Health Tips - CT Scan Versus an MRI

CT Scan Versus an MRI

Please read CT scan and MRI for specific information about those testing procedures, in order to understand this comparison Download the Python ftp file. Below is a brief comparison of the two.

Advantages of CT scan over MRI

  • A CT is very good for viewing bone structures ddr game.
  • A CT is often less expensive and more widely available.
  • The time taken for a scan is about 5 minutes compared to the 30+ minutes needed for an MRI Download the Instagram photo.
  • A CT is more easily tolerated by some patients as there is more open space within the machine and it is quieter than an MRI.
  • Some patients who have certain types of surgical clips, metallic fragments, cardiac monitors, or pacemakers cannot receive an MRI which is magnetic testing, but can receive a CT scan 서커스 게임.

Advantages of MRI over CT scan

  • MRI has much higher detail in the soft tissues, such as brain, muscle, connective tissue, and most tumors 다크 스타. For purposes of tumor detection and identification, MRI is generally superior.
  • MRI has fewer known side effects as there is no radiation exposure Download the first app.
  • There are fewer documented cases of reactions to MRI contrast “dye”. It is considered to be safer than CT scan contrast “dye” 나 혼자산다 다운로드.

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