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Vita-MixOrganic Wool Vita-Mix

Order a Vita-Mix here using this code, 06-001875, during checkout and receive free standard shipping, a $25 savings. The cost is $449.00 for the basic model, the Vita-Mix 5200, or $549.00 for the grain-grinding model, the Vita-Mix Super 5200. State tax will be added. If you phone to order a Vita-Mix, you must mention that Dr. Pepi referred you to get the same savings.

Another option for Dr. Pepi customers is a 3-payment plan direct from Vita-Mix! Call Vita-Mix at 800-848-2649 and speak to Brenda at extension 2305 for more information.

My Vita-Mix is in constant use in my kitchen. It really is the healthiest kitchen appliance! Whip up my Green Dressing, Raw Ice Cream, Icy Drink and Egg Drink and grind whole grains into fresh flour for my Fresh Grain Porridge and Five Grain Pancakes.

It can make the difference between lively or dead food especially when you grind whole grains yourself into flour! Read here for more data on flour products versus freshly ground grains.

Better sleep is worth the investment!

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