. I’ve lost 20 pounds and my blood pressure level is currently in a very good range. Thank you!        S.W.


I’d been trying to lose those “few extra pounds” for several years and just couldn’t seem to break 120 pounds. The ideal weight for my height and frame is around 115 pounds, but no matter how well I ate or stuck to a diet I just couldn’t lose and would even gain weight.

I originally saw Dr. Pepi for other body situations and she put me on liver flushes. Suddenly those extra pounds came off and I average just about 110 – 115 pounds! What a win! And they’re stably off!        N.K.


I felt 90-100% improvement after only one visit! My primary concern was excess weight and the doctor declared my adrenals WIPED OUT. One treatment and one week of following the diet and supplement plan and I was convinced that this would be a new lease on life for me! Best of all my energy level soared – I experienced zero hunger or food cravings. I’m 51 and have been dieting successfully and unsuccessfully for more than 40 of those (my first diet pills at 13, every diet on the planet, fat camps as a kid – you name it!) I’m also a professional ghost writer who has “written” celebrity health diet books and edited three books on weight loss from prominent nutritionists. Believe me I know this works!        L.P.


I’ve been on the ovary supplements for two months now and am having a much easier time with my periods. My periods have been more than problematic during my life time. PS I’ve also lost an inch or so around my hips.        B.B.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi now for about 5 or 6 years and am doing great.  I see her to keep me in shape and handle occasional acute problems.  She has been telling me about the problems created by too much cooked food, not enough veggies, taking caffeine and so on—but I never went “all the way” for some reason.  Well, I did change my diet recently and the effects were “miraculous”—tons of energy, tons of alertness, weight loss, I feel great and my wife tells me I’m good looking.        K.G.


After several months of having pain in my right hip area, I had an MRI in January and was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis.

Until I reached age 75 I enjoyed good health, would walk two miles a day five days a week and only went to the doctor once a year for a physical checkup. During the next three years I went to two orthopedic surgeons and three neurosurgeons and all except one talked about operating. Not a one suggested exercising. Because I was no longer able to walk I started doing exercises morning and night and discovered that it helped. But I was still unable to maintain my balance and walk straight because of the pain. As each day went on I couldn’t wait to finish my chores so that I could sit down. Also, in the last year I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite.

Then on February 25, I went to see Dr. Pepi. The first thing she did was fit my feet for orthotics, and now I am able to maintain my balance and walk much better. She also recommended taking essential nutrients for the formation and repair of cartilage, ligaments and discs.

I am also happy to say she found my weight loss problem. I take a capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in the food to enter into my blood. I am able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the capsule also contains a digestive enzyme. The severe pain in my right hip is much better and I no longer have pain in the calf of my right leg when I drive my car.        H.C.


Dr. Pepi has helped me a lot. I lost ten unwelcome pounds during the past year and have had many other benefits. I depend on her treatments to keep me well whenever I travel to LA, which isn’t as often as I’d like. But still continues good results. More energy and this past year I stopped having colds and the flu I used to have so often.        F.C.


I am doing very well. I have been focused more on work and healthy diet. Both Jon and I are doing protein, veggies, water and VERY few carbos. So we have both reduced our mass. Clothes are fitting better and have more energy.

An overall sense of well being and health continues, thanks in no small part to your wonderful treatments. Body pain has stayed away, digestion is good, NO GALL BLADDER problems at all; which was what got me in your front door to begin with. I was not thrilled with the other option of surgery. To say that I was glad I went to you and got it handled would be the understatement of the century.

Thanks again for all your help and caring. Feel free to pass these wins along however you wish. If it can help someone else make a decision to choose a safer and successful way to improve their health situation – GREAT!        E.D.B.


Since starting my program with Dr. Pepi, my body is making a complete turnaround. I am 54 years old and have been feeling like I was 70. I have a good view of what old age is and I don’t like it. The basic reality I have about old age is starvation. I have been very good about eating healthy foods for the last 30 years. Eating and using food are two different things.

Dr. Pepi has been correcting my body so that when you use the food you eat! My head is getting clearer. My actual brain cells seem clearer. I am feeling like my body is taking on a wholeness that I haven’t experienced in years, maybe never.  I have been feeling like doing cart wheels. Now, this I haven’t done since I was 8 or 9 years old. I am not about to try these yet, but give me another month, maybe I will!!!

One more thing, I have been very thin all my life and I’m much thinner now than I should be. Recently, Dr. Pepi adjusted my body so that it could utilize vegetable oils that I eat. I feel like my joints are being oiled and I have started to gain weight on a daily basis, a little more each day!!!

