Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Anita Pepi has been practicing in Los Angeles since 1987. She lives there with her husband, Martin Livingston, and their daughter Emma Rose. She enjoys photography. You can see some of her photos on her husband's Green Building Website. To learn more about Dr.Pepi, click here.

Dr. Anita Pepi

Marie, our receptionist, has worked for Dr. Pepi since 2007. She is originally from Canada. She has a variety of hobbies, but most of all she enjoys spending time with her family.

Emma Rose Livingston

Emma Rose Livingston is a highly valued and trained Treatment Room Assistant with over a decade of experience assisting Dr. Pepi with patients. She aspires to be a professional dancer and has devoted much of her life towards that goal. You can learn more about Emma's life in dance here.


Cheyenne Haynes is our newest, sweet Treatment Room Assistant. Besides helping people, she loves the arts. She is a triple threat because she is a great actress, dancer, and musician. You can see more about her career here.