Article - Three Steps to Increase Your Energy and Boost Your Metabolism

Three Steps to Increase Your Energy and Boost Your Metabolism

Give Your Body a Stress Check Up

  • Do you really like chocolate, coffee, black or caffeinated teas, sodas, sugar or lots of carbohydrates?
  • Does your body feel hyper or have trouble relaxing? Feel stressed out?
  • Is your body exhausted to the point of feeling overwhelmed?

    The adrenal glands are the glands that respond to stress or emergency. If they are called upon to respond to emergencies too often, they can stay in a stressed state.

    The solution for this problem is Core Level Adrenal, an adrenal repairing supplement. Add a short treatment in my office to "jump start" the adrenals and your adrenals can return to a normal functioning state. You'll feel like someone gave you a new body.


Give Your Body an Overall Fuel Check Up

  • Are you concerned that your daily multiple supplement or your individual supplements may not be a balanced source for vitamins, minerals and amino acids?
  • Would you like a multiple supplement you take to actually feel like it is fueling your body?
  • Would you like your body to feel calmer and more satisfied after taking a multiple supplement?

    Ninety percent of the nutritional products on the market cause body stress and aging because they are imbalanced and require that the body "give up" other nutrients to balance them. The only real solution in the area of balanced nutrition is Core Level Health Reserve. When you take Health Reserve your body is receiving a balanced amount of everything it needs to assimilate all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in the tablets, so the body does not have to "give up" any other nutrients. As there is no "robbing Peter to pay Paul", when you take Health Reserve it actually strengthens your entire body. It builds up a reserve of health. In the process of making your whole body function better, it boosts your metabolism and energy.


Give Your Body an Absorption Check Up

  • Do you take lots of "good nutrition" and feel no real difference?
  • Do you feel like your body is not absorbing what you eat? Not satisfied by what you eat?
  • Crave "something" but can never decide just what?
  • Do you have discomfort, bloating or "gas" in your digestive tract?

    Your stomach and small intestine are two key sites of absorption of all your nutrition. If either of these organs is not doing the job it was meant to do, your digestive tract moves food and supplements through without extracting much nutritional value. Due to current factors on planet earth, almost everyone has these problems. There is usually little causative digestion going on in most people's bodies. Sometimes a person's digestive system has deteriorated to the point where they are prescribed medicine just to handle the pain or other symptoms. Most of these medications do nothing to heal the digestion.

    The real solution for bringing the stomach portion of the digestive tract up to normal function is Core Level Pepsin. Once the stomach is fully repaired, patients no longer need the medications or the Core Level Pepsin.

    Core Level Ileoduodenal is a similar solution for the small intestine. The ileum and the duodenum are parts of the small intestine. This product cleans out, detoxifies and increases the absorption of the small intestine.

These two products together boost your absorption of vital nutrients and as a result rocket your energy to a higher level.

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