Health Tips - Fast Food versus Slow Food

Fast Food versus Slow Food

“Fast food” is highly processed, quickly prepared, and sold in a restaurant or store. It is packaged in a form for take-out, designed to be eaten “on the go” vcredist_x64.exe 다운로드. It is prepared on a large scale at a central factory and shipped to individual outlets where it is cooked or reheated, usually by microwave or deep-frying dense mp3.

Some health concerns with fast food are:

  1. Excessive calories — A regular meal at McDonald’s of a Big Mac, large fries, and a large Coca-Cola consists of 1430 calories 어도비 아크로뱃 리더. 2000 calories is considered a healthy amount of calories for an entire day for an adult.
  2. Trans fats, which are commonly found in fast food, have been shown to increase heart disease, abdominal fat, bad cholesterol, blood sugar problems and weight gain android webview 첨부 파일 다운로드. Click here for more data on trans fats.
  3. Synthetic ingredients.

“Slow Food”

Concerns about fast food led to the founding of the Slow Food or Local Food movements by Carlo Petrini in Italy 도커 윈도우. These movements aim to preserve local dishes and related food plants and seeds, local animals and farming within a region. Supporters emphasize the better taste and nutritional value of fresh, local ingredients that have been recently harvested Download the next café video.

The Slow Food organization includes over 100,000 members with chapters in over 32 countries. Each chapter is responsible for promoting local artisans, local farmers, and local flavors through regional events such as Taste Workshops, wine tastings and farmers’ markets lombok.jar 다운로드.

Other objectives include:

  • teaching gardening skills
  • forming seed banks to preserve heirloom varieties
  • educating citizens about the drawbacks of commercial agribusiness and factory farms
  • lobbying against the use of pesticides
  • lobbying against government funding of genetic engineering
  • educating consumers about the risks of fast food

Read all my nutrition tips to find out how easy it is to keep yourself healthy, and how to get healthier faster wiiu 다운로드.

Make a nice homemade meal. Relax and enjoy it with your whole family!

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