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Media and Health

The media are forms of communication such as television, newspapers, and radio that are designed to reach a very large audience.  Is the media a valuable source of true information?  Let’s take a look Galaxy genuine firmware.

One of the ways that media makes money is through their advertisers.  For example, drug companies give billions of dollars yearly to television for drug ads.  This would create a significant bias toward a drug company’s point of view.    

The media pretends to report truth to help people.  In fact, they report slanted information and betray their viewers doom 2 다운로드.

Here is a common false idea: "If it were true, it would be in all the newspapers!"

Your job as an intelligent human being is to find out what is true for you Download english fairy tale pdf.  See the health tip Owner’s Manual for more on that.  What will probably make your job easier is to ignore information from the media 된다송.

In helping my patients recover from illness, it has always been successful to have them turn off their TVs, stop reading the newspapers and stop listening to the radio!  Amazingly, their lives just get better 미국 약전!

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Dr. Pepi