Health Tips - Discovering a Real Physical Cause

Discovering a Real Physical Cause

Conventional medicine regulates symptoms rather than searches for physical causes. A medical doctor’s training emphasizes which drug or surgery to use to lessen a patient’s symptoms 원소기호표. They are trained that disease cannot be cured — only medically monitored.

Symptoms are a warning of a dangerous health situation. Suppressing symptoms only appears to solve a problem 윈도우7 서비스팩. However, doing this masks the real situation. Unless you handle the cause of a condition, you may have a larger problem later on.

There are ways to diagnose the cause of a condition accurately and to heal it noninvasively 공동 번역 성서 다운로드. I have been accomplishing this as a natural doctor since 1984. This is what I was trained to do!


  1. Suppressing symptoms only postpones your need to handle the real danger 윈도우 10 설치.
  2. There is at least one real cause for any health problem that must be addressed.
  3. No matter how highly respected the group of doctors that say your condition is incurable, this is not necessarily true 펌프 게임. Bodies were designed to repair themselves given the right conditions.

Bodies can be helped!

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