Health Tips - Eating With Others

Eating With Others

These ideas may lower your “sick” days after visiting.

  1. Kiss people on the cheek when you greet them, or just hug them.   Maybe germs are the reason for air kisses 팟 플레이어 무료!
  2. Avoid dips.  People often bite a vegetable or chip and put it right back into the dip.  Think individual servings as much as possible Download sword and magic.
  3. Avoid sharing cups, utensils and bites of food.
  4. Keep an excess of napkins in multiple locations for easy guest access Download Samsung settings.
  5. Make sure you eat and/or serve lots of raw vegetables and fruit as these are very high in vitamin C and other nutrients to help people handle whatever their bodies encounter Download the phonegap file.

This tip is a part of my disease prevention section. Be sure to read all my other disease prevention health tips to learn how to keep yourself and your family healthy 서전 시뮬레이터 apk!

Bon appetite!  

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Dr. Pepi