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Makeup Removers

Commercial makeup removers are toxic as well as being an unnecessary expense.  Whatever you use on your skin easily finds its way into your body. 

The list of chemicals in makeup removers would require a great deal of explanation Jang Wook-jo.

Simply put, many of those chemicals tend to cause cancer.

Makeup can be easily removed instead with olive oil or coconut oil poured onto a tissue.  Pat your eyes gently.  Don’t use the same section of tissue for more than one wipe as you don’t want to rub the makeup back onto your face; makeup easily lands in your eyes 시크릿 폴더. Better to use several new tissues with olive oil.

If you have oily skin, wash your face with soap afterward or blot the oily areas with 3% hydrogen peroxide 아우성.

Be sure to clean off all makeup before sleeping grinds it into your face and onto your pillowcase.

Your skin is happiest with the fewest chemicals Download the phone connection.

Read each of my personal care health tips to learn some great tips to take care of your body 맥os 하이시에라 다운로드.

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