Health Tips - Air Travel and Supplements

Air Travel and Supplements

Twice through X-ray ruins the health benefits of most supplements.

To reduce radiation:

  1. It is best to take only the number of tablets you are likely to use on your trip.  Upon your return, if the supplements have been through X-ray twice, throw away any leftovers Download ncurses.
  2. Ask your personal doctor to write a request on their letterhead that your supplements be hand checked instead of X-rayed. It must clearly say “HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE – DO NOT X-RAY” Windows Sleep Mode. If this note is given to a security check-point supervisor in the USA, they must cooperate with this. Average security employees may not be aware of this and are often too busy to help you Download the internet water.
  3. If you need a quantity of supplements on your trip, ship the bottles to your destination via UPS with “HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE –  DO NOT X-RAY” marked all over the box Download WebLogic 10. While this does not guarantee that the box will not be X-rayed, it definitely reduces the risk.

Happy travels!

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Dr. Pepi