Successes - Yeast or Candida Problems

Yeast or Candida Problems

My son had candida due to excessive antibiotics for colds, flu, pneumonia, etc. He was on a vicious cycle of get sick, take antibiotics, get well and then sick again as the antibiotics and candida destroyed his immune system. He developed allergies and was a very unhappy 4 year old.

In the 4 months that he has been under Dr. Pepi’s care he has been sick 1 time for 1 day only. His coloring, his outlook on life and his temperament have all improved. He’s actually getting over his allergies. He is a changed kid. He also loves Dr. Pepi! Thanks so much.        N.P.


I had a very bad case of candida, a rash on my skin, hay fever and a bladder infection. This was 40 days ago. As of this day, I am feeling much better. My skin looks great. I lost 35 lbs. Also I am eating much better high energy food. No breads or rice.        R.S.


I have been fighting candida for at least 14 years. 14 years! And I never could really get rid of it – it would always come back and cause body problems, brain fog especially. And whenever I went onto candida-killing supplements the brain fog would get really bad and interfere with my being able to operate. The other day when Dr. Pepi checked it out, the brain came up as not having any more candida!        N.K.


For over a year I’ve gone downhill with various body situations – primarily due to using far too much antibiotic (i.e. 4-5 times to handle “urinary tract infection”). The trouble was candida, and it never got better, just worse! Now, after just 2 months and some very “genius” work with me, Dr. Pepi has not only brought me to a point where the candida is increasingly under control, but the “UTI” symptoms are gone as are the recurrent herpes blisters at the base of my spine. (Of course, there are all the side benefits too: my teeth are doing great, I have more energy, I think faster, my skin looks nicer, and on and on and on! I’m so impressed! I’m bringing everyone I know and love to see her!        T.H.


I am writing this for my four year old son who’s had consistent ear infections and respiratory infections since the age of 1 ½. Doctors would only prescribe antibiotics but that didn’t solve the problem, it kept coming back!! So I decided no more antibiotics which only gave him yeast infection on top of it!! I tried homeopathic medicine which was a bit better but still the infections came back almost every 6-8 weeks. I didn’t know what to do any more.

Then we heard of Dr. Pepi. My son has only seen her twice and he’s been free of the ugly infections for 5 months!! What a success for my little some not to get sick since we started the immune booster treatments and others by Dr. Pepi. Thanks so much!!        L.P.


I was very toxic with mercury and my mouth kept having trouble and I couldn’t get rid of candida. At Dr. Pepi’s instruction I finally got rid of all my silver fillings. Then she treated my body to detoxify the mercury. Mercury makes you feel exhausted when it’s in your system, but thanks to the treatments, Dr. Pepi’s Core Levels and other supplements, I was able to more the mercury out quickly (several weeks) and the candida is gone.        M.F.


When I came to Dr. Pepi a week ago I was in pretty poor shape. I was trying to recover from strep throat and candida. After my visit with the Doctor I felt much better and two days later felt 90% better! I finally had relief.

I am following her program and haven’t missed any work since the initial visit. I am continuing to get better.        S.Q.


V has been being treated by Dr. Pepi for two summers. After taking her supplements and undergoing Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, V is generally much healthier and more grounded. He also has fewer asthma attacks and seems to be the one who avoids cold and flu more than the rest of the family.

V has also changed his diet substantially by avoiding sugar. This has also been important in reducing candida and increasing V’s clarity and awareness.        M.C. for V.


The supplement Dr. Pepi recommended was very successful in handling a long time candida problem that caused itch rashes. Thank you.        B.K.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had a digestive problem that was allowing candida to expand into my intestines and poison me. I had heart burn, no energy and was tired. My doctor had no idea what to do and I was just handling the symptoms not the reason why. Dr Pepi put me on a program to straighten out the mess and within a few days I had renewed strength and energy!

Dr. Pepi’s abilities and knowledge and diagnostic methods allow her to zero in on the real reason and what will handle it. She finds out what the body needs. I am very grateful to her and her staff and I’m continuing my program to even better results that I expected.        J.C.


I just ten days I feel so much better – I have more energy, losing weight, happier! I came in with my stomach a total mess with candida and not able to digest food, burn fat and I was constantly nauseated. In only ten days on Dr. Pepi’s program,  I feel 110% better in every aspect of my life!        N.R.


