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Healthy Green Buildings

“Green” means produced in a way that protects the environment. One can reduce destruction of the environment by using “renewable” resources, supplies that are common and easily replaced works2 다운로드. An example of this is using the sun for solar energy.

“Green Building” is the building of structures with concern for the health of the environment 붕어빵 다운로드. It focuses on the efficiency with which those buildings use energy and materials.

Green Building is also known as “environmental building” or “sustainable building” asus bios 다운로드. Sustainable means that it is capable of being maintained or continued without destroying the balance of nature.

Features of a Green Building:

  • Energy efficiency = a tight house with energy efficient appliances, windows, Cooling/Heating units and ventilation systems 책읽어드립니다. Examples include super insulation and solar heating.
  • The building lot itself is handled in a sustainable manner, preserving trees and using drought tolerant plants node.js 다운로드.
  • Recycled material used such as recycled hardwood flooring.
  • Locally produced goods are used, reducing the pollution of transporting materials over long distances Active.
  • Low water usage. Recycles water for irrigation.

Healthy Green Building adds focus to the health of its occupants. Healthy buildings cause far less stress, disease, and aging than usual living environments 페이스북 게시물.

Added Features of a Healthy Green Building:

  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC), non-toxic materials used.
  • No pesticides used in or around the building at any time 삼성 유심.
  • Use of carpets reduced or eliminated.
  • Fresh air system installed to support flow of good quality indoor air.
  • Water filtration system Adobe FlashPlayer.

See my husband’s website for more Green Building information 제노버스.

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