My overall feeling regarding my health is excitement. I feel like something is being addressed here that has been with me for a very long time.        J.K.


I brought my five year old son expecting some change/improvement on his health. Jordan had been losing weight and he has always been on the pale side. One visit with Dr. Pepi and a change in his diet made a big difference. His teacher no longer complains of him wriggling so much that it distracts the other students. He has a nice rosy color and he eats the foods that he used to hate. He has so much energy and actually enjoys going to the park to play.        A.D.


I feel real good and am winning on quitting smoking, having energy, losing weight, being fit and healthy and getting rid of other undesirable things. All of these since I started coming here last year. Thank you very much.        D.L.


Before I came and saw Dr. Pepi I was very chubby and heavy. My nose was plugged almost all the time and my knee would hurt when ever I ate even the tiniest bit of sugar. I could not pass my Physical Education Requirements, which are a number of tests that I must do in order to graduate from my class. I just recently passed all of them.

My nose is clear and has been staying that way for several months now. I am also now very slim and am able to do a lot of physical activities that I would never even think of doing, like 50 mile bike trips, 15 mile hikes up the second highest peak in the LA area, and other backpack trips (that’s with all of your camping gear in your back packs).

Anita taught me how to take care of my self and how to handle almost anything I run into in life. She taught me by: whenever I had a problem, she would explain what was happening, what I should do and why I should do it. That really helped a lot because it really made me understand the importance of doing the things she told me to do.

I also can eat a lot of junky food (I don’t do it very often though) including sugary foods and my body can handle it.

I want to thank Dr. Pepi because of her I am now a much more able person.        T.B. (age 14)


At my first appointment with Dr. Pepi, she addressed the communication structure simply between brain and glands and overall body function. Within 24 hours of her treatment, Core Level  supplements and glandular supplements, I could actually perceive a rehabilitated communication line from brain to body. This was an unexpected relief of great magnitude. That in itself is miraculous.

Since then I’ve faithfully taken the supplements and all functions, hair growth (including greatly diminished hair loss), metabolism, weight loss and stabilization ad infinitum are noticeably improved. Thank you!        M.B.


After five weeks I’ve lost 12 pounds, my chronic headaches are gone and I’ve had enough energy to start an exercise program.        C.G.


Before being treated by Dr. Pepi I suffered a digestive problem which had been diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. Everything I ate gave me terrible abdominal pain and gas buildup. Even when I didn’t eat, the same symptoms would appear. With Dr. Pepi’s therapy through vitamins and nutrition I have been pain free now for two months and all symptoms seem to be dissipating. Two added bonuses are that 1) I was the only person in my entire family to escape the flu after being exposed many times during the holiday season 2) the second bonus, to my great delight is that after experiencing out-of-control weight gain, I have now shed 20 pounds very easily just be being exposed to a more nutritious food program.        V.W.


In the last 4-5 weeks I have lost about 2 dress sizes since I started handling my ability to metabolize the food I’m eating. This is in addition to the weight I have lost during my treatments with Dr. Pepi (about 20—25 pounds all told). So, I’m very pleased with this and want to make continual progress toward my ideal healthy weight for this body.        C.B.


I have had good results from Dr. Pepi’s working on my ability to absorb the food I’m eating. After just a few adjustments I’ve started to lose weight, finally, which has been a real sticking point for a long time. Thanks.        C.B.


Three weeks ago Dr. Pepi gave me an adjustment due to a calcium deficiency. Per the doctor’s recommendations I changed some eating habits, but not that much. Well. I’ve lost 15-17 pounds in three weeks and the weight is gradually and continuously coming off. What a great diet plan: Get the body to operate correctly. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        B.M.


In the past three months of treatment with Dr. Pepi, I have noticed a remarkable change in my overall health. I have lost close to 20 pounds, have had no incidence of a prior chronic kidney problem and notice a tremendous increase in energy. Following Dr. Pepi’s dietary suggestions and taking the recommended supplements has made all the difference to me.        J.C.


I came in having had migraines about one per month, continual heartburn, ringing in my ears and other problems. I haven’t had a migraine in over a month – not even a blind spot (the precursor to migraines). The heartburn was gone within one week and the ringing in my ears is down by half and almost unnoticeable now. I also dropped a layer of fat off my belly and I’m sleeping like a baby. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. At last!        H.Q.


My intestinal area, after only one month, has decreased in size. I did look as thought I was pregnant. Now I am feeling much more energetic and lively. I need only six – seven hours of sleep, whereas before coming here I needed 12 -13 hours and always had no energy. I had a lot of arthritis type of pain which I no longer have.        V.A.


