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Diet, High Meat

Robert Atkins came to public notice in 1972 for his “Atkins Diet” which directs people to eat high amounts of steaks, roasts, fried eggs and bacon, but to avoid carbohydrates.  Unfortunately a diet high in meat increases the risk of heart disease and hypertension.  In my clinical experience I have also seen this diet decrease kidney, liver and pancreas function.  It also increases infection and Candida levels in the body due to the very high acid levels that result dachshund soy sauce.

In 2002, Atkins issued a statement saying he was recovering from a heart attack.  At the age of 72 he died after a fall outside his clinic.  Information from the city medical examiner’s report showed that Atkins had suffered a heart attack, congestive heart failure, and hypertension, before his death G6 firmware.

I call this diet the “aging diet” due to the high acid content it adds to the body.  High acidity levels are corrosive.

Meat cannot be the majority of what you eat if you hope to live long or well.  Try increasing your vegetable portion to 50% of your overall food to balance out the meat.  Or try varying the source of your protein as well 타자스쿨. . . more on that later.

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