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Intimate Relations

Because planet earth is full of infections, parasites, and toxins, when you have intimate contact with another body, you will share infections, parasites, and toxins to some degree 틱톡 pc 버전. It is not just sexual infections and colds that can be shared with other humans. Bodies can be carriers for all sorts of other critters!

If you are having trouble getting rid of some infection anywhere in your body, have your partner handled for that germ or parasite as well, and you may notice it finally clears up for you Download windows photo viewer.

If you are on close physical terms with your pets, get their parasites and germs taken care of, if you are trying to get healthier yourself Metal Slug 6.

If your partner has taken drugs of any sort, those drugs tend to store in their fatty tissues and can find their way into your body. These drug deposits can discharge at any time and give you the bad effects of those drugs Download MyLink 24.5. Minimally, it would be helpful to wean your partner off any unnecessary drugs with their doctor’s help.

If you are around toxic material as part of your job, unless you regularly do something effective to get these toxins out, you are likely passing these on to your partner or even your children 스미싱 apk.


  1. Do not begin intimate relations with another human or animal that is known to be ill or toxic 우분투 커널.
  2. Have your pets and human partners regularly checked for bacteria, viruses, and parasites, by someone who can easily find them. Stool tests are not very useful in that regard, as they tend to miss parasites routinely Play and download MyHome.
  3. Do regular cleansing of some effective nature under the supervision of a doctor experienced with that particular method. Feel free to consult me by phone if you don’t have a doctor to help out with this 카봇 달나라를 구해줘.
  4. Read the book Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard for data on the most thorough method to purify toxins from fatty tissues 동백꽃 필 무렵 ost. Once you have read that book, if you have an interest in doing the procedure, let me know, so that I can help you out with it.

This tip is a part of my disease prevention section Lucy 2014. Be sure to read all my other disease prevention health tips to learn how to keep yourself and your family healthy!

Just say no to bugs (and toxins)!

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