I am eating very healthy right now and I’m losing weight. I am going down to my natural weight. All this is due to changing my diet per Dr. Pepi’s food recommendations. Thank you very much.        G.S.


I feel so lucky to have come across this tissue cleansing through bowel management program. I feel more alert, more clear-minded and lost some weight. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        L.E.


Since I started with Dr. Pepi, my skin has improved a lot, my weight has dropped to eighteen pounds less and when I leave it seems as if things flow much better. I definitely recommend Dr. Pepi for health. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        M.D.


Dr. Pepi has given me a nutritional formula that helps me tremendously with my heart condition. She advised 1½ to 2 cups of food per meal. I have been doing it for over a week now and can’t describe the light feeling both in my digestion and my heart! I couldn’t believe that such a change could be possible with just applying this excellent formula. Loss of weight is an extra bonus of it. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, from my heart! (no kidding)        Y.H.


Since I began menstruating at the age of thirteen, my monthly periods have been associated with pain (mostly severe cramps). I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for five months and this is the first month that I haven’t felt like ripping my uterus out by its roots during “my time of the month”. I have also been able to lose 20 pounds since coming to Dr. Pepi which I have never been able to lose before. I’ve tried many diets and exercise programs, but the problem was my thyroid, which Dr. Pepi is helping me fix.        S.C.


Giving up my sugar habit was physically and emotionally one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. After being told that I had candida, I soon realized that this disease was ruining my health. With Dr. Pepi’s guidance, use of supplements and reorganizing my diet, I have been able to overcome my severe spells of spaciness, feeling of stress, extreme exhaustion and intense cravings for sweets. Plus I was able to lose 101 pounds easily and I felt more energetic and more in tune.

So, when I got engaged and needed to plan my wedding six months away… I knew that I would be stressed out and would face diet choices that included sweets. I turned to Dr. Pepi and she worked on my organs that needed to be strengthened during the upcoming months when I would be running myself ragged with appointments and decision making. The last three weeks, as many brides can attest, tend to be the most difficult. Many crises arose and there were many moments when unexpected events lead to tears. Dr. Pepi upped my supplements and saw me at least two times a week during the countdown to the big day.

I am pleased to say that my wedding day was perfect and I felt calm and beautiful. I’ve often heard brides complain that they felt the day passed them by and they don’t remember much. I felt very conscious that day and was able to remain peaceful and organized. So when people asked me how I remained so calm, I just smile and thank Dr. Pepi, and of course I take my "greenies" when they aren’t looking.        M.P.F.


I have been worrying about my body for about five years. It all started when I began some thyroid medicine and I watched my weight slowly increase each year. I tried everything to stop the weight gain – diets, exercise and other doctors, but nothing seemed to work.

My daughter is a patient of Dr. Pepi’s and I saw first hand a long time health problem handled, as well as a big loss in weight. I couldn’t believe how good she looked. On a recent visit to LA I asked my daughter to set up and appointment for me. It was the best gift I have ever given myself. In just two days, I lost four pounds. At the end of three weeks I am 12 pounds lighter and feel the best I have in years. I feel like I have my body back again and each day I feel better and better. I know I will reach my goal. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        D.K.


Just two days after getting checked out by Dr. Pepi I woke up and felt that I was getting my hands back. My goal is to lose weight and so far I have lost 4 pounds. This was a great win for me.        D.K.


I have been walking in circles between MDs and Chiropractors and Nutritionists for years while they tried to handle my thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which is an auto-immune dysfunction effecting the thyroid. But despite the fancy name and the fancy treatments I was given, I was still exhausted most of the time. I would be doing fine and then the next day would just be unable to get out of bed. Or I would be working at my desk and suddenly find that I had been unconscious for the last 20 minutes and had not even known it. Yet the doctors found nothing wrong and no reason why the artificial thyroid supplement I was taking did not handle it.

I had begun to believe that there was nothing really wrong with me physically and that it was all in my mind and I was just lazy.

Finally, I came to Dr. Pepi. I had heard that she is the best and can really get results. I heard right. She determined that the thyroid was actually not giving me a problem at present, but that I had such low blood sugar that I was simply going unconscious. Dr. Pepi got me onto some supplements to get my system properly functioning along with a diet to handle the blood sugar problem. It took a while for me to make the needed changes in my life so that I could stay on her program, but she worked with me and I did make the changes. The program kicked in and I am now doing much, much better. I have energy again. This is increasing as time goes on. I have also lost about 8 pounds without being hungry at all!

