Health Tips - Ear Candle Risk

Ear Candle Risk

I am sometimes asked, "Should I use ear candles?"  My answer is "No".

An ear candle, sometimes called an ear cone, is a long hollow tube that fits into the outer ear canal.  The large end of the "candle" is lit and the smoke spirals down through the ear canal μ•ŒνŒŒμŠ€μΊ” screen+. Supposedly the heat melts ear wax which is then pulled into the base of the candle resting in the ear. However, one person reported that they did not put the candle in an ear, burned it and found the same wax at the base of the candle coding trip to The Marlang. It was apparently just wax from the candle itself.

There is an actual risk with the ear candles as well.  One of my patients required treatment for hearing loss after using ear candles.  Skin and hair burns and ear damage have also been reported Download Harry Potter and the Wizard's Stone.

There are far safer, less expensive methods to handle ear wax.

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Dr. Pepi