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While there is often considered to be something romantic about fragrances, the health risks are far from romantic.  Ninety five percent of the chemicals used in perfumes come from petroleum which is capable of causing cancer, birth defects and nervous system disorders windows 10 home k 다운로드.

Fragrances can cause asthma, skin reactions or nausea.  (I suggested to someone that he stop using cologne and his severe acne cleared up.  When he couldn’t live without his cologne, his acne came back.)  There is also evidence that repeated use of certain ingredients, such as musk, lavender and tea tree oil, can disrupt hormone levels 시험지.

Possibly the more dangerous issue is that people who live with fragrances have a deadened sense of smell.  Have you ever noticed that people who smell strongly of perfume can’t smell it?  As a sense of smell gives you feedback about possibly dangerous chemicals or conditions, it would be ideal if your nose was left alone to do the job it was intended to do .net framework 4.5 다운로드!

Read each of my personal care health tips to learn some great tips to take care of your body.

People will enjoy your company more when you are not wearing chemicals that their sense of smell is not deadened to.  If you want to smell pleasant for a special occasion, try a natural oil such as rose hip oil or coconut oil as they have many health benefits 45rpm 다운로드.

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