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Healthiest Kitchen Appliance

Q. Which kitchen appliance does Dr. Pepi use the most?

A. Her Vita-Mix.

A Vita-Mix whips out her Green Dressing, Raw Ice Cream, Icy Drink and Egg Drink and grinds whole grains into flour for her Fresh Grain Porridge and Five Grain Pancakes. It can make the difference between lively or dead food especially when you grind whole grains yourself into flour!

Invest in your health and order a Vita-Mix online. Simply enter this code 06-001875 during checkout for free standard shipping, a $25 value. The net cost will be $449.00 for the basic model, the Vita-Mix 5200, or $549.00 for the grain-grinding model, the Vita-Mix Super 5200, plus state tax.

Here is the Vita-Mix link for more information and ordering.

There will be more recipes to come, so get ready!

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