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Cleaning Products

Whatever you clean with ends up in your body through daily contact with your home’s surfaces.  If you shouldn’t ingest or come in contact with the chemicals in a cleaning product in any dilution, don’t use it in your home.  What body needs toxic and aging chemicals Free download to mp3?

What are the Healthiest Products to Clean your Home with?

  1. Distilled vinegar in water works on windows, floors, chrome surfaces, etc.  Use straight to help soften hard water deposits in your shower or toilet 화음 벨소리.
  2. Baking soda works on tubs, counters, sinks and most oven dirt.  Use it straight or add 1⁄2 cup into 1 gallon of warm water for an all-purpose cleaner.  It can also be used to take smells out of a carpet by pouring it onto the carpet and vacuuming up the next day 펄럭이는 국기.
  3. Vodka such as Smirnoff-brand can be purchased inexpensively at BevMo! and used as a disinfectant for any surface including cutting boards, toilet seats, kitchen and bathroom counters, cat litter boxes, etc Download The Hundred Days of Nangun. Smirnoff is also a good brand as it has almost no alcoholic smell to it that some of the other vodkas have.
  4. Try 2% hydrogen peroxide on mildewed bathroom surfaces 음식 사진. Let sit overnight before wiping. It is also a disinfectant, although not as effective as alcohol.  
  5. Carbonated water helps take fresh stains out of carpets 비즈니스 플레져 다운로드.

Most of these items are sold in bulk sizes at Costco and are dirt cheap.

Have fun sprucing up your space!

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Dr. Pepi