Article - Are You Allergic To Your Supplements?

Are You Allergic to Your Supplements

People usually think that allergies consist of a bad reaction they have to environmental or food items such as pollen or wheat. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

After eighteen years of testing patients for allergic reactions on supplements they bring to me, I know that about 80% of the supplements people take are creating more allergic stress than benefit. One of my most successful actions is simply taking a patient off all of the supplements they take that they are allergic to.

The next time you feel very poorly on a supplement program you should consider the fact that you may be allergic to something you are taking. People on supplement programs are usually told by nutritionists or doctors that they are detoxifying when their body feels bad. But to my knowledge, these practitioners have no diagnostic technology with which to evaluate whether this is true or not. I am not aware of any lab or diagnostic test currently available that would give them this data. I can do this evaluation literally in one minute with the type of testing I do, and have done so thousands of times. Often people think they are feeling bad from detoxification, but they are actually having allergic reactions to supplements instead!

Due to this phenomenon, I do broad scale testing on nutritional supplements. Only if a supplement is non-allergic to most patients will I finally agree to sell it in my office. I have many out-of-state patients who I consult by phone. I have to feel confident that the supplements I recommend to them are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions, as I am unable to test them in person.

The Core Level line of nutritional supplements tests less allergic than all other nutritional supplements. There is no other supplement brand or line that is even close. Patients who begin with me in a very allergic state can generally take the Core Level products while I handle their "sensitivities".

I could sell any nutritional products on the market. However, my commitment is to use only products that give my patients rave results. The Core Level supplements are the only workable solution.

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