Dr. Pepi definitely gets results and her results are like magic! 


Taking the recommended Core Levels daily has really helped my overall well being. When I take them I have an instant feeling of nourishment and my attention on food and eating goes away as I have just given my body what it was really looking for.        J.K.


I started taking Dr. Pepi’s miracle supplements about four months ago. I am a new woman now. My energy level has improved 75% to 90% and a lot of the other symptoms have improved dramatically. I am so excited to be able to handle life’s daily obstacles so well now. And I am still improving. I’ve lost a total of 14 pounds since I first saw Dr. Pepi and I am able to keep my weight down.        M.P.


I came to see Dr. Pepi for a myriad of things that were going wrong with my body. Chief among these was that I had no energy. I also had many strange aches, pains and ailments and I couldn’t concentrate. My production was also suffering because of this. Dr. Pepi customized a program for me and a diet. Surprisingly, I did not hate being on the diet. It’s actually a lot of fun and I’m not experiencing cravings and withdrawal symptoms from other foods. I have tons more energy after the very first day! And I lost 8 pounds after two weeks. What I like most of all is that Dr. Pepi knows that something can be done to fix my problems terminatedly and I don’t have to be miserable about it.        L.M.


Since I have been under Dr. Pepi’s care I have lost weight, I sleep more restfully and I feel much better. I came to Dr. Pepi’s office only to give my wife company. I did not feel bad, but now I know what feeling super means. Thank you Dr. Pepi. I home you will be here in our town for many years to come.        G.R.


I’ve been on Dr. Pepi’s program for about three months. The results have been nothing short of miraculous! I’ve lost 15 pounds of weight and am still losing. My headaches, which were two times a week, are gone. My hair, which has been very gray, is turning black again and my energy level, which was low, has picked up a lot as has my production level and emotional level. The world looks much brighter now and my life is becoming fun again. Many thanks, Dr. Pepi, for your healing help and showing the way to a better way to live.        A.N.


In my first week after my first treatment with Dr. Pepi I lost about 6 pounds of unwanted weight, I stopped having pains in the colon, which I had been having and the pressure in a lymphoma over the colon area noticeably lessened and, in fact, seemed missing altogether. This is definitely moving in the right direction.        R.G.


I’ve been overweight for four years and the damn stuff just wouldn’t budge. Dr. Pepi discovered that this was small wonder since the majority of key functions in my body are more or less comatose. Dr. Pepi is fixing that and meanwhile having me eat lots of grains (basically macrobiotic diet) and I’ve been feeling very alive and well. This is not surprising since the food I eat is alive.        M.G.


I’ve been on Dr. Pepi’s program for one and a half weeks and I feel a thousand times better. I’m losing weight successfully for the first time in a long time. I’ve noticed positive changes that I’d not ever before considered a problem. Keep up the good work!        K.M.


I started with Dr. Pepi a little more than two months ago. Since then I’ve lost 30 pounds and about six inches from around my waist. I’ve returned to my old energy level of about two years ago and my sleeping habits of six to seven hours a night have become standard. But best of all, the old barrier I used to run up against while trying to lose is coming down. Thanks.        R.W.R.


I’ve wanted to lose weight for three years now. I’ve tried every kind of diet with no luck. After seeing Dr. Pepi recently, I had a big shift in my body. My pituitary gland is cleansing itself. Because of this my appetite has changed. I’m no longer hungry all the time. I lost 6 pounds in four days. I feel great!        J.R.


I’ve been here only twice so far and have had remarkable results so far. I’ve lost weight which was “impossible” up to now, cleared up some cysts, improved my vision a little bit, my eye color is changing toward what it was when I was younger and the muddiness in my eyes is clearing. I feel straighter. I smell better. And this is just the beginning. I’m so thankful for this help!        A.T.


Recently I got very sick out of nowhere with a bad fever and really bad cold symptoms one night.  The following day I had terrible back pain.  It hurt so much that I couldn’t sleep and I had to walk and balance my body very slowly when moving.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Pepi and she told me that my kidneys were screaming and had an infection.  She did the treatment necessary to address both the source of my back pain and also my other symptoms.  She instructed me with detail on what to do to help my body get rid of the infections as well.  At the end of the treatment my back pain was 50% better and my body overall felt less stressed.  I followed all of her instructions and in two days my infection was 90% better (yayyy!) and a couple of days after that it was completely gone.  I used NO ANTIBIOTICS and NO PAIN PILLS for the pain or infection.  Not only that but I also lost a couple of pounds too!  My body was very happy and thankful for the treatment and spot-on program to handle this.  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        C.A.


