Health Tips - Drugs and Healing

Drugs and Healing

When you have either been treated by me or applied the Healing State health tip, your body can go into a “repair state”. When bodies reconstruct, they can feel symptoms. You can feel any area that your brain or body is now more aware of and is getting energy into. The wrong thing to do when this happens, is to start taking painkilling drugs or to take more of them if they can be safely avoided.

As a matter of fact, the more painkilling medications you take, the more it will drag out this repair stage. You would then also have the additional problem of having to rid your body of these drug residues, as you need to get them out in order to be healthy.

Just remember if an area in your body was very stressed at any point, when it repairs you will feel it more and this is a good thing. An example of this is when there is numbness in a body part, pain is a fantastic sign! Numbness is a sign that an area has been shocked and shut down. So appreciate new sensations, as the area is waking up!

You can decrease the speed and intensity of repair in an area, but don’t aim to shut off feeling. Bodies are supposed to feel things. If they don’t, they are drugged or dead!

It is only in the marketing world of the drug industry that “magic pills” exist. “Your problems will go away if you take this pill!” The truth is that when you take 95% of the medications currently available, there are numerous side effects as well as many toxins within the drug. The drug is likely to mask what you are going through, confuse your body, suppress the problem and possibly create additional new problems with all the numerous side effects! It ultimately develops more work for your body!

Medications sometimes need to be stepped down very gradually. If you have any questions regarding the type of medication you are on, please phone or visit your doctor. Don’t ask them about healing as doctors are rarely trained in healing a body; but do ask them about stepping down your medication if it isn’t essential.

Happy healing!

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Dr. Pepi