I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last couple of years. I have been on low fat diets, no carbos, no sugar, etc… but the harder I tried…I was unsuccessful. I suspected candida – I called Dr. Pepi from Chicago because I developed canker sores in mouth and was bloated.  She recommended specific supplements. After I started taking these supplements, the canker sores went away and my bloatedness started to go away. After two weeks I lost 8 pounds and I’m still loosing it. Thank you Dr. Pepi!!        M.P.


Beginning with my first marriage, I had one “female” problem after another; vaginitis, cystitis, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, you name it. The past five years I had actual pain and dryness with intercourse and, not surprisingly, loss of sexual desire.

Dr. Pepi helped me clear up candida and various long-standing low-grade infections, repairing and boosting my immune system, endocrine system, ovaries, vagina, etc. She increased my estrogen level as well and had me doing much of the rehabilitation by using easy, natural, painless methods for handling all infections.

After a few months of treatments, all is cleared up including vaginal discomfort. Sexual desire is returning as well! I feel clean, brand new and much more enthusiastic toward life in general. Thank you Dr. Pepi!        M.P.A.


Thank you for recognizing that I had candida. With that information I was feeling better after three days. No more joint pain or pain and I lost 15 pounds in two months, something I was not able to do in two years.        L.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi feeling like I was dying – I mean my digestive system had shut down; thyroid had shut down and had candida in it and my ovaries were screaming for help. After five days of being on Dr. Pepi’s program – yes I sad five days – my energy is restored. I feel alive again. I feel like taking on the world again! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.C.


I was suffering badly from candida. I knew of the condition’s existence, but I didn’t realize how horribly it was affecting my life. I was on this downward spiral of caffeine, sugar, nicotine and a few street drugs as well as moderate alcohol consumption. At 23, I was destined for some major health problems. I’d lost my voice, my memory, my confidence and basically my ability to function properly. Through diet changes, supplements and courses I’m on the road to health. I feel a thousand times better. It’s as if I’m getting my life back again. Even though I’ve got a good six months to go on the program, the progress I’ve made in the last two months has been remarkable. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        R.M.


I was taking the Biocidin for several months and noticed I did not have a “full feeling” after some meals like I used to. This is an amazing product and really has handled any candida problem I’ve had in the past. I recommend this product to anyone!        L.M.


Since I have started treatment I feel absolutely great! My body symptoms seemed to have disappeared. I have learned also, not to focus on my body as it makes me feel worse. I have also discovered that clearing up candida will probably clear up ills I’ve had almost all my life. It’s great knowing that I can easily handle my ills and maybe prevent them from occurring again. Just weeks ago I was feeling sick, depressed and suicidal. I had no energy and no hope. Today I have none of these feelings. I have energy. I’m not depressed and I know I’ll just keep getting better.        M.A.


I feel that discovering that I have candida is a blessing in disguise. I can now easily correct some body problems I’ve had for a long time. Since starting treatment I can sleep better, I’m not as nervous and I have more energy.        M.A.


In December I visited Dr. Pepi after missing four days of work and after being told during a medical exam and tests that all was normal. I was in pain and was convinced that I was going fast. Dr. Pepi told me in the first ten minutes of the visit that I had a bacterial infection, parasites and Candida. I started treatment and after a period I had to do diagnostic lab tests to completely handle the parasites. The lab test proved Dr. Pepi’s initial diagnosis of Candida, parasites and bacteria. I was quite impressed and relieved that it is being handled now.        M.C.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for over three months. Over the past five years I have battled severe candida and had had all the horrible symptoms that accompany disease. I have tried so many other therapies and programs with very little success, but with Dr. Pepi’s program, I have seen great improvement in my condition for the first time in many years. I am beginning to feel like a human being with energy, hope and joy.

The past fire years have been such a struggle, but now with Dr. Pepi’s treatments and super-duper vitamins, and diet, I will regain my health and hope in life. It is nothing short of a miracle!        S.S.


When Dr. Pepi started treating me I was in very bad shape physically as well as mentally and had given up hope. I couldn’t exercise because my body was in pain and had no energy. My concentration was down to 10% and I couldn’t think straight.