I came to Dr. Pepi to find the correct technology for my body so that I could improve my ability to do the best thing to care for it. I was overweight by about twenty-five pounds and had some aches and pains. I was concerned about the diet that Dr. Pepi suggested. How could I lose weight on high calorie grains? How could I eat a balanced diet with no meat, no dairy and no eggs? She helped me understand about grains, fruits and vegetables. I also started to read material written by vegetarians. Interesting!

I’m doing well on the diet. I have no tummy aches after eating, no overstuffed feeling and no constipation. I’ve lost 14 pounds and fourteen inches in six weeks. I find that I’m less interested in foods from meat and dairy. I’m looking at eating as “maintenance of the body” like bathing and brushing teeth. I’m seeking pleasure from other activities. My body is functioning well and certainly looks better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        G.L.H.


I had been having sleep problems and hypoglycemia for one and a half years. I was desperate for a handling. Imagine getting only about five hours sleep a night almost every night for one and a half years and still trying to work and study. It was really awful. Also, my appetite had gone and nothing was tempting to eat. While I was happy and doing well, my body was still doing badly and I didn’t know why, so I could never handle it.

After the first treatment from Dr. Pepi, I felt better and came home feeling ravenously hungry. I ate and ate and still lost weight and held the weight loss too. After the next treatment, I felt even better and after the third treatment I started to sleep better and better each night.
What a relief that within ten day my sleep was totally normal. Now my body is fine and I am able to do my studies every day. I stick to an easy regimen that Dr. Pepi suggested and that feels right to me. I am very happy with Dr. Pepi’s technology and I actually enjoy the vitamins (and so does my body). I strongly recommend Dr. Pepi and the technology she utilizes. It has really worked on me to straighten my body around. Thank you Dr. Pepi and thanks to the Dr. you learned this technology from and who did the original research, Dr. Beardall.C.T.


Doctor Pepi is a MIRACLE WORKER!

Late in October, I started developing strange nervous disorders. Out of the blue, my right side went numb. I had horrible dizziness and nausea. At one point, I had my head down toweling my hair and I blacked out and fell into the closet! I could not walk a straight line at all and wearing high heels was impossible. As if this weren’t strange enough, it got worse. One evening I got up from the floor where I was resting and my entire left leg went DEAD. My left arm pulled up and my hand went into tight uncontrollable movement, much like you’ve seen on someone with cerebral palsy. And my face muscles pulled to the left in a horrible grimace. I could not talk, could not walk and could barely breathe, it was so intense. This lasted about 20 – 30 seconds. It repeated two or three times that weekend and the frequency and severity were getting worse as time went on. I was afraid to drive my car, as it could hit at any time.

The chiropractor I was seeing at the time told me that he couldn’t help me and suggested I see a neurologist and have some tests done. My medical doctor told me it was a calcium/magnesium imbalance and changed my supplements. (It didn’t help.) My uncle who is studying medicine told my parents (who were freaking out) that my condition was caused by one of three things: a tumor, leukemia or mini strokes. Needless to say my parents were in a frenzy.

What did I do? I went to see Dr. Pepi. Under her care and with the application of Dr. Beardall’s technology, the “attacks” lessened in frequency and severity. Within two or three weeks they had dropped to almost nothing and after eight weeks they were a thing of the past. No CAT scans, no drugs, no brain surgery (really, they might have wanted to!). A very serious, very frightening physical problem was handled simply and quickly, with lots of side benefits like losing 15 pounds and feeling healthier and more energetic. Thank you, Dr. Pepi! You’re Great!        N.F.


I lost a lot of weight. I felt really great and I’d like to do it again.        H.C.


I am twelve years old and I’ve been on diets for about half of my life. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi, I’ve lost 18 pounds and kept it off. I fractured my thumb playing volley ball and Dr. Pepi is helping me heal it.        M.W.


I had my first phone consultation with Dr. Pepi only two weeks ago and already, so much has changed. I am a single mother with three children. I have a lot of stress in my life. I wanted help with weight, depression and anxiety. In just two weeks my energy is 400% better! I am sleeping better for the first time in years. My depression is 95% better and I have gotten off all my anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications! I have also lost two dress sizes!!

During my phone consultation, Dr. Pepi also made recommendations for my children. My 19 month old was not sleeping through the night. After giving him supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended, he has been sleeping well ever since. Two of my children have asthma problems and needed daily breathing treatments. There has been a 60% decrease


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