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My goal is for you to have a strong body that is not affected by adverse health conditions and can resist the stresses of the environment and life. This would include a body that is free of parasites, toxic metals, allergies or any problem or disease. You need to ensure that your physical health is the best it can possibly be to withstand anything that might occur, including chronic disease. I want you to feel great and have a long, pleasant life!

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diagnostic analysis

The first step in my program is a diagnostic analysis. Many treatments rely on "magic pills" and suppressing symptoms rather than handling the actual causes of health conditions. The majority of current diagnoses rely on patients' reports of symptoms. As symptoms are often misleading as to the actual causes of a condition, this can lead to incorrect or inadequate treatment. I have developed a very advanced diagnostic technology that can locate the specific underlying causes of health conditions. Right diagnosis equals right treatment!

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There are two types of diagnostic analysis:

  1. Analysis of the physical cause of a particular health condition.
  2. Complete diagnostic analysis of the state of your body, which includes an evaluation of your organs and glands to assess their condition.
tailor-made for your needs

All my programs are tailor-made for the individual's specific needs. Once the program is written, it does not remain fixed. I troubleshoot and refine your program continually so that your health condition can be resolved.

Here are some of the things that I can address on a program made especially for you:

Baby SleepingEnsure that Sleep is as Sound as Possible

For anyone who has trouble with sleep, I work on handling this as a first step on the program as bodies heal best when good sleep is available. This can involve specific treatments for sleep.

Locate Troublesome Foods and Supplements

Sometimes the foods or supplements that someone eats every day can be contributing to the health problems they are experiencing. Most people are not aware that certain elements in their diet are aggravating their health condition. I test a patient's current diet and supplements to see if these are actually adding to their problems.

Find an Optimum Diet

Each person requires the correct diet for his or her metabolism and I test each patient to find out which diet is best for them. There are no set diets that are right for everyone. For instance, some people don't break down and digest meat very well and others have problems with digesting vegetables.

I recommend an ideal diet for that person that will cause the fewest adverse reactions for that system and will provide the most effective nutrition. This is very therapeutic.

harmful parasitesLocate Harmful Bugs and Parasites

I check for and begin treatment for parasites, fungus, viruses and bacteria. Not only can bugs and parasites cause specific illnesses, they also act as degenerative agents throughout the body. Parasites, fungus, viruses and bacteria can invade any joint or organ.

Stop Your System from Attacking Itself

The body can get "mis-wired" and instead of its immune system attacking germs, it can attack different parts of the body. For example, one patient had insomnia for 29 years, I found that her body was attacking her adrenal glands and put her on a program for this and she began sleeping well immediately.

Absorption Program

The average body is very deficient in essential nutrients. This can be due to an absorption problem. This can manifest itself, for instance, in a constant feeling of hunger, despite a person eating well. "Cravings" get handled in this portion of the program.

An absorption program may include a change of diet. Certain supplements may be used to increase the production of digestive enzymes. Supplements may be used to strengthen digestive organs. There are specific treatments and supplements to help handle cravings.

I had been having a terrible time with sleep.Handling Nutritional Deficiencies

Most nutritional supplements do not actually "supplement." I have tested thousands of supplements and have found that they rarely are of significant benefit. This is due to various factors:

Most supplements create imbalances over time that stress and age the body. Ninety percent of the nutritional products on the market contribute to nutritional stress and aging because they are imbalanced and require the body to "give up" nutrients to balance them. Actually some supplements covertly increase your nutritional deficiencies.

Most supplements are not made to be easily absorbed. A supplement needs to be in the correct form and have certain supporting nutrients to be absorbed. (See article "Supplements can Contribute to Disease and Aging")

Many people are sensitive to some ingredients in supplements, which can cause unfavorable reactions.

Core Level supplements are the answer. In my testing, I've found the best results with Core Levels. There is nothing else like these in the nutritional industry. The goal of this supplement line is nutritional balance. Each particular supplement supplies everything the body requires for its absorption.

I put the patient on a supplement program to handle nutritional deficiencies that have been created over the years. I recommend exact nutritional supplementation until the deficiencies are handled or particular organs or glands are fully healed. I can evaluate when these points have been reached with my before-and-after testing.

