Article - How To Live With Cell Phones

How To Live With Cell Phones How To Live With Cell Phones
  • Cell phones emit microwave radiation.
  • Depending on how close the cell phone antenna is to the head, as much as 60 percent of the microwave radiation penetrates the skull and is absorbed by the brain.
  • The brain is the most heat-sensitive tissue in the body. Infrared photographs of people before and during cell phone usage show elevated brain temperatures.
  • There are several studies that were overseen by Harvard University and funded by the wireless industry showing that the blood brain barrier (a protective mechanism which prevents toxins from invading the brain) can be compromised by cell phone radiation. An even more significant finding is that radio frequency radiation (such as that emitted by cell phones) creates genetic damage in human blood cells.
  • There is confusion in some of the testing guidelines. A cell phone can pass the Federal Communication Commission's requirements when tested in one position, yet exceed the maximum when held in a different position.
  • Many studies have been done that link low-volume cell phone emissions with various health issues such as increased incidence of human brain tumors, leukemia and DNA strand breakage in both rats and humans.
  • There is a higher incidence of car accidents reported in cell phone users versus non-cell phone users.

With the current widespread use of cell phones, people are putting themselves at risk. We do know chromosome damage occurs but we don't know to what degree it's going to create chromosome damage and/or birth defects in our children. Until this is fully researched by scientists not funded by cell phone companies, we are all part of a large genetic experiment.

In my practice, I've been doing diagnostic testing of the electrical fields of the body since 1984. With this technology, I can test "stress" levels on the brain, pituitary or any other part of the body. I've been collecting data on the effect of cell phones on my patients since 1997. The following is what I've found.

There is no doubt that the brain is compromised and degenerates as a result of cell phone use. The pituitary gland, within the brain, is also compromised and degenerates as well. As the pituitary is the "master gland" that influences all other glands, what can result is reduced hormonal output. The pituitary makes human growth hormone which keeps people lean and young.

With patients that already have borderline or poor function in the brain or pituitary, cell phone use can reduce mental alertness which can lead to a lack of judgment in people's behavior, especially children's. I have seen a highly rational child, after exposure to a cell phone, begin to engage in wild activities that showed very poor judgment which almost resulted in a bad accident.

Another example in my practice is that I have a patient who has spent as much as three hours a day on a cell phone. This resulted in her having non-sequitor thinking and communication which made her unfit for her job. My program for her of discontinuing cell phone use and taking Core Level Pituitary supplements has caused dramatic improvement easily observable (and commented upon) by others.

In more vulnerable bodies such as children's or people with health problems, there are more widespread effects than just the pituitary and brain. In before and after testing I've found cell phones can stress the heart, the lungs and the adrenal glands. Potentially, any weak body part can be adversely affected and have an impaired function in this group of people.

Other symptoms I've observed from cell phone use are disrupted sleep and headaches.

Clearly, my primary recommendation is that people do not use cell phones unless the danger of the situation they're in outweighs the danger of using the cell phone, e.g. a child or woman is in a dangerous neighborhood with a car that has broken down. I'm not saying people shouldn't own and carry a cell phone, I'm saying they should use them only in a true emergency.

Because I have had patients who "can't live" without their cell phones, I've had to come up with some recommendations which are helpful but by no means completely solve the problem.

  • Children (someone who has not achieved full body growth) should not use cell phones at all. The brain continues to develop until a person is in their early 20's.
  • Six foot radius around children. A baby, child or person in poor health should never be allowed within 6 feet of a cell phone in use, unless it is an actual emergency.
  • Use a headset or earpiece to keep the antenna as far away from your body as possible.
  • When the signal strength is low, don't use your cell phone. The lower the signal strength, the harder the phone has to work to carry the call and the greater the radiation that is emitted from the antenna.
  • Use regular phones. Groove yourself back into the use of regular phones whenever they are available. Only use cell phones in true emergencies. You wouldn't stick your head in your microwave oven unless it was really important.
  • Attach a "ladybug". An aid I've found for cell phone users is a small attachment that you place on the cell phone. It's called a "ladybug" and one or more of these can be used to reduce the effect of microwaves on your body. Ladybugs are aesthetic and come in a variety of colors. This is the only product of this nature on the market that we've tested and found to be helpful. Call 818-808-0899 for more information.
  • Strengthen your body. Cell phone users and their children need to schedule for a treatment to help handle any effects from the radiation. There is a supplement in particular that is of tremendous help called Core Level Pituitary. This helps compensate for some of the damage being done.
  • Don't use cordless phones. Go to any electronics store and buy corded phones. They are inexpensive and you can buy extension cords so that they will reach anywhere in your house for convenience.
  • Due to the fact that the greatest amount of radiation is during dialing and ringing, people should keep their phones somewhere else besides their belt or pocket. Cell phones should be kept off the body.
  • Some options regarding cell phones and cars: If you are driving with others in the car, pull the car off to a safe location and get out to take the call. (This is what my husband does when my daughter and I are in the car.) People who regularly drive alone and need to take business calls need to get a car phone where the antenna isn't in the car. (Call your cellular phone manufacturer to ask about a "car kit" for your phone)
  • Concerning users with heart pacemakers: Cell phones can't be kept in your breast pocket when the phone is on. The greater the distance between a pacemaker and a cell phone, the less the risk of electromagnetic interference.
  • Support safe new methods of easy communication (such as email).
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