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Dreams are a succession of images passing through the mind during sleep. A nightmare is a “bad dream” that brings fear or anxiety 문명의 시대2. The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Content can include joy or sexual interest, but negative feelings are the most common.

There is no scientific definition of dreaming chrome 64비트 다운로드. However, observation has shown that dreams are associated with Rapid Eye Movement. REM is the sleepers’ eyes fluttering beneath their closed eyelids during certain periods of sleep 막상막하 다운로드.

People spend an average of about two hours dreaming each night. Most dreams last only 5 to 20 minutes. At least 95% of all dreams are not remembered ojdbc.jar 다운로드. Unless a dream is unusually vivid and one wakes during or immediately after it, the dream will not be remembered.

The content and purpose of dreams have been a subject of speculation throughout history 에이지 오브 울트론. Most dreams are, however, realistic pictures of the dreamer’s fears and desires. They consist of shuffled images from the “reactive mind” 윈도우10 kms. (See the health tip that explains more about the reactive mind.) The mental image slide projector goes a little wild during sleep Free around the time of camellia.

Having bad dreams or nightmares is actually a symptom of vitamin B-1 (thiamine) and sometimes vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) deficiencies. The crazier or more upsetting the dreams, the greater the deficiencies 이력서. Shortages of vitamin B-1 particularly occur during detoxification, weight loss, or during alcohol or drug usage of any type, including pain-killers, antibiotics, etc 휴먼굴림체.

There is no cause for concern about the meaning of dreams! Dreams are not predictive nor do they indicate what you should do with your life.

Take 2 Core Thiamine, a balanced vitamin B-1, before bed to reduce or avoid bad dreams detailed map. If you wake up in the middle of the night having had a bad dream, take 2 or 3 Core Thiamine at that time. See my article on the importance of balanced supplements.

Dreams do not decide anything about your life; you do!

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Dr. Pepi