Additionally, a body may be having difficulty in absorption in general and would need to do an absorption program.

Create an Alkaline Body

A body has an optimum acid-alkaline balance. To fully heal the body you need to flush the acid deposits out of the system, including joints, muscles and organs. This is something I work toward throughout your entire program.

handle allergiesHandle Allergies and Sensitivities

Most people have some substance or food that they are physically stressed by and they don't even realize it. Through testing, I can locate key allergens or irritants. These can include non-optimum reactions to basic nutrients such as fats, calcium or water. To resolve these, I treat certain areas of the body to make them stronger so that the overall system has fewer or less dramatic reactions. I can also treat the body for a specific allergen or irritant and desensitize your body to it.

Treatment to Increase Blood, Nerve and Energy Flows
to Precise Locations

Traumas such as surgeries, dental work, accidents, chemical shocks, etc. can overload specific parts of the body so that blood, nerve and energy flows shut down to these locations. For example if someone falls or has surgery, the nerve and blood flows to those areas can be shocked and overloaded. It is like a fuse blowing to a location. Those areas will not work as well as they did before and will begin to degenerate. A refrigerator with a blown fuse can be moved, painted, and cleaned, but it still will not work until the fuse is reset.

Chemical stress can have a similar effect. For example: Adrenal glands weaken as a result of too much caffeine and stress. I treat the precise affected areas to open up nerve, blood, and energy flows to them, dramatically aiding the repair.

Boost the Immune System

If you don't have a strong immune system, you are vulnerable to anything that comes along. A body with a strong immune system routinely fights off bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds. Part of your program includes getting your immune system to maximum function. I keep track of the strength of your immune system throughout your program.

I've had an infection for several months

Repair Areas of the Body that have Deteriorated

I can treat and help repair practically any organ and gland in the body. I begin by working on those organs that most affect your health goals.

Product TestingOther Product Testing

In some cases, it becomes necessary for me to test personal care products, makeup products, household products and/or machines used for their effects on a body. This is useful in reducing stress in such conditions as acne, energy trouble and sleep problems, just to name a few.

Toxic Metal Testing

As toxic metals are common poisons in the body, I try to determine to what degree they are a problem. This can be done through in-office testing and/or a hair analysis. I work to locate the sources of these metals in your environment. There may be different recommendations to decrease these metals. Retesting is advised at the end of your program.

Liver, Gall Bladder and Kidney Stone Flushing

Every time I have had a patient do liver/gall bladder flushes, uncalcified stones have flushed out. These stones impact the liver and gall bladder and reduce their function. Kidney stones impair kidney function in at least 1% of the population. I can reduce liver/gall bladder and kidney stones in different ways. The programs are tailor-made for each patient.

By the fourth treatment, my hearing was betterHandlings for Non- Optimum Posture or Structure

I locate postural stresses which can include uneven leg lengths, dropped foot arches, poor seating (cars, chairs, airplane seats, etc.), positions that aggravate the body structure (sleeping, exercises, and work). There are many solutions for these situations that vary based on the patients' needs. These could include shoe lifts, orthotics, cushions, or positional recommendations such as carrying a bag in a different way.

I also use low force treatments to correct the structure. In some cases I do facial/cranial adjustments to help correct the spine.

One-on-One Patient Education

The more a patient understands their program, the more they can work with me to help them reach their goals quickly. Due to this, I teach patients about many things: how to make food that is healthful and fun, the effects of certain foods or nutrients on their condition, the side effects of specific prescriptions, etc.

Maintenance Check-Ups

Once the main steps in your program have been completed, I work to ensure that these health gains are not lost. I recommend that a patient come in every six weeks for check-ups to review how they are doing on their program as this has been a major factor in their success. Follow-ups are vital for preventing any problems from occurring in the future.

With my continual research, I achieve better and faster results on an ongoing basis. My goal is for you to have a strong body that is not affected by adverse health conditions and which can resist the stresses of the environment and life.

Best of health to you,


Dr. Anita Pepi

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