Dr. Pepi diagnosed candida. She started treating me with adjustments, vitamins and suggested a diet change. I started eating grains, stopped eating sugar (including fruit). After a couple of weeks I totally lost cravings for sweets. I am exercising regularly, my focus and concentration has improved 80%. I am very energetic, don’t have colds any more and am having tremendous fun. On top of it all, I am losing weight. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, for your support, tremendous patience and incredible treatment technique. I am very happy.        E.S.A.


After several years of having stomach pains that would lead to vomiting and painful attacks, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where, after a thorough exam, they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was told to live with my pain and condition. Visiting my daughter here in California, she brought me here to Dr. Pepi where she diagnosed small gallbladder stones and candida. I’m starting a new diet and with some help from her supplements I’m feeling a bit better and I’m hopeful for a complete recovery.        L.A.


Until starting on the candida diet, about a year ago, I used to come home almost every night and sleep from 6:00 to 8:00! This was with kids running around, the TV on etc, etc. I am now able to study, clean my house and cook dinner for my kids. Amazing! Thanks a lot.        D.S.


I have gone very far in improvements with Dr. Pepi. I could barely walk or sit in a chair for over thirty minutes on my first acquaintance, four months ago. Now, thanks to Dr. Pepi, I can persist through a fair day’s activities. I am throwing bags of laundry around, driving fairly long distances and my body pain is near nil. My case of candida seems about 70% or better contained. From a body standpoint I am very pleased and grateful. Thanks.        D.F.


Giving up my sugar habit was physically and emotionally one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. After being told that I had candida, I soon realized that this was ruining my health. With Dr. Pepi’s guidance, use of supplements and reorganizing my diet, I have been able to overcome my severe spells of spaciness, feeling of stress, extreme exhaustion and intense cravings for sweets. Plus I was able to loose 101 pounds easily and I felt more energetic and more in tune.

So, when I got engaged and needed to plan my wedding six months away… I knew that I would be stressed out and would face diet choices that included sweets. I turned to Dr. Pepi and she worked on my organs that needed to be strengthened during the upcoming months when I would be running myself ragged with appointments and decision making. The last three weeks, as many brides can attest, tend to be the most difficult. Many crises arose and there were many moments when unexpected events lead to tears. Dr. Pepi upped my supplements and saw me at least two times a week during the countdown to the big day.

I am pleased to say that my wedding day was perfect and I felt calm and beautiful. I’ve often heard brides complain that they felt the day passed them by and they don’t remember much. I felt very conscious that day and was able to remain peaceful and organized. So when people asked me how I remained so calm, I just smile and thank Dr. Pepi, and of course I take my "greenies"  when they aren’t looking.        M.P.W.


My 8 year old son had been having a series of minor illnesses. Over the last several months it seemed as though he was sick every other week. Twice he had inflamed tonsils, a couple bouts of stomach ache, sore throats, and an ear ache. This time I knew it wasn’t the solution to try another course of antibiotics. After seeing Dr. Pepi once and getting him on the Core Level  supplements he is doing much better!! The candida diagnosis made sense also.        K.B. for H.


In May of ’88 I began to have a series of annoying problems. I was continuously dizzy and tired. Dr. Pepi told me that I had candida. I was worried at first but I took her advice and now I am practically free of all symptoms. I feel a lot better and I am a lot more productive in life. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        R.S.


I’d like to thank Dr. Pepi for getting my body back into the condition it was in thirty years ago. Dr. Pepi, your technology is fantastic. It’s been years since I’ve felt as good as I do now. Also, the success I’ve had with the yeast handling is the most fantastic success of all. I had a severe yeast infection for eight months that would not clear up until I was shown this program. Thanks again for all the wonderful technology.        J.B.S.


After having a severe case of candida affecting my brain, I have now been candida free for many months. My energy level is up and my awareness of my body has increased.        J.H.


For almost two years I’ve had awful stomach pain and heart burn. I woke up many nights in tears from the pain. I was put on ulcer medication by a doctor. This did alleviate the pain for a while, but it didn’t handle the problem. I’ve also had an aching low back for about three years. This pain was increasing over the years from many hours of sitting on the job. Both these problems were handled by Dr. Pepi in a few visits. She found that I had candida and took me off the staple in my diet (sugar) and put me on grains and vegetable. The stomach pain and heart burn are gone. The only flare ups are when I eat something I shouldn’t. My back pain has vanished. I’ve been to plenty of other chiropractors before with little relief, but Dr. Pepi totally did the trick! One wonderful side benefit has been me waking up. I feel much more alert and able to function correctly. What can I say? It’s FUN!        J.C.


