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Perfection in health

In my practice, I notice that people can really get upset looking for perfection. This unnecessary stress can keep them from actually making progress doing actions to improve their health Download the srt file. There is very little, if anything, perfect in the physical universe!

There is not likely to be any food, water, or supplement that has no toxicity or is perfect in every way Download JumpForce. This is Planet Earth where toxicity is commonplace.

You can stop stressing over: a perfect body, the perfect food, the perfect water to drink, the perfect supplement, the perfect and therefore only way to examine or test the body, the perfect workout, perfect skin, perfect looks, or no signs of aging nginx php 다운로드.

You can strive for some of those without fretting about them as if you MUST HAVE them! You can always improve things, one step at a time, if you aren’t wasting your energy being upset 지대넓얕 전체.

If there is someone out there alarming you with the idea that you MUST HAVE something perfect, they may have something to gain from keeping you agitated 호텔 견적서 양식. Perfection is an unrealistic target.

Relax and just keep improving!

I love you all,

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Dr. Pepi