Health Tips - Toilet Flushing

Toilet Flushing

A professor of microbiology (the study of “small life” such as single-celled bacteria, viruses, parasites) at the University of Arizona, Dr 감청의권 더빙 다운로드. Charles Gerba, suggests always flushing your toilet with the lid down.

"Polluted water vapor erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl and it can take several hours for these particles to finally settle — not to mention where," he says.  "If you have your toothbrush too close to the toilet, you are brushing your teeth with what’s in your toilet."

In restrooms, the toilets are sometimes like fountains.  Particles can settle on the seat, so please use toilet seat covers or don’t sit Download The Legend of The Sword.

This tip is a part of my disease prevention section. Be sure to read all my other disease prevention health tips to learn how to keep yourself and your family healthy Download the next version of The Pod Encoder!

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