I feel great! Having just completed a very difficult initial ten-day candida diet detox, I must say that I feel 100% better. Chocolate, fruit, bread and diary products (cheese) have been a staple all my life. So to give them up has been not only physically but emotionally devastating. The first ten days my kidneys and back hurt. I was spacey, headaches and muscle aches. After that period I feel much calmer and harmonious, much clearer minded and my memory and complexion are much better.        M.P.


I have seen eight or ten chiropractors over as many years trying to handle a continuing and ever worsening back problem. When the pain finally reached the point where I had trouble even getting out of bed, I came to Dr. Pepi. She determined that the pain was not a back problem but a liver problem, which included early signs of cancer, candida and organ enlargement. After seeing her one to two hours a week for six months and closely following her diet recommendations, I think the problem is handled. The only pain I have now is when my body changes it detox pattern, such as a heavier flow of detoxifying or a new poison coming out. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!        L.M.


It seems so incredible, but yes, it’s true. I’ve had a nasal complaint over the last 25 years, maybe more. This included sinus and polyps. More recently, for about six weeks, I’ve had more or less continual nose congestion and other ailments, such as fatigue, tiredness, insomnia and lethargy. To cut a long story short, I have realized that to a lesser degree the above has been occurring for the last twenty-five years or so. Some five years ago I had what was termed an unidentified complaint. It occurred at about the same time that a disease called legionnaires disease was occurring in Europe. I was in England at the time and went for many tests to find out what this strange virus was. It was never found out. I know now that certainly a large contributing factor was candida (please see Dr. Pepi’s write up on candida).

I have received treatment from Dr. Pepi over the last two days and I have been taking nutrients that Dr. Pepi recommended for me. Already, amazing results are occurring. There is hardly any congestion in one nasal passage. I feel less tired, am sleeping so much better and the body feels more alive. I look forward to completely handling my body complaint and thanks to Dr. Pepi I will. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        R.P.


I saw Dr. Pepi once as I had bad, chronic headaches, tailbone pains and pain in my side. I also had chronic candida. She gave me one treatment, changed my diet completely and put me on supplements. My headaches have reduced by 80%. My tailbone pains are nearly entirely gone and I have no pain in my side. I also have a lot more energy due to the diet and supplements.        D.R.


I brought my daughter (4 years old) to Dr. Pepi to deal with her chronic yeast infections and a chronic cough she has had for a year. Both turned out to be due to allergies. By eliminating the offending foods from her diet, she has been free of symptoms ever since. Very welcome relief. Besides, Julie loves coming here and thinks all those finder-foldings are more fun than gymnastics.        E.B.H. for Julie


Two months ago my manager wanted me to go on disability to handle my medical problems. I have candida and would get PMS very badly, including headaches that would knock me out. Dr. Pepi recommended that I not go on disability. And I have not missed a day of work since then. My headaches are gone and almost all my PMS symptoms too. In fact, Dr. Pepi had to remind me today that I used to get headaches!J.M.B.


The fuzzy-headedness is gone! What a win for me. I thought that I was losing my marbles because I couldn’t retain things at all and I’d get confused for no apparent reason. It’s no fun to have candida inside your head. And, Dr. Pepi helped me get rid of it!        A.C.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for about one and a half months. I trusted my instincts that told me she was the only legitimate doctor/chiropractor around. This was my chance to face and handle areas in my body that I was actually causing to be unwell with low energy due to bad diet, lack of exercise, eating food that I was allergic to, like fruit, milk and eggs and all the stuff I had craved and swore that I couldn’t live without.

After I saw her, I was able to face what was wrong with my body (mainly candida) and changing my diet drastically was a cinch! I then detoxed very heavily and very quickly. My eyes started getting brighter; my energy came up and finally by body was keeping up with me!! I have started going to a health club and exercising, which I had never wanted to do! I get so much more done now, and I have found it easy to leave the junky stuff that was affecting me very insidiously, and very adversely.

