Health Tips - Mold


Mold is one of the most common allergens and is stressful to your overall health. It grows rapidly in damp, enclosed environments and on damp fabrics Acrobat 11. It grows in carpet pile, wallpaper paste and on wallpaper.

The Main Method of Beating Mold is to Minimize Dampness in Your Environment

  • Ensure that your walls and roof have no leaks 천재교육 해답.
  • Paint walls instead of using wallpaper. Before painting basement walls made of concrete, waterproof first. There are specialized sealants for this and generally speaking, the toxicity levels are much lower than they used to be 가요 리믹스 다운로드. But whatever the toxicity level, it is generally healthier than having mold.
  • Replace carpets with wood floors, vinyl, ceramic tile or terrazzo 드라마 상도.
  • Keep bathrooms and laundry rooms well aired. Spread out towels and washcloths for fast drying. Dry clothes as soon as they are taken from the washer 아웃라스트.
  • Regularly inspect your home for mold growth.
  • In humid conditions, use air conditioning or a dehumidifier.

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