Health Tips - Letter to Your Surgical Staff

Letter to Your Surgical Staff

I strongly recommend that you give the letter below to any surgical staff that are about to handle you when you may be to any degree unconscious, such as an anesthesiologist, a surgeon and any nurses, including recovery-room nurses youtube 비디오 컨버터 - mp4 mp3 avi로 다운로드. Use this written request if any anesthesia at all is planned, including a numbing block for just one body area such as a shoulder. See The Mind Records health tip for more data 움직이는 컴퓨터 배경화면.

Dear Dr ____________ and staff,

It is my belief that the mind records during times of unconsciousness and that these recordings, particularly if they contain words, can have later ill effects.  So, it is important to me to have as little talking as possible during anesthesia 깔끔한 파워포인트 템플릿 다운로드.

I am requesting that speaking be restricted to only what is absolutely necessary to accomplish the procedures and that there be no other unnecessary noise such as music We all downloaded Kawaijang.

Thank you for your help,

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Best wishes,

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Dr. Pepi