Health Tips - Mercury-Free Fish

Mercury-Free Fish

There is one type of fish that I recommend eating often and that is Alaskan salmon. An independent lab I work with has tested and found mercury in most American fish except for Alaskan salmon 안 카메라. Supposedly, there are industrial plants dumping mercury in much of the water we fish in, except near Alaska. Mercury is an extremely toxic and destructive substance, read why to avoid it 실비 키우기.

Cold-smoked Alaskan salmon is probably easily available wherever you are. Costco has the best, least expensive cold-smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon I’ve found so far 당구 앱 다운로드. In cold-smoking, a low temperature of 70° to 90°F is maintained in the smokehouse.

Trader Joe’s stores in America have inexpensive, flash-frozen Alaskan salmon Download nwc 2.5. Stock up your freezer!

Our favorite salmon comes from our local farmers’ market. They have unbelievably mouth-watering, fresh and cold-smoked salmon absolute annuity. So, check out what is at your farmers’ market.

Try poaching fresh salmon briefly in salted water and adding fresh lemon once done. Or, try it raw on top of your salad 레딧 사진 다운로드!

Read all my nutrition tips to find out how easy it is to keep yourself healthy, and how to get healthier faster 영화 신문기자.

Non-mercury fish is some of the healthiest food around!

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