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Autoimmune Disease

The immune system is a network of body structures and chemicals that defends a body against invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, cancer cells, etc. This is the team that is fighting for a body’s survival. On the enemy side, the invader cells, such as bacteria, change their form quickly to avoid being detected and eaten up!

An immune system can become disordered and overactive, not able to distinguish between invader cells and the normal cells of the body. The immune system can start to attack parts of one’s own body. This is called “autoimmune” disease. The body is attacking itself.

For example, one autoimmune disease involves the immune system attacking the thyroid. There are two versions of this thyroid attack, one is called Hashimoto’s disease and another is called Graves disease. Another autoimmune disease is called Type 1 diabetes, whereby the immune system attacks its own pancreas.

I have been researching autoimmune diseases since 1995. I am able to test within a specific body what will beef up this autoimmune battle or what will slow it down. As a result of this, I have had unusual success in reducing autoimmune disease which has no medically known cure.

Here is a key point I tell every autoimmune patient: Do not take regular supplements. Do not go online or to a health food store and start taking supplements. The net result of that is that either the immune system or the target of the immune attack can become stronger which just beefs up the battle! Regular supplements aggravate the entire situation!

The key to autoimmune disease is to reduce the attack first.

Peace to your body!

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Dr. Pepi