This past weekend I went through another detox and I had a new found sense of well being. I look forward. I know the detox is there for a reason and I have finally experienced good health and can strive for it on a continuing basis.
My children are off fruit and milk and eggs. It was not easy, but I kept letting them know that this stuff was not good for us and I found lots of healthy alternatives. They are both (at 14 months and 3 years old) doing great. It’s amazing how much they are detoxing from my pregnancies with their young bodies. My husband is doing well and has actually stopped bitching about the diet. His energy is incredible. He is happy and much more productive.

Eating the right things, taking the right supplements, exercising and suddenly we can soar. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff and, of course, Dr. Beardall, who created this technology that works!!        M.J.C.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I suffered a multitude of symptoms. I had candida and, as she told me, other parasites. I felt totally toxic. I had leg cramps at night, soreness in the corners of my mouth, skin problems, bloating, gas, spaciness, lost of mucous and itching throat and mouth, etc. Also, I was always hungry and always eating. I never felt nourished and had no energy. I read so many books and articles, went to different doctors, I took as many as ninety supplements a day, I tried diet after diet and nothing handled me. I was sickly and weak and lethargic and spacey since about age four. I’m now thirty-six. This was ruining my life. Literally, I tried everything else on food allergies, candida and general “health foods”.

I first saw Dr. Pepi exactly two months ago. She told me things I’ve never heard before regarding what was wrong and how I should handle it. I was amazed at the precision of the diagnosis and treatment. Immediately I started getting better. On the diet and the supplements and occasional treatment I am rapidly on the way to good health. Most of my symptoms are gone. The rest are going as the toxins leave my body. I feel nourished and strong and I love the diet. The candida and parasites are now on the back burner as she described it. I’m rapidly detoxifying and as a huge bonus Dr. Pepi has handled my whole family. My husband and children also had candida. Now they’re healthy and energetic and we really enjoy eating! I feel great! Thanks a million, Dr. Pepi.        C.E.


This will be my second visit with Dr. Pepi and I’ve had amazing changes after my first visit. To name those changes precisely, I’ve had a chronic yeast problem and I feel that it is being addressed and getting handled. My face cleared up, my energy level increased and overall I feel much better!! I also lost a few pounds here and there.        E.D.G.


My candida hereditary tendency has been placed in perspective and the candida has not been active for a year. I am following a macrobiotic diet in about 60-65% of the items I consume. I have taken no medications for one and a half years and have successfully licked my addiction to cheese and various other fats. My energy level is improved and my confidence is stronger. My liver and gallbladder have made significant recovery from previous habits in eating and antibiotic intake. Headaches, which were daily, are now rare and minor. My former indigestion and flatulence is now negligible.        L.H.


I have very few liver stress ailments anymore. My chest pains and back pains are all gone. I am moving closer to a complete macrobiotic diet. I have arrested candida and generally feel quite energized. I have developed within myself the courage to mold and shape my own job. I feel confident and happy to be alive.

I have become less self-righteous and demanding in reference to my eating. I no longer expect others to eat as I do, although my heart still aches when I see people eating non-food. I have greatly improved my eating and enjoy it. I also am growing organic food for others to eat. I have started a new business: The Grain of Wheat Foods.        M.K.


I am having far fewer problems with the yeast infections and no longer have to use Monistat almost constantly. My headaches have nearly disappeared and my period seems to have changed somewhat.        B.I.


I had a very strange body problem where my fingernails were getting very bumpy and brittle and breaking very easily. In fact, they were so weak that while I had no candida in the rest of my body, I got it under two fingernails. They became red and infected and the nail wasn’t growing fully over the finger.

Dr. Pepi wasn’t sure what was going on at first but she kept researching and then told me that thyroid problems can cause brittle nails. So she’s treated my thyroid some and I’ve been taking Core Level supplements that she recommended. It’s been a couple of months and my nails are so much better! No infection and nearly grown all the way back.        M.E.


I am not yet totally over being overrun by candida. However, I have improved approximately seven months ago when I could hardly stand to sit through Dr. Pepi’s seminar because of the agony I was in from back troubles to toxins to aluminum poisoning. I was a mess.
Now, from this diet and from staying away from aluminum and stainless steel cookware (using glassware) I have bones that sometimes go into place on their own. I can walk between ¾ to one mile per day and my tolerance to heat is improving (though that could still improve some). Well, I am not out of the woods yet, but I’ve come a long way baby. Thank you.

P.S. Because I know that my life depends on it, I do in fact stick steadfast to the diet.        D.F.

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