Article - Supplements Can Contribute to Disease and Aging

Supplements Can Contribute to Disease and Aging

Ninety percent of the nutritional products on the market contribute to nutritional stress and aging because they are imbalanced and require that the body "give up" nutrients to balance them. After prolonged use of these supplements with their resultant nutritional stress, actual harm can occur in the body in the form of depleted body parts or disease.

Actually some supplements covertly increase your nutritional deficiencies. For example, supplements and supplemental protein powders containing soy block mineral absorption in your body. Daily use of these products creates zinc and calcium deficiencies which have widespread effects. Calcium helps to build strong teeth and helps your body fight infection, especially cavities. A patient of mine has a family history of very strong teeth and no cavities. During her pregnancy she began to drink soy milk daily because she had heard it was 'good for the baby'. Her son had so many cavities in his teeth that he had to have several teeth pulled out before he was 5 years old.

Digestive enzymes are proteins that reduce nutrition into useable building materials for the body. Your body must produce higher quantities of digestive enzymes in order to digest and absorb your supplements. This increases the workload on different organs depending on the nutrient your body is trying to digest. Because digestive enzymes are proteins, protein building blocks known as amino acids may be needed in your supplements to help make use of your vitamins and minerals. Some enzymes require enzyme activating vitamins to function properly. Still other enzymes require certain minerals such as copper, iron and zinc to function. In order to cause little to no stress, an ideal supplement would include enzyme building blocks such as amino acids plus other needed factors.

Enter Core Level supplements... Enter balanced nutritionů There is nothing like it in the nutritional industry. The goal of this supplement line is nutritional balance by supplying everything the body requires.

Take thiamine (Vitamin B1) for example: it is needed for energy production, for the breakdown of weight-producing carbohydrates, for the normal function of the heart, nerves and muscles, for a cheerful outlook on life and for a good night's sleep! It is not stored in the body and it is destroyed by heat. There isn't a body I have checked that doesn't need lots of Core Level Thiamine daily. I gave my daughter a pinch of this within 24 hours of her birth!

If isolated thiamine or B1 is taken without its complementary factors of vitamin E, niacin, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, etc. plus pancreatic organ support to get it absorbed, you've got a problem. Vitamin E may be being robbed from your reproductive system and sexual function. Niacin may be being drawn away from hormone and energy production or your heart or brain. Calcium, magnesium & potassium are needed by every cell. Your body has several strategic options as far as how and where to rob from, none of them healthy options. In addition, you may still suffer the symptoms of thiamine deficiency because your body is unlikely to have all the complementary factors.

You wouldn't tolerate someone stealing from your home. Yet you inadvertently cause artificial deficiencies in your body by taking imbalanced supplements. Core Level supplements are your protection against theft and nutritional aging.

The bottom line is that people feel much better when they use them. Now you know why.

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