Trips to see Dr. Pepi

Trips to see Dr. Pepi

Many patients fly in to see Dr. Pepi from around the world, especially when they have health problems that no one else has been able to help. She usually recommends that patients give her two hours of treatment on at least two separate days to give her enough time to really make a difference. She makes bodies operate and feel so much better! Read successes she has has with different conditions here.

Dr. Pepi's goal is for someone to be free of any problem or disease so that they can have a healthy body and a long, pleasant life. Over the years, she has established a very advanced and comprehensive diagnostic technology to locate underlying causes and sources of health problems. Read here to find out about Dr. Pepi's tailor-made treatment programs.

feel better, be healthier, live better, see Dr. Pepi todayDuring a patientís stay in Los Angeles, Dr. Pepi will often assist them through her Simple Liver and Gall Bladder Flush which is an easy-to-do procedure. A properly functioning liver is absolutely vital to one's health. She will often make a correction in their cell phone and/or laptop, to make them less stressful to their bodies. Before someone leaves, she will make sure to give them a program to follow and a suggested maintenance program all geared toward achieving and maintaining optimum health for that person! Also available are sunny beaches to rest on or one of Dr. Pepiís favorite raw restaurants to eat at!

Here are 2 recent successes written by patients who flew in for treatment:

"I am doing MUCH better. I went from a complete mess with panic attacks and agoraphobia, not driving or going to work, no movie nights, no restaurant days. Now I have done these without a panic attack. YIPPEE!! This was after weeks of taking the supplement regimen.

I drive to work by myself 2 days a week and now shop on my own. Nervous on occasion. I would say Iím 75% better. Thanks so much!" -D.D.


"For the past 8 to 10 years I have had increasing trouble sleeping, eventually getting only 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. It affected my mood, my ability to get things done, my relationships, and adversely impacted my health in many ways. However, after the first treatment with Dr. Pepi, I got 14 hours of sleep! As time went on, my sleep became much more regular and I started to get my life back! I am now in the process of relocating from Chicago to address my other health issues and to be more available for her treatment. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!" -J.R.

Call us at 1-818-808-0899, to see if a trip to Dr. Pepi might help you!

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