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Body Repair

When available energy is increased and workload is decreased, your body can go into a state of detoxification and renovation. A body tends to accumulate and store harmful substances such as preservatives, pesticides, drug residues, pollution and chemical additives. The body naturally tries to eliminate toxins but its ability to do so is inhibited by the modern lifestyle (staying up late, inadequate sleep, inadequate nutrition) and is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of toxins encountered in modern life. The result is toxins stored in the body which cause negative physical and mental effects. Many of these toxins remain in the body until a program is done that is specifically designed to remove them.


On Dr. Pepi's program, as your body gets healthier, it will "clean house". As different parts of your body clean out, you may experience various symptoms such as a headache, stomachache, sore muscles and joints, etc. This is temporary and is a sign that your health is improving. Some detox symptoms may resemble an illness. Come in or call our office if you have any actual infection symptoms such as a fever or colored phlegm or any other symptoms you are uncertain about.

The rate at which this detoxification occurs is something that you can learn to control yourself. Reducing the intensity of the detox decreases the symptoms. This information is covered below.

Your body has many paths to eliminate toxins such as the colon, skin, urinary tract, nose and the lungs. Note: Any mucus coughed up from the lungs or coming from the nose should be spit out/blown out of the body and never swallowed. It probably contains toxins which would go back into the body.


What would your body repair? Different parts of your body deteriorate for many years before you ever feel anything or notice any problem. These parts then need to be built back up in order for you to have good health.

What Facilitates Body Repair?

Improvements in your diet make it easier for your body to repair itself. Eat raw foods as much as possible. Heating destroys half of the vitamins in your food. Any other food should be as unrefined as possible and eaten while fresh. For example, fresh whole grains that are eaten within two days of being cooked or freshly ground into flour have a big impact on healing the body.

The exact nutritional supplements that we have suggested for you are meant to cause body repair.

Thus staying on your program will facilitate body repair.

Slowing Things Down

Body repair can be accompanied by uncomfortable or inconvenient symptoms. You can control them by temporarily slowing down the repair.

To slow down detoxification and repairs:

Include more "dead" foods (breads, crackers, chips, pastas) in your diet. The more of this you eat, the more you slow down or stop renovation. This is because dead food offers little energy to the system and increases the workload. However, ingesting unhealthy foods or substances will just add to the problem and increase the overall time needed to improve your health. So don't eat sodas, deep-fried foods, alcohol, non-prescription drugs and foods with caffeine or sweeteners.

Cut back on the supplements recommended in your program. If you cut the supplements out completely, the detoxification will slow down more rapidly. Avoid painkillers as they not only suppress the healing process but they also cause the body to store toxins again.

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